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Cozy Glow's endgame


Cozy Glow's endgame.  

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  1. 1. What will be Cozy Glow's endgame?

    • Becomes Grogar's 2nd in command and helps him succeed/fails at his side.
    • Befriends Grogar and he gives up on domination.
    • Betrays Grogar and is reformed with Tirek and Chrysalis.
    • Betrays Grogar and becomes FiM's final villain.

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The poll says it all.

In your opinion, what will be Cozy Glow's endgame?

I personally like her truly manipulating Tirek and Chrysalis to betray Grogar and become the true villain. It doesn't makes a lot sense when I think too much about it, but I'd definitely be delighted if it happens.

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Grogar could give up, I would sort of like to see that happen though, I'd rather see Tirek and Chrysalis reformed sensibly. Other than that, I would like to see the 3 of them banished into the stars to come back at a later date.

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We know how it will all end based on the season premiere. The show is not one to keep secrets, and it foreshadows things very heavily. It's not a perfect show, but one of the things they do very well is make sure that the animation is tight. The animation often tells as important a story as the dialogue, and over all the animation has been consistent and not deceived us, while that can't be said for the dialogue.

All that said, the concerned looks on their faces reveals that they will not ultimately support Grogar. They'll all be reformed, because they all, in that instant (and in a few earlier in the episode) showed some good qualities. MLP is not in the business of character twists. We're meant to warm up to these villains on the coming season.

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I think that, from the synopsis of frenemies and from the premier, she will befriend chrysalis and tirek which will lead them to betray grogar eventually and turn good. Right now I believe she tries to befriend them so she could be "the empress of friendship" when they take over equestria but will truly understand friendship by the finale.


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