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  1. So, this dude got mad at a 16-year-old McDonald's cashier because his fries were taking to long and decided to throw hot coffee in the cashier's face. They arrested this jerk and he's being charged second-degree assault and battery, but would you look at this weirdo.


    What is he wearing, why does it look like all of his facial hair was hastily scribbled on at the last minute, and what the heffalump is up with his hair!? I don't think he's quite all-together if you ask me. My biggest fear with this cartoon character is that the Celestia hair could make people think he's one of us - or worse - he might actually BE one of ours! Please God, don't let him be one of ours. The last thing we need is some new outlet releasing a piece about the dangers of giving bronies coffee (granted, they might actually have a point there).

    1. Kyoshi


      I really don't care what he would be considered 'part of', he is just a brain dead moron, nothing more.

    2. CHA0SXIII


      @Kyoshi if I'm being honest, I don't either, I just thought he deserved some mocking for being a lousy excuse for a human being.

  2. I want ALL of you to think about this.


  3. Imah just leave this here...


  4. Holy crud! :blink: This is...surprising, to say the least. Looks like Disney WERE NOT the ones that claimed Vader, but a division of - and I still don't believe this - Warner -freaking- Bros! What's more, Lucasfilm's seem to have come to the creator's defense! I know it's early, but 2019 man...this year's gonna be interesting if nothing else.


  5. And bow the big open-world star wars game has been deep-sixed! If I could speak to them I'd ask Disney, as a huge fan of star wars I'm beginning you please just focus on Marvel and stop trying to make star wars things. Leave the franchise in the past and in the grave where it belongs while it can still be fondly remembered and don't desecrate its remains any further!

  6. So, if you or anyone else is curious as to why it's taking me so long to post videos again, this should give you an idea.


  7. Another day, another company crapping all over its consumers.


    1. A.V.


      Walt Disney Studios theme:


    2. Rikifive


      Well I started to dislike Disney after they ruined my favorite TV channels with animated shows. Since then, whenever I see Disney taking something over, it automatically gives me bad feelings.

      If there has to be any profit - Both sides should get some: Disney for copyright stuff and those guys for production - they have their own input there after all. Now that makes me wonder if people working for Disney get paid for their work. EqE4vfd.png

  8. This is disgusting, yt has gone too far this time. I believe this gentleman puts it best.

    If you can't use the link to his twitlonger post for whatever reason, I'll post it below.

    A YouTube Story that needs to be told

    One thing that's going to come up time and time again during Technocracy is how each platform curates speech and who they decide to remove from their platforms. The debate of how much a platform should adhere to the idea of free speech is a long and tenuous one and there will be a time to truly get into that.

    However one thing that must be said, and said now is that when a platform is able to hone in and target someone they do not like and just cut them lose from the platform regardless of their terms of service or their rules, then we should assume that they stand for whatever is currently on their platform.

    I want to bring attention to the story of Mumkey Jones. I should have done this a long time ago, but this is pertinant now. He is a comedian, on the edgy side, so I know why YouTube wouldn't be the keenest to have him around. However, YouTube has sided with him in the past. he had previously had his account deleted, but it was restored. He also had videos that were demonetized remonetized.

    This time his accounts had been deleted in a manner that seems all but targeted. One of the videos that was deleted was a private video with zero views, so false flagging was not a possibility. Community outreach has tried to have his account reinstated, but to this point there has been no avail. In fact, it appears that the YouTube twitter account has muted Mumkey Jones.

    Recently a podcast that Mumkey Jones was on was permanently demonetized. Mumkey's girlfriend also started an account that he posted content to. This loophole has allowed other controversial YouTubers to return to the platform, as it's technically not a violation of the rules - appearing in a channel that belongs to someone else.

    I want to point this out because roughly at the same time, there was another YouTuber - Peluchin Entertainment. I am not going to link his videos and I'd highly recommend avoiding watching his videos. This YouTuber filmed himself brutally murdering a cat. Despite numerous reports, and complaints to YouTube his channel is still up, and I believe that video itself is also still up.

    Remember, YouTube has the ability to knock off anyone that they want, regardless of their terms of service, regardless of community outreach, justice, or complaints. So... we should assume that anything on YouTube's platform is something that they as a company support. People have brought attention to this with the hashtag #JusticeforMumkey, which is certainly a good one. However, I think one that's a little bit more powerful is #YouTubePromotesCatMurder.

  9. It is now my life goal to ask the original creators if they actually did intend for this or if it is just a happy accident! :)


  10. So...I was off enjoying a movie with my family and just came back to check my social medias before heading off to bed and I see Randy Pitchford - one of the bigwigs at Gearbox, the folks behind the Borderlands franchise - is trending on twitter, so I check it out... Yea...There's not gonna be a Borderlands 3, as if that's even worth caring about considering everything else...

    Yeah...this is really messed up...

  11. Whats a matter Activision, can't get ahead as of late? Hey, maybe you could get Blizzard to help you become a phone service provider or something? What do you mean you can't? Don't you guys have phones?


  12. My Uncle is alright:-D! Turns out he just need to eat and sleep more. Also, it looks like my birthday plans may be back in full swing!

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    2. CHA0SXIII
    3. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      Happy Birthday as well.

    4. PoisonClaw


      Glad that your Uncle is alright! Oh, and Happy Birthday!:pinkie:

  13. Happy birthday, bro! ^_^ :balloon:

    Kuvahaun tulos haulle happy birthday quote

  14. Turns out you CAN'T turn up the volume on your tv with your landline phone! Who knew? :crackle: