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my introduction ! ^__^


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hi !! : ) i was a fan of mlp when i was little and over quarantine i got into it again, and i can't stop watching it and all my dreams revolve around it , it's such an awesome show and i'm losing a lot of friends and going through a lot of stuff right now and it's so comforting to watch a show where ponies get to learn about the magic of friendship and they're all so kind to eachother and i can relate to a lot of them, especially fluttershy, being super timid and anxious around lots of people but finding peace with animals and loving nature ! ^__^

my name's frog , i love to draw , read horror comic books (junji ito!!) , listen to music, especially alternative music, along with the fashion and i like to debate others about politics and other things ! i also love anime, future diary is my all time favorite , but bojack horseman is probably my favorite tv show of all time : )

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