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  1. I finally watched the 2015 horror film 'It Follows' and it is one of the most effective horror films I have ever seen. It is extremely creepy and unnerving and had me tense long after the credits rolled. There is one scene that is a bit too goofy and the ending is abrupt as all hell, but I still think it is very worthy of a 9/10. If you dont mind a lot of sexual allegories, then give it a watch.
  2. How about a juggling show? *juggles nuclear weapons of various megatons* I guess you can say my juggling business is...booming. Ha. Ha ha. Ha.....
  3. Forza Motosport baby! By far my favorite racing series. Fun fact: Before Forza 5, I was never actually into racing games of this type, I was mostly into arcadey stuff. Then Forza 5 changed my life. I love everything about the series. The many options to ease in new players. The sheer amount of cars. The ability to paint and customize any car. The best looking tracks in racing games. The level system. It is not only fun and addicting but relaxing too. I jave been a huge fan ever since and I have bought the ultimate editions of Forza 6 and 7 and put hundreds of hours onto the series. Crazy how that happens. These games have also made GT racing my favorite sport. For me, Forza is the king of racing games. Other favorites of mine are Mario Kart DS, Motorstorm, Burnout 3, and Demolition Racer which is very underrated.
  4. Anyone get stuff from Santa Bunny?

    1. Woohoo


      I'm still waiting for the Easter Claus Fairy. :dry:

    2. Kyoshi


      Yeah! And where the hell is St Patrick Bunny? :yeahno:

  5. Isn't Breath of the Wild supposed to be fun? Because I am not enjoying any of it at all. 

    1. A.V.
    2. Shiki


      what do you like dude

    3. Kyoshi


      Good things? So far Breath of the Wild has nearly bored me into a coma. I haven't seen anything in this that even comes close to the insane praise this game got. The story is dull, the world is massive but bland and the RPG elements seem tacked on. I love something like Ocarina of Time. BOTW is shallow garbage in comparison so far. 

      Who cares what I like anyways. People only take notice when I say something negative. 

  6. It honestly doesnt matter to me, I couldnt care less. I just find it ironic since digital only has been a PC staple for years now and nobody has cared.
  7. Hey everyone! Did you all know that Donald Trump is a stupid, belligerent piece of ignorant shit? Of course you know that! He makes it obvious every day. Did you all know that the republican party in the government is mostly made up of equally ignorant bafoons? Obviously, because they too make it pretty easy to see on a daily basis. What's the evidence lately? This situation with Illhan Omar, one of the first ever Muslim congresswomen. A basic summary; She said that she is tired of people seeing those of the Islamic faith being demonized by a lot of people in the US simply because of the 9/11 attacks. Her wording for this was "some people did something" and that is the main point that is causing a ruckus. To anyone with a goddamn BRAIN and actually listened to what she was saying, you would obviously know the context of what she said and how it makes perfect sense. However, as is the case with any kind of logic, this didn't fly with good ol' Donald Trump and his gang of stooges known as the GOP. Here is a video by Kyle Kulinski of the Youtube channel Secular Talk and he goes into all the details you need to know. There is strong language in the video but I implore you to watch it. Have you watched the video in full? Okay, let it all sink in. The obvious lack of even the slightest shred of intelligence by Trump and his peeps is immense. Some top Democrats are also worthy of criticism as Kyle pointed out, people like Peloski should really consider actually standing up against this kind of obvious bigotry rather than taking some half-assed casual background approach. Either way, Trump's comments are clearly bigoted slander and fear mongering, proving Omar's point in full with flying colors. Kyle also mentions some comments Trump made on the day that 9/11 happened. Here is a video better detailing that point from the Youtube channel TheDamageReport. Watched that one? Alright, let's continue. So we have Donald Trump, a man that took Omar's statement completely out of context and fully proved her point that Muslims are hated simply because of what some terrorists did on 9/11. He accuses Omar of not caring about what happened in those attacks. This is a man that, as you seen in the video, clear as day made incredibly casual, almost sorta humor toned comments about it all. His comment about him now having the tallest building in Manhattan once the WTC fell was on THE SAME DAY, after the towers had fallen. Yet, this man wants to accuse others of diminishing the attacks? All because of a segment of a speech that he took 100% out of context on purpose for the sake of smearing Omar? FUCK OFF. Donald Trump is the epitome of pathetic, the apogee of arrogance, ignorance and shamefulness. Most of the GOP furthers Trump's statements, always attempting to give him the echo chamber he so desperately wants at all times in the White House. Day after day I see the 'American' flag with only flames in my eyes more and more. The extreme brain dead stupidity of the majority of the right is corroding any possible chance in hell of me EVER having pride again in this country. It just keeps getting worse. If Trump wins his re-election, we can only hope that there is some kind of religious deity out there to help us, because the government, or at least half the people, will not do so.