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  1. *nuzzles*

    1. Alexshy


      *hugs and nuzzles back*

      How beest thee, mine friend? hey.png.2edbfa7d500bf894a54b01111e0dc824.png

    2. Mint Chaser

      Mint Chaser

      I've been good,I missed being here

  2. *waves to the Princess of the Night*

  3. Hey,hope you're doing alright

  4. Hey Vale,I know..I've been gone for awhile,but I'm back,just hope you're alright

  5. You know you're a nerd when you get excited for Windows 10 updates ^_^

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Meanwhile, I think "What's Microsoft going to break this time?".

    2. Mint Chaser

      Mint Chaser

      Hm,in all due respect to Microsoft,it's the truth

  6. You're such a kind pony @CypherHoofr *boops your chest floof*
  7. *boops @Alexshy,bowing respectively*
  8. *boops a sleeping @Alexshy very gently* Goodnight Princess,sweet dreams
  9. Welcome to the forums Sagely,can I call ya Sage?
  10. Saw this on Discord,could not resist putting here 8eaa18db2204489c4c6b70b6b64947bb2582828b

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    2. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Twilight sparkle... A weapon to surpass metal gear!

    3. Mint Chaser

      Mint Chaser

      Sparkle Gear Solid 4: Spells of the Patriots

    4. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      Metal Gear Twilight 2: Bronies of Liberty!

  11. So I just generalized my location,I dunno,seems better that way,let me know what everypony thinks,I'm not very creative when it comes to profiles..so yea

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    2. Alexshy


      Personal things are always up to thy preference (to publish or not), mine friend! Thou can always tell thy friends in PM, if necessary.

      And... yay, neighbour! :yay:

    3. Mint Chaser

      Mint Chaser

      Hm,good point

    4. Le Trotteur Sauvage

      Le Trotteur Sauvage

      Location can do a lot, when ponies looks at mine and goes crazy, I get all the mare...and stallion... thanks to that :D

  12. Well,I haven't been home in a few weeks,but I need to buy gifts for family members,so..yea
  13. *boops @Fluttershy Friend gently*
  14. *giggles,booping @Alexshy back with my own tail on the muzzle*
  15. *smiles at @Alexshy,booping their royal muzzle*
  16. *hugs and nuzzles @Alexshy,giving her a sneaky wing boop,giggling*
  17. *boops @Alexshy Princess of the Night back with a feathery wing boop of my own*
  18. So remember how I said I was looking for something to start collecting with? I have something now,it's this
  19. *boops @Summer Breeze,giggling*
  20. I had a balsamic vineagar veggie chicken stir fry mix,wasn't bad
  21. So I'm currently reading The Guardian and I have to say,it isn't that bad

  22. I was..not expecting that to be true,I respect your choices greatly still Princess
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