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Pony musical live is coming next year

Steve Piranha

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Well, not what I’ve expected, but guess they are finishing G4 with a live musical, like what they did with G3 and the tea party I think :mlp_icwudt:


doubt I’m gonna buy a ticket for it. Then again, it could be one last ride :adorkable:. On the other hand, people might forgive an over 6 foot motherfucker going alone to watch the pony movie in theaters, but this :huh:..... it can cause eyebrows at best :mlp_yeehaa:

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3 hours ago, FirePuppy said:

Wish I could buy a ticket, but its way too far away from where I live. Maybe I'll see it on YouTube someday.

Oh yeah, that’s another issue, I’m not expecting to ever take place anywhere close by most of us. I’m certainly not going out of my way to see it, but I wouldn’t mind watching a recording of it

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Judging by the producer's other kid friendly work, I imagine it's not something I'd feel good about going to without a child in tow

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