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Season 9: The City of Tambelon


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Tambelon is Grogar's empire and this kingdom already aired in the G1 long ago Grogar,Bray and his army live in that kingdom.

Now talk about this city or kingdom in the MLP:FiM, This place is in the map of MLP:FiM universe but the story is not really complete about this kingdom but there is two map location about Tambelon because one map show Tambelon is in the west and one map again Tambelon is in the east. In the history maybe this kingdom or city already has destroyed or lost because Gusty and her team war against Grogar and his army until they beat Grogar but Gusty already know this will became a history so Gusty didn't has a choise so Gusty know this history about all monsters is a nightmare because can created other conflic so that is why Gusty did somethink to this city or kingdom.

So what do you think about this empire? so share comment and critique in down below.


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