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visual art Fursona Pictures :3


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I decided to make a page where I compile all my fursona pics. I will start off with my newest fursona. She is a domestic kitty named Alex. (Warning: These may be borderline slightly suggestive)

This first one took me a little while due to the clothing a little. She is in one of her favourite pencil skirts and midriff tops. (if you look closely, she has a pentagram on her top)


Art: Me, Base: Lockworkorange (Da/Fa)

In this one, she is in one of her favourite open top pentagram swimsuits:


Art: Me, Base: CozyCatStudio (Da/Fa)

This one, she is in one of her favourite Pentagram harnesses.


Art: Me, Base: Teranen (Da/Fa)

And this one, she is cosplaying as Celeste from Huniepop.


Art: Me, Original pic: Huniepot, Hair,head, tail: Teranen (Da/Fa)


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Another picture (still slightly suggestive). Another one of her favourite cosplays of Celeste from Huniepop.


Art: Me, Original picture: Huniepot, Head, tail, hair: Teranen (Da/FA)


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