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BABSCon Request/Idea

Bolt the Super-Pony

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Open letter to Ponyville Live! staff:



Hi! My name is Tyler (or Bolt the Super-Pony in the MLP fandom). I'm a 19-year old college student and I work at a live theater as a lighting and sound technician.

I wanted to ask the staff of PonyvilleLive if I might be able have the honor and the opportunity of being able to host a sort of "radio show" on the PonyvilleLive! video channel at the end of the concert (when nothing else is happening) at BABSCon 2015 on Friday and Saturday nights. My plan would be to showcase some of my favorite My Little Pony-related songs (and some non-MLP songs, and maybe a music video) from artists that are not as widely known in the fandom (artists such as NRGFORCE, Claire Ann Carr, Walt Ribeiro, StormWolf, Music by Octavia, and MusicalWolfe, just to name a few). If this late time is not the best, I'm definitely open to negotiating a time that will work out better for you guys if this idea is a possibility.

I look forward to hearing from you awesome people at PonyvilleLive! soon regarding this proposal.

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