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Hello good ponies. I have a couple of questions concerning brony music site.


Will there be a documented public API for Pony.fm that's also accessible with clientside JS (cross origin requests)?

Also, will Pony.fm become open source (github/other vcs)?



Thank you in advance.

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Open-sourcing Pony.fm is my current task with the project - I'm sorting through the various licensing options right now.


There's a plan to build an API based on OAuth 2.0 but it's going to start with server-side calls in mind and a track upload method. That said, once the project is open-sourced (which will happen before a public API is finished), it'll be easier to work together to build what you need into the site. As a matter of principle, I'm not opposed to having a browser-friendly API in the future.

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Thank you for your reply.

I'm looking forward to all of this.


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