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General Media Anti-Spiral vs Marvel Verse

Hive King

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How far does Anti-Spiral in Lagann Hen make it into Marvel?


Some feats for Anti-Spiral


Tossing galaxies like frisbees

Growing to the a size larger than the known universe

Effortlessly destroying the drill of another universe+ sized robot

Able to create enough energy to infinitely replicate the Big Bang via creating fission with two galaxies

Massively faster than light

Able to imprison victims in a Spiral Death Matrix, in which the space around them gets denser every time they use a power

Able to use a Multiversal Labyrinth, trapping victims in a realm of infinite pasts, presents, and futures, albeit illusionary

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He might stop when he encounters Galactus. People beyond Galactus' powers stomp Anti-Spiral. Specially since he has no way to even face TOAA.


Exactly this.  I gotta say, that was an interesting match up. 

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