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  1. First of all, best pony is RD. But I have to agree, Trixie is very cool. Anyway ... my question is: If you had to marry one pony besides Trixie... who would it be?
  2. Alois has me obsessed. <3

  3. Solemn willed herself to run but her legs wouldn't budge. All she could do was stand there an watch as the wicked stuffed bear, no, rabbit grew near. "I'm Robbie the Rabbit!" It cackled, it voice high and as erie as nail on a chalkboard. Solemn tried to move but she was very slow, her legs like boulders. She felt her head begin to spin.
  4. Solemn stopped her laughing when the large stuffed bear stood up and began moving toward them. A whimper escaped her and she slowly backed away. As the bear grew closer Solemn noticed blood on its muzzle.
  5. ( All my characters are WC. Are there any other WC cats? )
  6. Novastar's eyes opened gently as streams of sunlight showered down into the Leader's den. He opened his maw in a colossal yawn. Stretching each limb, he finally had awakened entirely and padded into the camp, the bright light blinding him for a few seconds before his eyes adjusted. Novastar's fiery pelt lit up in the daylight, giving him a nice glow. The muscular, yet slender tom seated himself beside the fresh-kill pile, grabbing a mouse and devouring it.
  7. Okay, based on the votes and your help, I've decided. For the rest of June I will use #4. July will be #6. August will be #1.
  9. Solemn Hour


  10. I'm making the leader now. <3 No, no, no. Windclan is where it's at.
  11. Okay, I'll add you as soon as I get on my computer. You may roleplay.
  12. Solemn sighed and ignored the two. She looked at the fork. "So... left?" She headed left to see a Ursa Minor in the distance. "Okay... not left..." She shook her head in dismay.
  13. Solemn leaned a bit on the fellow pegasus, but tried not to put too much of her weight on him. She was helped down a narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door. Solemn expected the worst of the door, but slowly opened it. In he center of the room lay a large stuffed rabbit. Solemn sighed and laughed for a bit. "I totally thought there was going to be a monster behind the door!" She almost fell over laughing.
  14. Actually, my backgrounds tend to be quite temporary. So I'm gonna' need one that I can stick with for a bit.