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Dayum. It's still up?


That game was jam back during my early fandom days. Book myself three day weekends and just game. 

Then I got a full time job. :pip-err:

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On 2023-08-19 at 9:26 PM, Rikifive said:

Man, kinda nostalgic when I think about it. I played it back in the open beta.. or alpha release-- or whatever it was called. The servers were opened for a limited time and I played 'till they closed them.

I was spending most of the time in Sugarcube Corner -- or rather, Sugarcane Corner, if I remember correctly (copyright evasion increased to 100).

2016-08-01 05-09-54-5016.png
Party at Sugarcane Corner not long before the LoE servers were closed - Year 2016
I'm the violet~pink pony with yellow mane on the table, left to Pinkie Pie.

I recall, that the actual gameplay (notably combat) was rather bad - insanely poorly balanced, and bugged, which was disappointing. This is why most of players were just RPing mainly around Ponyville and SCC in particular - basically Pony Town (that I have never played yet) but in 3D.

The maps though, were gorgeous. Exploring Equestria was definitely the best part of the game. Kinda a shame all the streets were empty and it all looked like ghost places, some NPC's walking around would make a big difference.

I'm curious - it's been yeeeeeears now, what has changed? :P 

Guards would approach you and wave.

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