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  3. @Blitz Boom The Fry all nod, the law of snuggles was very strict on the calling of dibs, and the fluffy one had called it. One of the smallest Fry squeeks up, "Di..di..dibs on your mane". She praces up to Ziggy, smiles then dives into Ziggy's mane like it's water.
  4. @Blitz Boom Serenade screams out in laughter, her entire body shaking with laughter. She suddenly flashes from her Pegasus disguise to her Siren form, limbs and tail flailing. Harmony rolls her eyes and moves her breakfast to one side, avoiding the Siren's movements. The fry 'siren-pile' her, nuzzling their big sister. Serenade raises a forehoof, makes a gurgling sound then speaks "BLURGH. I DEAD! Struck down by snuggles" She sticks her tongue out and lets the forehoof fall.
  5. @Blitz Boom The Fry turns back to her prey, it was larger then her, but the Glory she would receive from taking down such a dangerous predator, surely she'd get hugs and headpats and maybe muffins. Keeping low she crept forward, this prey was vulnerable in only a single spot. With a mighty roar she leaped, and landed directly on Serenade's back and she began tickling her older sister. Serenade is shocked, her wings flared and she collapses, laughing uncontrollabl
  6. @Blitz Boom 'Silver' is the first to recover, and smirks. She knows the perfect way to shake her older sister out of her funk. She gets down low, in pounce mode and slowly works her way forward. She stops, looks back at ziggy and seems to ask with her eyes, 'permission to pounce'.
  7. @Blitz Boom Serenade's eyes suddenly glaze over "Tofu? No fish." Her hiccups have stopped, but she's just staring straight ahead...as are all the Fry. No Fish, the though is too scary to even contemplate.
  8. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods, takes the small packet and puffs a small amount into Serenade's face. Serenade's eyes suddenly go wide and she starts...hiccuping. The fry start giggling, and the one that was stalking Serenade's tail rolls onto her back and kicks her hooves into the air.
  9. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods, "May I?" The fry take an interest in what Ziggy is holding, while the last and boldest is slowly moving toward Serenade, crouched down low with her muzzle as close to the floor as possible, her yellow eyes locked onto Serenade's tail which is slowly moving back and forth.
  10. @Blitz Boom Harmony takes a good look, "Thank you" Then smiles, "I take it you like crab?" She turns back to Serenade and Ziggy, "Yeah, Serey here isn't a morning pony. Unlike her father, who survives by coffee, she can't stand the stuff, so she has to wake up normally"
  11. @Blitz Boom Serenade yawns, smacks her lips and sips her juice. Harmony smiles, "Don't wake her up too fast, she get's grumpy...and nopony wants a grumpy Siren." She walks over and offer's Fah'lina what looks like a bone. "May I see your teeth please?" She speaks softly, well aware of the mimic's large ears.
  12. @Blitz Boom The two fry giggle, and suddenly Ziggy feels movement on her tail just as Serenade drags herself into the kitchen like some Zompony from legend and myth. She yawns, far too wide for a normal pony of her size then she slumps into the kitchen table. Harmony rolls her eyes, "I swear by the Lunar calendar, she gets that from her father." Harmony puts a warm cup of something yummy smelling in front of the sleepy Siren, who eventually opens an eye. "Thanks Mom"
  13. @Blitz Boom 'Silver' nodded, "Numbers are fun. Plus is numbers = muffins, YAY!" She finishes her muffin. The other, grumps and nibbles on her muffin. "Less talk, more cuddle". During this time, the others have wandered in, drawn by the smell of fresh muffins. Then a sound comes from the other room...either somepony is attempting to awaken an ancient Eldritch God of...something or Serenade just woke up.
  14. @Blitz Boom They both nod, as Harmony 'shoos' them out and into the Solarium out back, she give's Ziggy a tray of muffins, one for each of the fry plus one. Silver munches on her Banana Mango muffin, "Uh huh. We learned numbers". 'Splotch', her sister looks like somebody has thrown paint at her, her coat is a mix of dark blue and maroon. "Ug, numbers" she rolls her eyes but munches on her Apple Pumpkin.
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