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general questions "New Posts" on the sidebar is not consistently up to date, "New Posts" and "Recently Posted In" redundancy?

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Not of any particularly urgent importance, but these are a few things I have noticed.

1. The "New Posts" sidebar does not always display the most recently made posts. As of the time the screenshot above was taken, the latest post was made in a General Discussion thread "What was the last food you ate?", but the "New Posts' sidebar shows that the latest post was made an RP thread "IC: The Frozen North (1x1 with Blitz Room)". I am not sure if it is coincidence for the time at which I took the screenshot, but I am wondering if "New Posts" excludes Beyond Equestria posts?

2. Would "New Posts" and "Recently Posted In" sidebars be redundant features? What is displayed in both sidebars would be largely the same; differences will arise in the "New Posts" sidebar if multiple newest posts were made in the same threads. Also, "Recently Posted In" seems to properly show up to date information on what thread was most recently active, unlike "New Posts".

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I took a look and;

1) [New Posts] widget covers less areas than [Recently Posted In] widget. For example, the former doesn't cover General Discussion Forum, whereas the latter does and there are more such differences. Whether it was set that way on purpose, I don't know, but given current configuration these work as expected.

2) Now that is a valid point, but there are minor differences between these two as you've mentioned. One shows only recently active topics by their titles, while the other focuses on showing pieces of posts themselves and I guess that's why admins decided to have these two, since there's plenty of space on sidebar of the homepage anyway.


Since that's not a technical issue to fix, I'll change the topic tag to General Questions. :lookup:

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