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  1. I really don't think the devs know what there doing now, but the ponys really do look too much alike, and most likely will be sued fairly even by my book.
  2. So I don't know any thing about trade mark laws and such, i'm would think this game is fine other then the style is almost identical to hasbro, they should really change it. Is there other issues with it?
  3. any one know a good way to find new music?, im a bit picky and bored of what i have all ready

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    2. SkullcandyPegasus


      Try unicorn kid for some interesting edm (especially his seapunk era stuff). RAC has some brilliant original songs now in addition to his remixes. His best new remix is probably that of Irish Margaritas, originally by Harriet, and the best original is probably Let Go.

    3. 1111


      think iv heard unicorn kid cant remember, i dont have interest about songs about love or partying because i cant relate

    4. SkullcandyPegasus


      You might try Matthew Koma and RAC's "Cheap Sunglasses" for a song with some relate able lyrics then. Unicorn kid's Tidal Rave album is mostly instrumental, so hopefully you can connect with it :3

  4. you know those wooden doll things artist use to draw i wonder if they have a online app for that or something

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    2. 1111


      yah i guess that would do thanks

    3. 1111


      oh you know any good tips on learning to draw people?

    4. Bogrick Grey Mane

      Bogrick Grey Mane

      I would love to say draw ponies cos there easier, but if I have to do portraits I take a photo and tell them to come back next month ;)

  5. microsoft needs a fire wire

  6. 21 years old been waiting for my own room for years my bro doesnt even live here and his junk is still here -_- well f my dreams as usual

  7. really not feeling the fandoms

  8. being a broke materialist sucks

  9. wish i could just jam dopamine in my brainz

  10. bored any one know any animes that are interesting new or old that are very good?

    1. Sporemane


      Have you ever seen Zoids?

    2. 1111


      eh pass on that, sorry

  11. game magazines why do people buy them, they never say any thing negitive and make things sound way better then they are.

  12. Not really and considering you only need to have sex once to not be a virgin a no game loner like me can and I have. You can only assume they don't have sex much by looking at some one.
  13. theres a spin off of atack on titan jr high -_-

  14. powerpuff girlsz is a thing apearently

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    2. 1111


      just watch it

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      how can you still hear things

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      sounds like a nazi torture weapon no thanks

  15. is there a free legitimate tv stream thing thats like netflix and junk i could watch on a pc??

  16. Pretty much the same thing, but I haven't felt pain in a long time.
  17. i know this is old news but i saw a streamer was streaming resident evil 6, yah resident evil 5 was bad and 6 well im never going to play resident evil again 4 was only good because it had what made resident evil resident evil

  18. why cant life be like dbz where all you have to do is fire lazer beams at youre problems while screaming loud man groans

    1. Alpharius


      Because life in general trolls us

  19. you know being some one who sucks at talking and socialization i think i realized the most important part of exspressing youre self is to have a point and being dessensitized and desolent i guess im not much of a talker.

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      I know the feel. I blame the Aspergers.

    2. 1111
  20. dont get why there isnt a broadcast option for when you start a game instead of it being on oroff allways with steam

  21. wish steam would give me a date i can sell items again -_-

  22. dat feel when you realize you have no decent amount of skills or talents in any thing

    1. Celestial Sloth

      Celestial Sloth

      Always time to learn. Or, realise that you had a talent all along and didn't appreciate it. I sound like one of the lessons at the end of the show.

    2. 1111


      problem is i cant really learn right now and iv dipped into verious things they dont amount to any thing cant make money off it and i cant entertain people

    3. Celestial Sloth

      Celestial Sloth

      Dipping into things is different from fully committing to the thing that makes you happy and using it to progress in life. But I don't have much experience in the working world, so I don't know how much that helps. But things change, opportunities appear. Just gotta make sure you're looking out for them. I hope you can find whatever you're looking for. :)

  23. I think aliens being hostile would just depend on what there motives and junk are.
  24. they should make it so you can hide games on youre steam gamelist to a hidden tab thing i got games that i dont play that just take up too much space

    1. power strike

      power strike

      just unistall them then ?

    2. Malinter


      you can uninstall them through steam. They will be gone from your system and appear grey on your steam list. If you ever want to play them again you just click on them to redownload them from the steam servers

    3. 1111


      i have them uninstalled but i mean even frrom that list

  25. how do you refund on steam?

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    2. Malinter


      plus the xbox is just a pc in disguise... just plug a mouse and keyboard in and away you go. XD

    3. 1111


      oh mouse and keyboard work?

    4. Malinter


      they should. heck the ps3 had an official mouse and keyboard XD

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