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MLP Forums App?


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Hello everypony,


It's great to be back on the forums again and seeing everyone. As well as coming back I propose a topic that I see not many people have talked about, mlp forums being an app.

   By explaining this concept to you, I hope that you too can agree with me in hopes that they do make it into an app.

I, am a student at school who is constantly busy with schoolwork and other clubs, I noticed that I rarely ever get time to sit down and post on the forum as much as I can in the summer. However, in the very limited spaces of time I have, I usually go on my social medias, I wish that I could be able to post on my phone or tablet in those times, this also gives me an advantage of being able to post whilst still getting work done, I feel some heads nodding at this point. But you may say: " I don't have a phone or tablet, so how does this benefit me?" Well, I'm not exactly sure.

You can do one of two things either: 

- Buy a phone/tablet

- Find/make time on computers


Thank you all for listening and chatting with me on this topic, it is just a topic and it should not be taken under extreme measures. This is just a debate and a suggestion for the forums to be more successfull.




                                                  Fluttershypie124 :)

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Welcome back! I think mlp forums app would be a great idea! Though I think Mlp forums is already working online regularly. 

1) Search Mlp forums

2) Click on the forums

3)Scroll to bottom to find the site regularly!


I got this working on my tablet and Iphone so it should work for you. Hope it helps!

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This is one of the most requested enhancements on MLPF, and it is one that we all agree would be a great addition. Part of this is largely due to the rather lackluster mobile skin for IPB, which I use more often than I would like to admit. Creating an iOS, Windows phone, and Android application that would mirror current functionality and integrate seemlessly with MLPF's software, database, etc is not an easy undertaking. Development of an actual app will require a concerted team effort and quite a bit of planning. From assets, to the UI, to the swipe controls.


I personally love the idea, and based on past responses from other staffers it is not off the table. There are obvious resource difficulties and significant opportunity costs to other projects. Just understand the challenges and length of the project you are proposing.


This would also be a project that would require ongoing development due to the nature of mobile operating systems, as well as the lovely fragmentation that causes unforeseen issues that require constant maintenance and revision.

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i agree very much with this idea,im getting a smart phone soon so i would like to have that and i believe that i speak for everyone when i say that it would bring more convenience to us and this could also increase the popularity of MLPF

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