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planning The Testing Room


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So, I've had an idea for an RP.


My first one was based on an experiment, and it died.


My second one had no players, and it was based on an experiment.


And now, this is my third one, based on an experiment. Hopefully it won't die.


So here's the deal; six, and only six, people (notice how I said people, not ponies) volunteer for an advertised test that apparently has a 10k award. But however, little do they know their lives are at stake.


Note: There WILL be killed off characters. However, feel free to join in as a staff memeber. Also, I am allowed to control a character to get the RP moving faster.




-No Mary Sue characters,


-No killing other characters unless I say so.


-Please try to include proper grammar in posts. Nothing very strict, as long as we can understand it, it's okay.


-No taking control of any character I play.


Another note: This is still planning, once I see several people want to confirm, I'll start searching.

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