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MLP FIM Presents: The Outsiders


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Hello everyone. Recently I've called Hasbro about a new project I've been working on for a while. And they liked what I had to offer. So I thought I'd share my materials with all of you. I hope you enjoy. 


"36 young heroes, many great equestrian figures, 4 stories, and a collision between Earth and Equestria. The Ronin of Darkness, The Agent of Light, The Trickster's Apprentice, and the Knight of the Stars. These 4 young souls are the keys to preventing ruin from their home. But they're not alone. Countless bonds will forge, gruesome battles will rise, and an army of spirits await. But what futures lie in store for these 4 souls and their comrades? Only one way to find out in MLP FIM's The Outsiders."


Sorry if the introduction's iffy, best I could do here. But I hope you like the premise. I'll get a few things out of the way before I wrap up here. 

This story will be a live action/animated hybrid. Kind of like how G1 used the thought of humans interacting with some of the original characters. 

I've recently been playing Persona, so a few elements here will be similar to the series. Such as the spirits fighting alongside their summoner. A few other franchises I know used this element too. 

This story will serve as a what if series. Any questions or theories given in the past, I hope to try to answer them here. 

There will be 36 heroes, but not in one whole story. Like I mentioned, this will serve as an anthology as 4 stories will be presented. 

I can't give out every name of everyone just yet, because I have to find their preset paths first, but I can give out the names of each leading protagonist and a brief glimpse into their lives. 


Alexander Clark- In "The Ronin of Darkness" arc, he's an aspiring writer trying to find out who he really is. After the "presumed" death of the Williams Siblings, Which he called them his closest family, he vows to find their killer and avenge them. He and 8 other people are taken under Luna and the Nightmare Knights' tutelage, and are taught to master the ways of the dark. And thus spawns one of Earth's newest anonymous organizations. "The New Nightmare Knights." 


Stacy Xavier- In "The Agent of Light" arc, a young student pursues a degree in medicine, she plans to lead a successful life for herself. But in a moment of a misunderstanding, she now takes up her own mantle and becomes one of Celestia's Agents of Light. 


Jonathan Holt- In "The Trickster's Apprentice" arc, He plans to become one of the best drummers the entertainment industry's ever seen. And he's overall a young guy with a carefree spirit within. But when he soon becomes an outcast to those around him, Discord takes Jon under his wing, and trains him to fight for his own free will. 


Ansley Clark- In "The Knight of the Stars" arc, she's the sister of Alex and an aspiring freelance photographer. After Alex runs away, she vows to bring him home. But she's not alone. With Starswirl and her comrades with her, she won't rest until the ones she loves are kept safe at all costs. 


And there you go. Sorry if the writing on here's weird. That should do it for now. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions in particular, let me know. I'd love to hear from you. 

But I hope this project becomes a reality in the future. But in the meantime, I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. Thank you. 

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Anyway, now that I finally managed to send a long awaited reply, I believe an update is long overdue. The main cast for The Ronin of Darkness arc has been decided. I'll give a quick lowdown on some of Alex's companions on his journey to find out who he is. And I'm starting with the first 7 in this story. Everyone else will be coming soon. 


Princess Luna- Famed princess of the night's splendors, patroller of the collective unconscious, founder of the Nightmare Knights and mentor as well as friend to Alex. After seeing the Chaos Casino make its way into the human world, she reunites with the other knights and decides to investigate. But surprisingly their forms don't change in Alex's world. After freeing Alex and 2 other young souls from the darkness within, she takes them under her wing and recruits them for the Nightmare Knights. 


She's an experienced swordswoman as well. Despite her fencing classes just starting, she managed to get the hang of everything real fast. She lets nowhere near her, except her closest friends. She's also an experienced gamer too. Even though Equestria's tech isn't that great, she managed to hone down those skills pretty well. And yes, she loves a good hoof massage. She entrusts that into Alex. 


Brian Fox- One of Boise State's popular quarterbacks. But he's currently taking a break and trying to catch up with those he missed while working with them. He's got a girlfriend as well. His weapon of choice is a bow and a variety of trick arrows. While working with the team, he managed to incorporate those skills he learned into his archery skills. He's one of 9 people to awaken to his inner self and face his inner demons. He's very compassionate for his friends and considered one of the strongest members of the team despite his injuries. 

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Whitney Auburn- Girlfriend of Brian Fox and potential doctor in training. Like Brian, she's been friends with Alex for years. She may seem caring and kind in the real world, but don't let her complexion fool you. Once she's out there fighting like her life depends on it, all hell breaks loose. Her weapon of choice is a scythe. During her time as a medical student, she's experienced countless life and death situations on her patients. And no, she did not kill them, many patients she knows almost lost their lives due to some conditions. So she wouldn't rest until a cure was found. However, the same can't be said of her enemies. She practically almost has The Grim Reaper's skills honed down when fighting. Needless to say, she's a monster on the battlefield. Like Brian and Alex, she also awakened to her inner self and took control of her life. But when she's not painting her enemies red, she works harder than other doctors, hangs out with her longtime friends, and tries to lead a normal life for herself. 

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