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movies/tv Wednesday (2022)

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14 hours ago, Emerald Heart said:

Apparently Wednesday was supposed to end up with one of the love interests but the actress (Jenna Ortega) said no.

Jenna and Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair) have an ongoing joke that Wednesday and Enid are gay for each other.

Jenna was asked who she thought the stalker was and she said "I don't know. Maybe it's Enid because she's so in love with Wednesday."

To quote Emma: "And they were roommates."



14 hours ago, Princess Silky said:

Hahaha “and they were roommates.” ^_^


If you look at it from our perspective, Wednesday and Enid are Octavia and DJ Pon-3. :lookup:

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Uncle fester and pugsly where badly written though... But thing and the big guy was spot on. The mom and dad were good too although i recall the father was good at fencing... In this version it was not.... Forgot their names....

The ending was.... Quick? Oh well at least theres season 2.

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  • 7 months later...

I love this show so far and am excited for Season 2.

Also love the Addams Family movies from the 90s and grew up watching the original cartoon ^_^


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