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  1. Alex2002ita

    Surrogate Scootalove Day

    A little too late, but happy Scootalove day! ^^
  2. Alex2002ita

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Recently I completed Halo: CE and now I'm playing Halo 2, then I will pick up my old Xbox 360 S and replay Halo 3 and Reach Yes, I'm a huge fan of Halo, but after 343i, I leave Halo 4 and successor alone, I don't consider it canon because they sucks imho Besides of Halo I'm not playing so much, due to lack of games I have and hardware limitation :c
  3. Alex2002ita

    Hug a user!

    hugs everything (?)
  4. Alex2002ita

    Is Princess Luna more popular than her sister?

    Princess Luna may be more famous than her sister, but unfortunately in a bad light, due to Nightmare Moon
  5. Alex2002ita

    How much TV do you watch?

    YouTube and Internet in general are my TV ;b
  6. Alex2002ita

    Longest period of time without sleep?

    The whole New Year's night (2018), awake from the day before. Damn if I did not feel bad lol.
  7. Please change that banner, it makes me so sad :'c

    1. Kyoshi


      I am with you on that. It is one of the few banners that I just don't like. No offense to Valtasar of course, it just doesn't fit the forums at all.

    2. This Whomps

      This Whomps

      I don't feel so good

  8. Alex2002ita

    Who else prefers the night?

    I am a night owl and I love the night, so quiet, silent, dark and relaxing. In summer (like now) I go to bed at absurd times to fully enjoy the night, and I do not regret it.
  9. Alex2002ita

    What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

    In summer, I usually wake up between 9 to 11am (most times at 10am), rarely at 12am In school period at 6:30am or 7am
  10. Alex2002ita

    Your Top Four Princesses In MLP?

    1.Twily 2.Tia 3.Woona 4.Cadence This isn't a considerable list, I love all the princesses (and everypony in general) at the same way <3
  11. Alex2002ita

    What´s your local time right now ?

    12:15 PM (or AM, I don't remember, but it's day now) here in Italy! ;D
  12. Alex2002ita

    What Does Religion Mean To You?

    For me, all religions (not cultures, that is another thing) are total bulls*it Sorry for the rudeness, but for what the religion done in history and for how useless is imho, I really hate it Atheist (or Celestia & Luna believer) for ever :b Without offense to anypony of course
  13. Alex2002ita

    What will about the MLP fandom be when the series ends?

    I'm worried about how the G5 will be, but I'm certainly sure that the fandom will not die after the G4 ends
  14. Alex2002ita

    Gaming Favorite Nintendo 64 game(s)

    I love Super Mario 64, the best game on N64 imho