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music Dashing Rainbows (WiP)


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So... one of my real life brony friends contacted me early today (8 AM), and said that he needed a small little piece of music about 3 minutes long for a project for school, and he called me, because I am pretty much the only pony at our school that can actually compose decently well (Not like anypony else tries).

But here's the catch, he needs it by the beginning of FRIDAY. And when I say Friday, I mean this Friday, talk about short notice. So I decided to theme it based on a pony (and also test out my new Flabass), and once I got somewhere on it, the name Dashing Rainbows was born.

Hopefully I can finish this thing by Friday with it still retaining some pretty high quality, and if it's good enough, I might just submit it it to Equestria Daily. I will try to keep this thread updated through Thanksgiving... and please give criticism, it will be very heavily considered.


-Needs better pizzicato strings (Will do at end)

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You can do it.


Rainbow Dash believes in you.


I GOTTA BELIEVE!! (Reference to the funniest game ever)





- Changed the pizzicato strings in the beginning

- Added sort of a 'verse' to it

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