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Who's Running Dreamland?


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So Twilight has taken Celestia's job pretty much of running Equestria and her School for Gifted Unicorns - but did Twilight take Luna's job too? It hasn't been implied, nor do I think is really the best thing for her, since Twilight is running pretty much everything else, she'd most likely be too tired to run dreamland - that's why Luna does it and not Tia. Spike pretty much taken Luna's position on the throne, but he doesn't have the magical capabilities to look after dreamland, so what's happening then?

Three things cross my mind:

1. Luna never gave up her dream position in the first place - it was never really a job, it was more of a hobby. She mighta not given that power to Twilight or anypony else for that matter cause she loves doing it so much.

2. Nopony runs dreamland anymore - mayhaps it was thought to be an invasion of pony's privacy so it caused some complaints to the citizens of Equestria, so Luna has decided to stop looking after dreamland entirely and just shut down the program.

3. Twilight is finding somepony else for that position! Mayhaps.... Luster Dawn? We don't necessarily know her purpose other than being Twilight's most gifted student, just like she was to Celestia. It could be that Luster is next in line for the throne right after Twilight, and that she's not immortal after all, or Luster is gonna be the new Princess of Dreams? I guess that would explain why Twilight sent Luster to the School of Friendship, so she'd be the best candidate for the job. She could work, but I dunno, her coat and mane are too bright of colors to have in a dream - Luna's dark colors were at least more relaxing to the eye.

So what do you think?

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I'm pretty sure going about dreamland is an ability unique to Luna so no one can take up the mantle for her., though I'm not sure if she could be active in dreamland or not during her banishment. I'd like to think she was, but the difficulty to reach out to so many individuals who may misinterpret or even forget their experience makes the effort to do so almost questionable, but it'd elevate her terror as Nightmare Moon.

I liked to imagine a futuristic scenario where she used this to pull some NSA stuff on the populous ^_^

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Honestly I hope Luna continues being Dream-guardian pretty much.
What else bothers me about her retiring is that apparently she has to give up raising the moon and being dream-guardian(both of which were essentially her freaking destiny according to her cutie mark) even though she didn't get to enjoy that destiny for much long since her return(like.. I think since a few years at most?). 
If she had to stop being dream-guardian and ultimately no consequences happen, it would make her job as patrolling dreams ultimately pointless in the end.(I know she helped others like the CMC in their dreams, but I mean like apparently Equestria would ultimately manage in the end without Luna's dreamwalking. It felt like her job as that is ultimately meaningless in the end due to that). It just felt like there should be a whole lot of issues from Luna retiring but the writers just ultimately brushed them aside..

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6 hours ago, FlareGun45 said:

but did Twilight take Luna's job too?

6 months later..... What????

I didn't think about this at all. No one is taking care of the dreams anymore. Twilight can't stay awake 24 hours without any sleep, that is impossible. And Spike doesn't have any experience with that. This is at least 50% of all ponies' lives we are talking about, and it wasn't addressed at all.


I am sure other creatures don't dream at all, like dragons and stuff? This is such a story plot hole, it makes me mad thinking about it!


Josh Harber, fix plz! :secret:

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I think Twilight is a combination and a balance between day and night. She will handle the two princesses' roles both. Not exactly like they did, but somehow she will. Maybe she can deal with the psyche in the waken world.

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1 minute ago, Rumpelstiltskin said:

I suppose that being an entity of chaos, Discord might decide to try his hand on it and rule over the Dreamlands ala Nyarlathotep in Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. 

Pretty sure he would end up messing up many dreams of ponies there due to his magic.
And with what he pulled, there's going to be major trust issues.  No way Luna would let him anywhere near those dreams.

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