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  1. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna rolls her eyes and walks over to the door, and opens it. Outside are her two guards, one with her buried in Serenade's saddle bags, the other on his back munching on a mango. Serenade just sits there with a goofy grin, "Sorry Your Majesty, but the Mango's were on sale" She winks.
  2. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus "Kibitz is Our Royal scheduling advisor and a close aide to both myself and my Sister, and he handles the Non-Pony Integration and Relief Organization." Luna looks over at Cherish, "As I said, We will consult the Archives when We return to Canterlot, their must be something there that can help". The air is broken by a high-pitched SKREEE from outside the front door, followed by the sound of muted laughter.
  3. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna smiles, "We remember the fight Serenade put up when We offered this house to her" Luna walks around, "You would think We demand that she live in Tartarus for the rest of her life." She turns back, "Let me be the first to Welcome you to Equestria, Kibitz will be touch after we inform him"
  4. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna nods, "While they are bring back the dead, they are dark and evil Magics, and only Grogar" She shudders, then rubs her hoofs as if dusting something off. She coughs. "Ahem, but We will search the Canterlot Archives and see if anything can be done." She turns to Nada, "I assume you are staying with Serenade until such time We can find more...suitable accommodations?"
  5. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Catpone Cerberus @Blitz Boom Luna nods, "Yes. We know that Sirens have....unique living requirements, and will do our best to accommodate you." She looks up at Cherish, "And where would you like to be Cherish"
  6. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna nods, "We have several magical gadgets that can.." She hums "prevent magical mind control, Serenade helped test them. She can tell you more. Any other questions or concerns?"
  7. @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus sorry for not using colors, but I barely managed to get that out. Pinched nerve in my shoulder plus tore arm muscle = PAIN.
  8. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Catpone Cerberus @Blitz Boom "Cherish is correct, and you have Our Assurance that you will not be unduly punished for the actions of the Three Sisters." Luna looks around, "We have our own mistakes we are trying to atone for, but in all our Subjects can be quite forgiving for the past."
  9. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna shakes her head, "Well...One does. We saw her show in Canterlot, and she appears in her Siren form as part of an act." Luna holds up a silver-clad hoof, "However, if you would be willing to work alongside Serenade and Princess Twilight, We believe we can reintroduce Sirens to Equestrian Society....with a minimum of fuss. Except for the Nobles" Luna rolls her eyes. "But I'm sure once we have a plan, we are confidant Sirens can take a place next to the other Equestrians"
  10. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna looks down, "We remember you Nadanna" Luna suddenly smirks, "Tis been far too long. And as for your reintroduction, The Triarchy has kept...the common knowledge of Sirens relegated to that of myths...for numerous reasons." Luna rolls her eyes, "Young Twilight not withstanding." Luna turns her attention back to Nada, "And yes We can help. Several popular singers are Sirens."
  11. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna waits until her Thestral Guards leave, then turns to face Cherish, "We are glad for your Presence Cherish" then to Nada"It is our Pleasure Nadanna. We Remember you from before our.....absence. We....I mean I am glad that more then just Ponies are moving to Equestria and becoming possible citizens. What Questions do you have for Us?" Luna manages to almost hide a smirk.
  12. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Luna stands with her head upright, "Taebian, Brathian. You are dismissed for now" The male Thestral speaks, in a language that none here can probably speak, it's rapid fire. Luna glares, "Are you disobeying Our Order" He shakes his head and bows low, "No Mistress" The pair give Berry a look then swoop off into the night. Luna turns back to Nada, with a twinkle in her eye, "Do We have permission to enter"
  13. Moonlit

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset as a Hippoenix. I think she pulls it off. Hey, if Vinyl can get Soundwave, then Sunset can get a Decepticon on her very own. I just imagine Starscream just opened his mouth. On the topic of Ponies and Transformers. It's taken me this long to notice that Sunset and Hot Rod share the same color palate, name scheme similar to an established character and both changed when they took the McGuffin(Matrix of Leadership/Element of Magic).
  14. Moonlit

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom @Catpone Cerberus Standing at the front door, flanked by a pair of Thestral Lunar Guards decked out in indigo armor is Princess Luna. She blinks "Are We speaking with....Serenade's friend?"
  15. @E-Man We don't bite.... much *smiles like a Siren*. On a serious note, Blitz Boom is one of the best RPG GM's I've encountered. (And I'll been playing D&D for nearly 25 years. yes I dated myself)