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Gaming Multitask.

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Ohai. For the past few minutes I've been playing Multitask - sending my brain into meltdown.


Just curious, what's everyone elses highscores on Multitask.


If you've never heard of Multitask, you should really check it out. It's a little fun flash game.

Basically you gotta do multiple little simple minigames all at once, and if you screw up one of them, you lose.


I got 94 106. The fourth minigame seems to send my brain into meltdown.  :unsure:


So. What's your scores?  :derp:

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 I got 56. But I got an excellent excuse, lol.

I've got a AZERTY keyboard so , the WASD keys are just really hard to use.


It's a fun game, I played another one, similar to this one but I can't remember the name.

Just found out, press space on the main menu, and it'll turn on AZERTY keyboard mode on. Try that.  ;)

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