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general NYC Bronies. A Few Questions About Visiting Your Fair City.


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So later this week I will be travelling to NYC and spending the better part of a week in mid town Manhattan. A couple of questions to you local bro's who have lived in or frequented the area.

  1. What should I expect from public transport, transit and ubers/lyfts in the area? Anything I should be aware of or anything I should avoid? I live in a pretty rural area so I don't use the services often.
  2. I'm gonna be pretty busy, but are there any places you'd recommend stopping by outside of the usual tourist traps? (Already went on a guided tour)
  3. I like dining experiences, so are there any good local places you'd recommend? 
  4. What should I expect from traffic, other than a lot of it? 
  5. Any places or establishments I should avoid, either due to being too pricey, low quality or just overrated? 
  6. General advice on how to act, what not to do, what to look out for, what to be weary of, what to avoid when out and about? 

Also to anypony near the Queens area. I'll be attending the La Boom night club and NYC Arena in Jamaica. If you've been, is there anything I should know about the area and what to expect?


Thanks in advance. 

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1. Get the NYC metro app and a metro card ASAP when you get there, it will be the biggest time and money saver. Do not use Lyft or Uber or the taxis, they are ridiculously expensive. I’m from outside the city limits NC, and am just a transplant as I go to West Point.

2. Wander Manhattan and the surrounding area. Little Soho and the various little culture towns are pretty high speed. The museums are good, and croton Harmon park and central are pretty craic.

3. Really any local non chain place. Just read the area and if you don’t get a welcoming sort of feel, probably use the better part of valor (discretion).

4. Its gonna be hell. I drove a delivery truck down 5th ave once, never again. Don’t drive if possible. 

5. See above.

6. Stay away from any protests, and generally don’t go to NJ, especially Newark. Harlem and the Bronx are a little sketch, but Queens is ok. 



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