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Adventure Far off world part 1


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My alarm was beeping so loudly I woke up as soon as I heard it. "10 more minutes?" I begged but I was awake so it was no use. I got up and hit the snooze button. I went to my living room. So dark I turned on the lights and the tv. I went to the kitchen and slipped on some water my cats had spilled. "You darn cats!" I shouted at then. They didn't care as far as the knew they thought I wanted to pet them. I got up and got some waffles out from the freezer and popped them in the toaster. I opened the cabinet door and a plate smashed on my head. "Why is this happening?!?!" I said to myself as I got up and started pulling the bits of China out of my hair. The waffle popped out of the toaster and I ate it. I looked at the clock. "Omg it 8:00!" I shouted and ran to my room and threw on some clothes and my shoes. I heard the bus. I grabbed my booking and went out the door. I was running after it. Then I saw a red car and blacked out.


"Ow my head!" I said. I held my head the I felt that my fingers were missing. I started to scream so loud. I had hooves for hands. I looked around and saw I was in a tree house. Someone had opened the door. "Omg omg" I said quietly to myself. The person was walking up the stairs. "I don't wanna die" I sobbed. "Oh hello!" I heard a voice. I looked up and a pony was looking at. I started to scream and back up. "Your.....your.....a pony!" I shouted. "So are you look" The other pony said and pointed her hoove to the mirror. I saw a pony I felt sick. "I'm twilight sparkle! Who are you?" The ponies said I guessed cause of her name it was a she. "I'm um......Mona Rose!" I said not really tell my real name. "Well you should meet my friends!" Twilight said. I felt scared but I think I was in her house so I said yes. We walked down the stairs and I saw a lizard I thought and said "I that your pet lizard?" After I said that the "lizard" turned around and said "I am not a lizard I am a dragon" he shot some green fire out of his mouth. I stepped back in fear. "Its ok Mona Rose. He's spike." Twilight said and he bowed. "Hi?" I said and walked a little forward. "So where are we going twilight?" Spike asked. "We are going to show Mona Rose...." "You can call me Mona if you want for short" I barged in. "Ok well we will show Mona our friends" Twilight continued. We walked out the door and I saw lots and lots of ponies. "Wow" I said in amazement as ponies walked by me. We walked to a cake shop that was near by. "Hmmmm smells yummy in there." Said spike I nodded my head in agreement. We walked in and suddenly a pink pony jumped on me. I fell over. "Hi I'm Pinkie Pie!" She said her pink curly hair in my face. "I never met you before. We need to celebrate a welcome party!" She said excitedly. "Pinkie meet Mona Rose." Said Twilight and pinkie got off me. I got up "Has she met everypony yet?" Pinkie asked "everypony?" I said. "No" twilight said to pinkie. "Well then how about I go get everpony while you wait here?" Said pinkie "Well it would be easier....." before twilight could finish her sentence pinkie was out the door. We waited for about 10 minutes then 4 other ponies walked in. I slowly hid under the table. One of them lifted the table cloth. "Hello I am apple jack. You ok?" Said apple jack I looked up and saw her looking at me. "Hi?" I said then a rainbow pony came up "Sup I am rainbow dash!" She said. I got up to the table again. Then a purple mained pony came up to me and said "hello dear well aren't you a pretty fillie? I am rarity" she said and did a pose. "Fillie?" I said then I didn't care at the time. Then the last pony came up to me. "Hi I am flutter...." she said softly. "I'm fluttershy." She finally said. "Hi I am Mona Rose?" I said.





To be continued!!!

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