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Request Request for Christmas/Yule OC Art


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As you all know, Christmas is right around the corner. Being a Wiccan in a Christian family myself, that also means a Yule Celebration for the Winter Solstice. So, what I thought would be cute-or-whatever is an art piece of my OC, Astro Soulshine, that is both Yule and Christmas related.

I have some ideas, but do with it what you like:

- There should be a Christmas tree and presents, maybe Astro is opening them?

- I want him to be wearing a mixed outfit, like a crown of stag horns with a Christmas sweater, or a black cloak with a red-crystal clasp and a Christmas-y hat (you know the hat i'm talking about), or maybe the stag horns could be peeking out from under the Christmas hat. If he isn't wearing a cloak, feel free to have him wear a festive scarf. He likes scarves

- There could be a fireplace, it could be snowing outside a window, get creative

- Overall, it should be festive and Christmas-esque, as well as mystical, spiritual, and Yule-esque

Here are some references of Astro Soulshine:





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