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Hello lads!


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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony


How did you find MLP Forums?

Well, originally, I had already found this site quite a bit ago, I'm just now making an account since I have nothing better to do than draw art, write and read all day since quarantine.

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

Well, long story short, An old friend of mine got me watching the show. I was 12 when I saw for the first time season 1 and two, I wasn't an avid believer of thinking I would enjoy the show. But, low and behold I ended up getting absolutely hooked. And to be honest it's had an significant impact on my life at that age. Im pretty quite fortunate I watched it. It's going me through so many dark times in my life and just a little bit of the happiness of that show really pulled me through.

I wouldn't change it for the world.


Such a shame it's ended though. It feels like my childhood has been swept away in the wind.

So! On to the introduction!


How's it going mates! I live in the United Kingdom, Im completely British, accent and all! Although I have to filter what I say on here otherwise I'd be swearing on every letter, bit of a habit even when talking haha. Anyways! Currently Im an aspiring Concept Artist, most of my art is on Twitter, Artstation and Instagram, Im currently building my portfolio for University in September. Currently Im writing a piece of Fanfiction on Fimfiction.com to pass the time. I mostly just spend my time listening to music, drawing everyday, reading that sort of thing (I know, Im pretty boring, but definitely not after a pint!).

Im currently nearly hitting twenty years of age, Im trying my hardest to move out and get myself into the big bad world and make a name for myself, speaking of my name, the names Elliott Johnston, Im not really fond of my first name, usually people just call me Hichi. I absolutely love anime, a few I can list off of my head is Bleach, Fate, Black Lagoon, DBZ, Angel Beats, and a few thousand others.

It's really brilliant to meet you all!



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2 hours ago, Handsome Changeling said:

Always good to see more of us Brits on the forums! As a northern man I welcome you! I'd offer a pint or something but its kinda hard through a screen and all that :Thorax:

I'm from the northern parts too! Definitely go for a pint, either that or a good cup of coffee.


It's really nice to see all these replies, very heartwarming. I've also noticed a few errors within my post, but I was like half awake with it being nearly five in the morning. I definitely need that coffee >.>

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