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Another CMC Feud post.


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Okay so I'm making another post about this Crusader feud that will be appearing in the fanfic I'm working on. So, I actualy need some help. See as I've stated before the reason I had Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo fight was because Scootaloo didn't show up to a get together planned by Sweetie Belle instead to hang with her cousin, and Sweetie Belle thought something bad had happened to her. But then people told me that this kind of reason didn't make sense because of how I wanted things to play out. So please can anyone give me another better reason for Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to have a falling out?

There are some certain things I want for it.

The fight cannot be Cutie Mark Problem related, (It takes place during Season 7 in between Secrets, and Pies, and Uncommon Bond)

The reason has to make sense for a multi episode arc. The fight last from Original Episodes titled Feud, The Day Will Come When You Won't Be, Stress, Say Yes, What We Become, Apple Bloom, and Surf and/or Turf

It has to cause Apple Bloom stress, and the need to see a therapist, as well as causing her panic attacks.

So those are all the things I'd want this fight to cause, but what would be a fight that would cause that?

And if you can't think of any then I'm sticking with my original plan.

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