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  1. Dammit dammit dammit Well, looks like I've missed out. I'll read through the RP every now and the to see how it's going. Sorry I couldn't make it!
  2. That's sort of a constant thing for me. I often try to shove it to the back of my head. Doesn't always work. I hate people who make assumptions and spew crap out of their mouth without anything to support what they say. You know, general idiocy. Turns out, that is just about every person in my generation. Lemme just go ahead and say something here: I'm pretty young. Like, looking at the rest of MLPforums, I'm definitely leaning towards the more youthful side of the spectrum. Yet I manage to capitalize my sentences, add correct punctuation and always have a good source for any meant-to-be-
  3. Perfect. I'm gonna go with non-pony art. I'm good with abstract stuff, which I will have a spoiler full of at the bottom of this post. I have yet to see anybody on here who does art that isn't just ponies, so I don't expect that I will have a rival any time soon/ever. However, I will still show you what I can do. The ones in pencil are the very first ones I did, and then I moved on to more complicated, ink drawings. If you want to see similar stuff just go on Youtube and search of abstract art speedpaint or something like that. There's tons of it. Here I'm just gonna put some of my favori
  4. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon smiled slightly, looking down. "No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this to you." She wiped tears from her face, taking time to think about her words. "You deserve someone better. You're a great guy, Windy. I hope you find somepony perfect for you." Her horn glowed, and the knob on the door turned with a click.
  5. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon looked at him with irritation. "No, she's my marefriend" After she got another confused look, she took a second the gather her thoughts. "I'm bisexual, Windy!" She almost yelled, thankful that the door was closed. "You know, faggot? Queer? Well that's me!" She paused after hearing those words come out of her mouth. "Society's punching bag." Tears began to find their way into her eyes, blurring her vision.
  6. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon frowned. "Way to jump to conclusions." She sounded defensive, a tell that a pony is lying, which she would normally avoid doing. "Stone Heart isn't my coltfriend, Windy." She gave him a glare, realizing reluctantly that she may as well spill the beans at this point. "She is my marefriend."
  7. I haven't been on this thread on AGES, yet still there's only seven people in Asia with me! Really? I feel so alone as a brony in Taiwan.
  8. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon smiled. "Thanks anyways." She turned to the door. Her horn glowed, and the nob twisted. "I should probably get back to-" Her eyes went wide. She had completely forgotten about Stone Heart. "Oh my god." Her hoof came over her mouth as she turned her head back to Windy, biting her lip. "Stone." She said, just loud enough for him to hear.
  9. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon turned to the pegasus and levitated the paper in front of his face. "A complaint, one from the room next to yours." She scratched the back of her neck. "Apparently we were a bit more... Noisy than they'd like." The white mare sighed, using her periphery to read Windy's body language. 'He feels guilty and disappointed... Probably thinks I hate him now.' She smiled, turning back to him. "Well, even though you kind of took advantage of me, thanks for at least being safe about it." She kissed him on the cheek.
  10. Your name and profile picture make you seem pretentious, so no.
  11. Get off of your depressed ass so we can go pick out wedding suits.
  12. JeanHover

    Technology Post a pic of your Desktop Setup

    Everybody here has their awesome, high-performance computers and all I got a lousy school laptop. I feel an amoeba in an ocean full of whale sharks. The best thing I have to show off are my speakers.
  13. @@Ampharos Whirl smiled. "Not really mine either, to tell the truth." He opened the door and exited the classroom. "You know where the meteorology room is?" He flapped his wings. "Or... Area. Whatever they would call a classroom for pegasi." He turned his head to the left and right, searching for a direction that made sense.
  14. @@Ampharos Whirl Wake looked around for another pegasus, only for Blaze to catch his eye. He trotted over to the orange pony. "Well, I guess it's just you and me for meteorology, then." He turned his head around to see if there were any other pegasi in the crowd. 'Is it really just me and this guy?'
  15. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon looked around. "Ah. Well." She shifted uncomfortably. "Thanks for letting me stay with you." Continuing to recall just what went on the night before, she shuddered. "And... Whatever else you did to me." She said, levitating a small piece of latex off the ground and into a garbage can. "I guess I'll just-" She trotted over to the door to find a piece of paper that had appeared to have been slipped under it. Noon's horn glowed, and the parchment unfolded and was revealed in front of her eyes. "Ugh..."
  16. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon shook around her head. Vague memories of the night before were slowly coming back to her. "Oh, it's you..." She looked up at the entangled sheets and the damp depressions in the mattress. "Oh, man... Did we...?" She turned her head back down to the orange pegasus on the ground with a slightly confused expression on her.
  17. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ ((I assume we skip to morning now, seeing as the rest of the gang has already.)) Noon woke up feeling sticky and warm, despite not being under the covers. A piercing headache assaulted her senses a moment later. 'The hell...' She lazily climbed out of the bed she was in and entered the bathroom to take a shower. After the hot water cleansed her of her own sweat, Noon exited the bathroom, finding her suitcase to not be by the door. "Huh?" She said to herself, turning towards the bed. She jumped, seeing what appeared to be another pony under the covers. "Who the hell are you?!?" The wh
  18. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon smiled even more at hearing this. Bringing herself to look into Windy's eyes, she spoke. "I can always make an... Educated guess, of course." Leaning in further, she could feel his breath hitting her skin. "But it's always better to see for myself." At that, she pushed her whole body upwards, letting the space between her and the stallion's lips finally disappear.
  19. JeanHover

    Private The pure hotel Rp

    @ Noon smirked and whispered into Windy's ear. "Once or twice." She had completely forgotten about trying not to let the alcohol influence her. "Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are?" She stroked her tail on his wing, watching in amusement as the two extremities twitched excitedly.
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