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  1. kazamacat

    S06:E07 - Newbie Dash

    This episode was very disappointing. I was so happy for Rainbow Dash that she finally made it and I couldn't wait to see how it all came together...only to find it did so with a great deal of personal trauma and without a resolution that Rainbow herself truly overcame-instead, we are just told that once she realizes the Wonderbolts do respect her, that they didn't mean it to be that mean but in a more friendly way, she gets over it. She's put through both deep emotional and physical pain, even if self-inflicted, doesn't mean I enjoy watching that. I was worried about Scootaloo, who thankfully was okay. The more I run through the seasons, the more often I skip this one. I am happy that Rainbow fulfilled her dream, and I knew there'd be a problem to reckon with to get there, but I just wish I could feel happier and enjoy that accomplishment more. Also, the beginning is cute, but I'm kinda sad that Scootaloo's the one who gets to be more expressive and animated, and Rainbow's just too stunned to do more than a slow, broad smile. I get way more joy out of watching her excitement in Rarity Investigates than I do in anything from this episode.
  2. kazamacat

    S06:E18 - Buckball Season

    This episode is so cute. It holds a special place in my heart because after I stopped keeping up with the show in 2012 and before fully catching up in November 2018, I'd only catch episodes occasionally if my husband had it on to watch with my daughter on Saturday mornings. Buckball Season was one of the few I caught that way, and I liked it back then. Anyway, even though this was more about Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie being naturals and struggling under pressure, I caught at least some of my adorable athletic Rainbow Dash, so that was nice too.
  3. kazamacat

    S06:E08 - A Hearth's Warming Tail

    Best Hearth's Warming related episode imo, love it. I like the songs, the celebration at both the beginning and the end, it's just such a special episode. I hesitate to call it a Starlight episode since it's also an ensemble affair, but it's definitely my favorite episode that features Starlight prominently.
  4. kazamacat

    S05:E15 - Rarity Investigates

    I love this episode. For me, it was the highlight of season 5 and it's one of my top faves in the whole series. I guess since I said The Saddle Row Review is third, this is fourth or maybe tied for third. Either way, they're both very enjoyable. It's a great showing for Rarity and a delight to see a happy Rainbow Dash spend time with Rarity in the beginning and her excitement when she first gets the news she gets to fly.
  5. kazamacat

    S02:E07 - May the Best Pet Win

    I *love* this episode. It is so much fun, Rainbow is so much fun, Rainbow and Fluttershy singing is so cute. This is my second favorite in the whole series.
  6. kazamacat

    S06:E09 - The Saddle Row Review

    This episode is my third favorite in the whole show. It's such a joy to watch (or listen to as background noise) every time. I know it's Rarity episode but for me, it's easily the best ensemble of the mane 6 in the whole series.
  7. kazamacat

    Season 9 pandering and minimalism

    Pander or don't, just make it happy, cute, and fun, the things I like about the show.
  8. You are not the only one. I emphatically did not like it either for a lot of the reasons you said. It made me wish I actually didn't care about this show and outright dread seeing at the very least the premiere and probably finale if that's the tone I can expect.
  9. kazamacat

    New Trailer for Season 9

    I don't need any help in feeling sad that this series is ending so this just makes me wish I could stop caring so much about the show and dreading, not looking forward to, season 9.
  10. Good morning and Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  11. kazamacat

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    I concur. I love this show because it makes me happy, and I want to be HAPPY for the characters I love when it's all said and done.
  12. kazamacat

    What you hope to see before the end of this season

    To be honest, I mainly want things, nothing even in particular, but just something that makes me feel HAPPY for my favorite characters. I have no desire to see anything make me sadder than I already am over seeing the series come to a close. I want to end with a big smile on my face. How the show will get there, I don't know, but that's what I want. Also, I wouldn't expect it since there's no reason to even know beyond satisfying my own curiosity, but I've always wondered how Rainbow Dash's trajectory from flight school dropout to Ponyville went. Between her and Fluttershy, who moved there first and was the other friend's presence a factor into why? That sort of thing.
  13. kazamacat

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    Though expected from everything else I've read, I'm still sad to see this news after getting back into the series a few months ago. I hope season 9 is a good send off for the series.
  14. kazamacat

    FiM Short: Teacher of the Month

    I'm still too soured by Non-Compete Clause to really enjoy this short. I'm glad it removed what I really hated about that episode, but I guess a monthly popularity contest for Teacher of the Month in a school about friendship just really rubs me the wrong way on some gut level too.
  15. kazamacat

    Equestria Girls Kotobukiya Figurines.

    I want that brown-skinned Rainbow Dash, she looks great. The price is a bit much, but thankfully, I have time to save up and think about it-might lose interest by then.