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Reasons Revisited- Bullet point edition


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With the show nearing it's end I decided to really think about why I like the show and also the fandom again.


Reasons I like the show:

  • Ensemble cast.
  • Developed relatable characters- Not creepy robots/shells of characters. (Think older MLP stuff :mlp_confused:)
  • Doesn't rely on stupidity to try and entertain.:mlp_okiedokieloki:
  • Talking quadruped animals (big part of cartoons/movies from my childhood)
  • The Mane 6 are POST HIGH SCHOOL age (I actually think this is one of the BIG reasons for the fandom- but I don't see it discussed much)
  • A lot of veteran crew who worked on shows I liked as a kid have worked on MLP
  • Good writing, voice acting, and animation.
  • Flash animation in particular- since I worked with it in school for a bit so I can recognize the extra effort in MLP's animation. A lot of other shows that use flash look pretty crappy in comparison.


Reasons I like the fandom:

  • Generally chill people
  • CREATIVITY (Fan art/animation)
  • People working on the show are involved
  • Overall generally positive and fun


So have you thought about such things recently? I'd like to know- so post below!

Um, list format please... if that's OK with you ;)

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I love the show because:

- it has relatable characters

- the worldbuilding is fantastic

- it is very interesting and entertaining

I love the fandom because:

- it is creative

- it has a lot of acceptance

- the fans in it are amazing

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