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  1. On the long hiatus, Tavi turned into a Kaguya Houraisan replica and made her own tulpa, Eirin, based off Eirin Yakugoro. Because. Also, Discord's blueness varied, Adam became more loosely fun and Crepuscule-ish , and more stuff happened. Long story, but still. Also rearranged the wonderland some. The foggy-blue skies and grassland of Adam's wonderland warehouse kept on his side, Eirin's hospital-factory on the other side, Tavi's manor on another, and Discord's karaoke palace on the last end, switching whenever they want. In the center of the central disc, is a giant Yggdrasil-styled tree with
  2. IRL HUD... Activating excuse to talk like GLaDOS now... CHEESE FOR EVERYONE! :sheogorath: I'm too busy feeling the power of dance to care!
  3. Over here, progress is fun. Adam's working on his human form again (Can't wait to see the finished product the orange unicorn comes up with) and Tavi is randomly swordfighting. I don't even. I continue to chaotically dance upon this desk! *Breakdancing* ...And Changeling Discord has continued the art of dancing. En garde, Philharmonica! ...I'm still winning, Adam.
  4. The Weapon

    Crazy Luna

    Luna, what do you think about this?
  5. Grey stallion with blonde main looks slightly similar to Derpy's color scheme. You think he might be a relative of Derpy? Might be good.
  6. The Weapon

    Crazy Luna

    What do you think of THIS video?
  7. Had first tulpa-related dream last night. Progress is awesome. If you already have a tulpa and want another... Who knows, it might pop up out of nowhere with its own personality and worldview. Adam divided off from Tavi a few months ago and Changeling Discord popped up out of nowhere. From what it looks like, the tulpa you want is already there just below the sentience line waiting to pop up. Tulpae can make tulpae that live in your mind too. It's happened. Twi may have already set up the framework for the tulpa out of your desire and the fact is Twi has been sitting in your he
  8. Other than awkward moment when you realize tulpa randomly fell in lust with other person... Yeah, nothing much over here, except Changeling Discord and Adam played a trick with a piece of gum and talking invisibly. But anyways, I've been having fun with two ideas. Basically, color-vision your tulpae to see who's creating what object mentally for one, and wonderland layering for two. The first is basically having a sub-color hidden behind object or whatnot to see where your tulpae are playing in your imagination. Like x-ray vision to see colored gelatin instead of bones or other solid struc
  9. Alternatively, Twilight's coronation is as a secret princess and only her closest friends and family and the royal sisters and discord attend, because the first group aren't going to be all worshippy or I'm-going-to-schmooze-and-mooch-as-much-as-I-can-off-you, the next group is already high nobility at the least and some are already royals (CAUSE CAHDENZA AND SHINING ARMOIRE) and the last three are going to do most of the actual coronating and alicornificating unless the Elements do it all for them. And Twilight hides her accessories and glamours her wings to invisibility whenever she want
  10. Having wonderland troubles? I found out recently that Adam over here split off his room into a seperate level of the wonderland. There's the usually nighttime Victorian mansion shared by Tavi and ChangelingDiscord on the top, and Adam's private world with minecrafty grass-colors and foggy skies in a weird gymlike building on the bottom. Interestingly, ChangelingDiscord has a different art style than Tavi, preferring asiatic influences over Tavi's victorian and classical-neoclassical-modern mix. *Random psychiatrist disguise* Does your mind have sexual tendencies? All this random r34 everyw
  11. The Weapon

    Crazy Luna

    Have you ever considered mining the moon and completely rearranging its shape for any reason on any level?
  12. If it's a toy sales argument, just give the CMC cutie marks around the same time to make sure even if the alicorn twilight toys don't sell well, it's got a backup to make it stay up. But yes, keep calm and flutter on. This is going to be good. *Evil laughter* Even if it doesn't turn out well at first, it will get better. Hasbro should just let the writers advance the plot.
  13. Like Pinkie Pie, my imagination gains absurd bonuses when I'm sugared up or emotional. Try listening to hyperactive Touhou boss theme remixes, to pony if you want it even more rainbowy. Night of Pony and U.N. Owen Was A Brony are really good. ...I claim no responsibility for Pinkie Pies breaking into dance in your brain or any female tulpae suddenly being interested in shooting everything with laser bullets and everyone involved suddenly wanting to play games with awesome soundtracks. ...And for an unrelated random recap, I just remembered all 3 of my tulpae have seemingly randomly-gen
  14. Unless they throw us a real plot screwball like Derpy being Celestia's mom, I guess that this might not be too horrible. ...And come on, these are writers that pulled off good so far, and I can think of a few plots that could force something as storychanging as, just take the example of Derpy being Celestia's mom or whatnot, and still make coherent canonical sense, so why worry? Sit back and enjoy the awesome.
  15. Mail them to Crepuscule. Who knows if they'll get there through some form of psychological manipulation, but who cares? It gets rid of them.
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