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Happy Heart

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My Favourite Mane 6 Pony

How did you find MLP Forums?

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

I initially became a fan because I was wondering why so many adults were enthralled by what at first like a baby's show... Now I understand.

Hello. My name is Happy Heart. You may have heard of me and my story from a certain place... (A page on Facebook.) When I first came to Equestria, I wished to become known for my generally friendly nature and my heart of gold. But now I have come to this community to further my efforts to become known to all. And the trouble is...I have absolutely no idea what to do in this community! I'm definitely new to this...! But I hope I can come to know everypony here and live up to what I've learned about friendship to all who knows my name. I would gladly receive any help I can, and I hope I can fully participate in any activity this community has to offer. Thank you very much.

(When typing in parentheses, I am speaking out of character. Forgive me for going all RP right off the bat.)

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Hello, hello and welcome to the herd! :balloon: :mlp_yeehaa:

There are many things to do, discussing MLP, posting your creative works or taking a look at others' or just simply chilling out beyond Equestria:darling:

I hope you'll have a good time here! :yay: 


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Thank you all thus far. It's amazing how in a matter of from dusk til dawn, I am already accepted as a part of this place! I hope you will come to know me and my family real soon. (Users on Facebook I interact with who may also have accounts here. Anyway, thanks again!)

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Welcome! You have joined one of the friendliest places in earth!

People here are very nice indeed, it makes you feel like part of a family. :pinkie:

Anyway, hope your stay is a good one. :yay:

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