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  1. @Blitz Boom With Silver's choice made for her, she squeeks as the prey hugs her. Now I just need a muffin and life will be complete she thins, nuzzling into the mare. Her sister smirks, hops on to Ziggy's back and uses it as a platform to snag a trio of muffins. She offers one to her sister, and one to Ziggy.
  2. @Blitz Boom Harmony smiles, a devilish gleam in her eyes, "I won't warn him...he'll never see it coming. And they are fry at this stage, when they become teenagers they are called Smolt. We talked with a ichthyologist at the local University, she had some weird ideas. Speaking of fry..." Harmony steps to one side, and Ziggy notices that two of younger ones are sitting in the doorway, crouched a cat sizing up it's prey. The one on the left, a streak of silver in her brownish mane eye's shift from the muffins on the side to Ziggy then back again, as if she's thinking...Muffin or Cuddles? Muffin...Cuddles...
  3. @Blitz Boom "His name is Blazewing, and he served with me in the Guard. He was there when I first found Serenade's egg, and he's been something like an Uncle to her." She smirks, "Spoils her rotten too, but that is the authority of an Uncle, to spoil their nieces rotten and let the parents deal with the fallout.Can't wait until he settles down, so I can spoil his chick."
  4. @Blitz Boom "Interesting...Good to know. Also, good thing I made extra muffins" Haramony slides half a dozen towards Ziggy, each one a different type. Harmony also takes out some crab cakes from the fridge, drizzles them with some oil and tosses them onto the hob.
  5. @Blitz Boom "We made Serenade aware of her power as soon as we could, mainly so she wouldn't freak out. And if you want, I have photos" Harmony winks, and then grabs one of the cooled muffins, "I think one won't ruin supper" She offers it to Ziggy, "Let me know how it tastes?"
  6. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods, "We do what we can. But I will admit, raising a Siren was....harrowing. Especially when she first discovered she could sing and make ponies do whatever she asked. I came home one day to find my husband staring off into space and a round doughball called Serenade. She had wanted she got ALL the cookies. Ruined dinner and breakfast...and lunch...and dinner"
  7. @Blitz Boom "More like she abandons her eggs on the beach, and in order to save them, we adopt." Harmony takes the empty bowls and washes them. Once they are all done, she grabs a towel and holds it out for Ziggy.
  8. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods. "They are indeed, in fact they are Serenade's half-sisters. Same mother, different father as far as we can tell. "And thank you dear" Harmony replaces the first bowl with a second one, this one with a thin coating of chocolate and blueberries.
  9. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods, "It's not that bad. We learned how ravenous one Siren can be, we just scaled it up" She puts a bowl that has the remains of whipped double cream in front of Ziggy, "Here you go dear, you get to clean the bowl". All in all, they've made a three or four dozen muffins of all kinds.
  10. @Blitz Boom Harmony smiles "Yes". Harmony pulls out several mixing bowls, and a tray. And begins the process of baking. She hums along, and soon both can hear Serenade humming away from the dining room, in between snores.
  11. @Blitz Boom Harmony nods, "Lemon and Pear Muffins". She grabs several baking sheets, bowls, flour and all the other ingredients needed for muffins. "I don't have any hazelhuts, but I will put them on the shopping list. I'm also going to make Banana and Apple Muffins for the party tonight"
  12. @Blitz Boom Harmony smiles, "Serenade was the same way growing up, but I have a few ideas. I'm going to be making muffins and a cake, so I'm thinking I can put you in charge of a few things." Harmony heads for the kitchen, "What kind of muffins would you like?"
  13. @Blitz Boom the trays beside the mimic and Serenade are full of tiny morsels of crab, eel and other small salt-water fish. The kind of 'claw' food that energizes any a power nap. The smell is frankly AMAZING to carnivores, although Ponies might find it a putting. Serenade is still out like a light, her barrel raising slowly. Harmony smiles, "He is, Serenade thinks of him like an Uncle, and frankly the pair are...trouble when together" She smiles widely, "Until then, would you like to help me bake?"
  14. @Blitz Boom Harmony smiles, "actually a friend of mine just retired after twenty years working for..." She coughs, "And it's hits unofficial retirement party tonight, since he helped alot with Serenade, you wanna come along.?"
  15. @Blitz Boom "We were...but not the way your thinking. Sunlight and I met....Serenade's Birth mother one evening." Harmony's eyes darken. "All the stories you've heard about Sirens, how they are monsters. She ponified every one. It took me and three of my Guard friends to make her back off." She suddenly smiles, "Enough of that...tell me well do you sing?" She turns to face the Zegasus and alarming smile.