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New style of shading (CRITIQUE NEEDED)


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To me the shading is all blending together and not really there. I would say, don't be afraid to have some dark shading, and strong contrast that stands out and helps your character pop. Also, if we are going by the light source on her eye, and the darker bits of the hair are its shading, the light sources don't match. From her eye the light is directly in front of the character, but from the hair the light source is at her side.

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Your shading uses too much blending. I reckon you should try blending the edges of the shadows rather than blending the whole thing.

Otherwise, GJ.




I also realized your shading is too subtle, try making the shadows darker and the shine less bright.

You should also keep in mind the light source, knowing where the light comes from and where the shadows kick in.

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Like the others have said, don't be afraid to go really dark on shadow. Contrast is good, it's all trial and error, trust me. I've started painting again and I've made some beginner mistakes.


Imagine you have no line work, just color. The color alone should at least give off the illusion of wear the head connects and other shaded areas. You don't have to go too far off in light and dark hues, but it seems really blended in shading. Valiant effort though, it takes a lot of practice to get right. Light sources and shading is one of the most difficult things to master.

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