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  1. Private

    Mirage: *she knocks on the door unsure whether it’s a home or a store* Amanita: *she jumps at the sudden movement* What? Forest: Oooh. Actually no. The only one I know of is with the Tree of Harmony.
  2. OOC

    Well, when and if you do. Just look me up! I live in Charleston, WV. Not telling more than that though.
  3. Private

    Forest: Ah, what kind of stuff? Amanita: *she smiles slightly as she leans against him* AJ: Eyup! Granny ordered some, our Zap Apple Trees aren’t doin’ so well. Mistletoe: Well, I got some right here in my cart. *he takes out the Zap Apples* Here you go! *he hoofs them over* And I’d like to buy some apples to please. AJ: Alrighty! How many and what kind? And anything else from here? *she takes the Zap Apples and puts them in a saddlebag, then sends AppleBloom back home to Granny* Go on AppleBloom! AppleBloom: *she goes home with the saddlebag* Mistletoe: I’d like five apples and the kind, how about some Golden Delicious? AJ: Ok! *she pulls out the apples* On the house. *she gives Mistletoe the apples* Mistletoe: Thanks AJ. *he then goes to another stand*
  4. OOC

    Coolsies. I live north.
  5. Private

    Mirage: *she freezes when she feels the aura* ... AJ: uh, miss? Ya alright? *she looks a bit concerned* Mirage: *she unfreezes* Hm? Oh yeah, sorry. Uh, which way to the Boutique? AJ: *she points to the Boutique* That way, have a nice day sugarcube! *she waves smiling* Mirage: Thank you! *she waves back* *as she’s walking to the Boutique she mutters under her breath* ...What was that...? Mistletoe: *he steps up to the counter* Hey AJ! Granny Smith ordered some Zap Apples? Amanita: *her eyes close as she stares at the pond* Forest: Wow, you sure have a lot of royalty in the family.
  6. OOC

    I live in West Virginia, USA
  7. Private

    Amanita: *she blushes and looks up at Sherem* Forest: Who is your sister? *she’s never really heard of anything outside of the forest* AJ: Oh ok miss! How many? I don’t think ah’ve seen ya before... ya new in town? Mirage: Yeah I’m new. I moved her with my (friend/sister/adopted daughter) a few days ago. And five? AJ: Alright sugarcube! That’ll be five bits! *she puts five apples into a little bag* Ah see that ya don’t have any saddlebags, Ah’d go to Rarity’s Boutique if ya want one. Mirage: Thank you ma’am. *she takes the bag and gives five bits in return*
  8. OOC

    Ok, 12 days till Christmas where I am
  9. OOC

    I will, in a moment or two
  10. Private

    Amanita: *she smiles* Thank you.... *she leans against him again* Forest: *she smiles* You miss them don’t you? AJ: Yes, may I help ya miss? *she comes out from under the counter, apparently getting something* Mirage: yes, I’d like to buy some apples.
  11. OOC

    I think I’ll play Granny Smith or AJ
  12. Private

    Forest: They look beautiful! *she means this* Amanita: Only if you break my heart. *she laughs* although that is true. Mirage: *she’s already at the apple stand* Excuse me ma’am? I’d like to buy some... apples please? *thinks: They are called apples right??* Mistletoe: *he goes over and waits until the mare in front of him is done, he doesn’t realistically it’s Mirage*
  13. Private

    Mistletoe: *he couldn’t find any of the Apple family so he went to the market to see if their at their apple stand* Granny Smith? Apple Jack? Big Mac? Forest: *looks over* Who’s that? Amanita: *she looks at Sherem* For all we know, Mirage could still be in the forest doing something.
  14. Private

    Forest: *she nods while still looking through the books* Amanita: Yeah that is odd... I’ve felt her presence a few times but it keeps leaving* Mirage: *she’s going through the market and buys a few new fruits/vegetables* *she pays for all of it then goes back to the hotel* Well, today was interesting if nothing else.