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Searching FNAF in the MLP world anyone..? (if its allowed...)

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So Im really into FNAF nowadays. I really enjoy roleplaying, so why not? Unlike me and roleplaying on normal condition however, I have a few things planned already.

The character I will portray as mostly will be a reformed version of Purple Guy named “Vincent”. His real name is William Afton, but he refuses to say so, stating “Thats not my name.”

The setting in the beginning will be in the office, where Vincent is working night shift. He gets attacked by an animatronic and like in the games, Vincent starts to see static. However, when he wakes up he is in EQUESTRIA as a pony.

You can be another nightguard that got attacked alongside him (Mike Schmidt, Fritz Smith, Jeremy Fitzgerald, or Scott aka Phone Guy.) or you can be a good animatronic that somehow went alongside him (Freddy Chica Bonnie Foxy and their respective Toy versions. Golden Freddy aka Fredbear is a good one as well). You can also be bad animatronic (the Withered, Phantom, and Nightmare animatronics as well as Shadow Freddy and Shadow Bonnie along with Mangle and Marionette, which those two are more neutral than bad..). If you are a “bad animatronic” you can still be good, just remember to have some sort of corrupted quality at least. Withered ones arent broken as often as Phantom, and Phantom ones arent as broken as the Nightmare ones, so remember that.

You can also be a pony that either helps or goes against Vincent in his journey. OCs and canon ponies are allowed and you can be more than one main character. If you do want to use an OC, please post a link to it in your comment so I can approve of it.



Edit: Oh, and heres Vincent as a pony:


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