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Ask The Cooper Siblings


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Let’s try this shall we?

Turquoish replies are from Loopy.

Bright orange replies are from Larry.  

You don’t have to know much or anything to ask questions.

Keep the questions clean these two are minors.

Don’t cuss.

Don’t take over this thread. 

Don’t ask more than 4 questions.

Be respectful.

Don’t get mad if I take a while to answer your question/s. 

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On 4/26/2019 at 8:55 PM, catnet said:

Hi! :) How do you two feel about each other? What do you both get up to in your free time? :) 

“Hi! Well I love my little sister, she’s a bit of a goober and does tend to get herself and occasionally me into trouble but I wouldn’t to have a normal sister. Having one like Loopy is far more exciting to be honest. As for what I do for my free time I usually just play video games or watch The Charlie Chicken Show, sometimes my friends or girlfriend Stacey comes over and we just hang out for a while.”

“Well I can say pretty much the same about Larry, sure sometimes he doesn’t want to join in on whatever I’m doing but that’s alright at least he makes sure I don’t get in to too much trouble. And I just do well anything that comes to mind for my free time.”

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