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Hey, everypony~


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A friend showed me the series several years ago in high school. I fell in love with the wholesomeness and characters right away. Been a true fan since 2013.

Hey, everyone! My name is Luna. I bet you can guess where I got my name. :)

I've been a fan of MLP:FiM since 2013 and have loved its wholesomeness, characters, animation, and everything else. Especially the wild and fun community it has brought to the world. I want to be a part of it, so here I am!

I'm a writer, musician, and photographer eager to get involved in the community. And even though the show is over, the community certainly isn't, and that's exciting to me.

I'll see y'all out there!

- Luna Rose~

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Hi @LunaRose94 and welcome to this friendly forum! Cool that you decided to join even after the show has ended! :Rara:


Are you looking forward to the new show Pony Life?
I am a music composer myself. Hopefully I get to hear some of your music in the future! :o

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