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  1. Prison, given that the design of the prison was created to jail a pony it could be assumed that the bars would be wider than expected creating a flaw in the design that would allow me to escape. Then you have the advantage of humans having hands than hooves which gives me the ability to climb the building, horses and ponies would be grounded giving me the upperhand. Taking notes of the structure and layout of the prison upon entry a breakout could be a walk in the park so I would go to pony prison.
  2. I see it all the time in mlp, some villain becomes very powerful and suddenly all it takes is a simple lecture by Twilight, Starlight telling the antagonist how forgiving people and making friends with them will simply solve things. If an all powerful warlord came knocking on my door I would beat him up instead of inviting him inside and talking things over while having a brew and watching the latest episode of whatever's on TV. I'm not saying mlp should be teaching more violent solutions (As much as I dream of the day Twilight pulls out a gun on Chrysalis and shoot's her) and I'm just saying MLP should be teaching kids to be more smart with who they let into their life. If someone betrays you or tries to hurt you or one of your friends, lock the door and keep them out of your life
  3. the reason why everything went wrong for fluttershy is because she had the wrong people. Maybe if she had 3 LANDSCAPING contractors instead things would of progressed a lot quicker.
  4. If anyone has seen me play the sims it's pretty obvious why it's not the wisest idea for me to be in charge of taking care with babies.
  5. After many days of waiting for the beginning of the seventh season of friendship of magic the premiere finally dropped with 2 episodes called Celestial Advice and All Bottled Up. The first you will notice is that these episodes are not connected unlike the other season premiere's that the show has had in the past. It's like the boat scene from willy wonka and the chocolate factory, you are thrown into this sadistic and creepy tunnel which is more or less the equivalent of a sadists version of Bubbleworks then the next minute, poof. It goes back to the factory tour with little to no mention of past events. So, let's start of with the 1st episode. Celestial Advice is basically Twilight stressing on where to send starlight glimmer due to her catastrophizing the many fantasies where she see's starlight going to after she sends here away. One where she goes with thorax to his changeling's hive, one where she partners up with ember and another where she studies magic with sunburst (watch out Twilight). I wouldn't call it a action heavy episode, it's mostly Twilight talking with Celestia about starlight's future. It's like watching a house of commons debate, only with a few moments where the episode decides to throw some action at you. Celestia get's a lot of screen time in this episode, in fact she's pretty much in this everywhere. I guess the fan pandering for a Celestia oriented episode got to the writers after all. As much as this is a dialogue heavy episode it does have a really good story to it, on top of that it does give a good backstory to Celestia's decision to send Twilight away to ponyville but it does have me wondering if Celestia got sent away from some place to take in charge of Canterlot. Can it be a possibility that Luna is the mentor of Celestia? It doesn't really state how old the princesses are in the mlp universe. For all we know Celestia could be younger than Luna, young enough to be her student years ago. Oh yeah and while this is happening Starlight and her merry band of musketeer's are awarded medals for single handedly collapsing the entire changeling empire and turning them into what I can only describe as the offspring of He-man and a mutated bug. We also have a small little "gag" where Thorax can't get his medal over his head because of his ridiculously giant horns that put the himalayas to shame in terms of height. Don't know how anyone could see this a joke, how in Celestia's Canterlot will Thorax get the medal off? The only option I can think off is for Thorax to slice his horns off just to get the damn thing off his head. So that's pretty much it for the 1st episode to the premiere, now let's cover the second episode, All Bottled Up. In my opinion, All Bottled Up is better than the 1st episode in ever aspect. Heck we even get our first musical number (which I will get to later.) This episode is focused mainly on Starlight and Trixie and pushes the mane 6 to one side, in fact it doesn't really put the mane 6 in a situation or problem to solve. The episode just lobs Twilight and the gang on the friendship express and transports them to a escape room (an escape room is where you have to solve puzzles, open doors/cupboards/etc with codes to escape a room in the fastest time possible, in layman's terms: Twilight Sparkle's forte) Meanwhile back at Twilight's Castle, Starlight and Trixie are practicing magic spells. Trixie manages to make Twilight's Sparkle's huge map table "disappear" (or as Starlight corrects her, teleport) and the two must go find it without Starlight going all out on Trixie and ripping her a new one. This is where the episode in my opinion has the better story than the 1st episode. It's not some happy go adventure to find a map in equestria it has some conflict between Starlight and Trixie and it shows us how Starlight deals with herself bottling up her anger (which she does literally btw). It shows great chemistry between both characters with Trixie being as narcissistic as usual and Starlight as her mentor trying to tolerate her behaviour and attitude towards her at times. Eventually Trixie becomes suspicious of the bags that Starlight has been carrying around and decided to investigate. Trixie accidentally sends one of the bottles shooting into the sky like a bottle rocket as the bottle comes crashing back down like a north korean missile test. The anger then possesses the minds of Granny Smith, Bulk Biceps and some pony the writers just pulled out of thin air for the sake of having a third pony. The 3 ponies gang up on poor Trixie and shout at her with Stralight's angry thoughts in her head. (It's a good thing the anger only affected the ponies' mind's or Trixie would of been as ripped open as a teddy bear after a 3 year old has used it) Back at the escape room the mane 6 finally find the key to the escape door, just before they can finish the game and head off home they all break into song and sing about being best friends with one another. Because the song was more dragged on than a lord of the rings ending to Rainbow Dash's disappointment they find out they didn't break the record and went over the time by two seconds. At Ponyville Starlight eventually tells Trixie the truth as the magical anger spell goes away and Granny Smith, Bulk Biceps and [Insert Pony Name Here] are returned back to there normal state. They find the map inside the spa (which they don't show) as the two bring it back to the castle with the help of Spike. The Mane 6 return home as Starlight tells Twilight about the friendship lesson she learned today --Insert Proud Twilight Here-- Like I said earlier on, this episode has the better narrative than the 1st episode which took a more relaxed pace. One exception being that the mane 6 were no use to the story and they could of had so much potential, this would of been the perfect chance to do some character development to Twilight and her friendship with Trixie as well as the other 5. I like how Spike was involved in the 1st episode alot and how he reacted to the different fantasy catastrophe's that Twilight could think of being the worrisome pony she is at times. We even get to hear Celestia laugh for the 1st time which got a laugh from me.
  6. With the season 7 premiere minutes away, how do you like to watch newly released episodes. Through stream, video or TV? Video is best for me, don't like to watch via stream because a.) I get distracted by the people in the chat or b.) the video might crash on my end. Plus on top of all that the quality can sometimes dip unlike video where unless there is a problem with my connection the video will play smoothly.
  7. You did say Discord would undo any injuries that may be inflicted, so there's no repercussions if you think about it. Only thing that could happen is you could embarrass that certain pony but a good talking could solve the issue. (BTW, the rules did not state when you could tell the pony that it was Discord's doing) so by telling them out of Discord's hearing during or after the dare you could be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I pick Twily
  8. If shining armor and cadence ever broke up the crystal empire would be pretty much screwed if sombra was to try and takeover again.
  9. Everydino lived peacefully in Prequestria, the land was ruled over by 2 sisters... make that 1 sister, note: never make your princess a t-rex. However, their is a threat to Equestria as the evil Mr Meteor is on his way to flatten the lands and wipe out dinokind, it's up to Twilisaurus and the her friend to bond together to destroy the... *Boom* correction, WAS up to twilisaurus to save Equestria. Lesson learned kiddos, magical elements don't work on giant space rocks
  10. Scootaloo should of learned to fly when she got her cutie mark to fit with the metaphorical meaning, once you find what you're good at in the world, you'll fly. There's one way to teach Scootaloo to fly imo, throw her off a cliff, she will ever fly or die. You'll hear a faint thud if it's the latter.
  11. Celestia and Luna are sisters though... *Awkwardness sinks in* If the name of the castle that existed before the event of FiM Castle of The Two Sisters doesn't ring a bell then I don't know what will.
  12. Twilight, but since the hub network attempted that stunt in EG 3 then I would say Celestia, call her Nightmare Nova. A play on the word supernova. She could rule the land in eternal day and can cause the sun to crash into the planet destroying everypony as we know it. Truly a villain not to be reckoned with. I could see Twilight taking a more diplomatic approach to avoid hurting her mentor
  13. Well there does seem to be a lack of police in equestria, it would be easy to pull off.
  14. Usually I find that deadpan is the most effective way to deliver a good PUNchline
  15. Mines made of glass, a hammer would easily fix the problem