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Welcome.  I'd like to preface this by saying, this is based on both Friendship is Magic and Sonic, and even has light references to franchises outside of those two.  Both FiM and Sonic play equally crucial roles in the plot, but because of the way the story unfolds, it was difficult determining the best place to put it.  So I had to make a sort of judgment call.  Hopefully it's in the right place.  We're experimenting a bit here.  Feel free to comment if you have feedback or any questions about something in the story.  New episodes will be posted in this topic.  Otherwise, enjoy the show.


Anyway, this is Sonic Equestria.  Some of you might be familiar with this, and some might not be so familiar, or might not even realize that I once worked on a fanfic that WASN'T SatAM-related, let alone a CROSSOVER between Sonic and My Little Pony.  Well, that's what this is.  People that have read my previous Fics probably have some vague ideas of what they're in for, and those that haven't, well hopefully this becomes a fun piece of entertainment for you for awhile.  This is by no means an attempt to make a canonical Season 4 of Sonic X or to wipe Season 9 of FiM from canon.  It's just something I decided to do for the sake of amusement.


It must be said again.  This IS a crossover, though it takes about 13 episodes for the ponies to show up.  I wanted to make that point clear so there isn't any confusion as to why we aren't seeing Equestria or the ponies right away.  This takes place roughly between seasons 8 and 9 of FiM in a universe that is mostly in line with the progression of the show, but at the same time this also serves as a sequel to Equestrian Legacy.  So when we get to Equestria, there will be things from Starlance, and there will be tech that you might not be used to seeing in MLP FiM.  Just a heads up on that.  It's honestly not as radical of a change as I'm making it sound (there's exactly one villain from Equestrian Legacy, but she gets explained in the context of the story).  Just note that while the overall events are mostly the same, there might be a few things that didn't happen in the exact same manner they did in the show (for example, while the episode featuring the 'Flawless' song did still happen, it had a different resolution and a better moral than the original version did).  The point is, if something feels slightly different when we get to Equestria, that's why.  It probably won't feel too different though.


I also decided to do more with Sonic's world, because outside of a few locations and part of one city, we don't really see much of it in Sonic X.  As a result, I had to guess on alot of things.  So this kind of 'became' my version of Sonic's world.  This was necessary because the first 12 episodes take place there.  Incidentally, his world is apparently also called Earth (though not directly in the series) and it was spliced out of another universe some time ago.  This is literally the explanation we got in X.  Techno-babble really can do anything.  There are a couple instances where it's referred to as Earth, or Sonic's Earth.  But most of the time, I just call it Sonic's world to avoid confusion.  The other reason I chose to do this now is because lately, Sonic X has been getting more attention.  So I wanted to do something with this setting.  Also I have absolutely no idea how long this is going to be.  It could very well end up with more 'episodes' than Sonic X itself had, especially given how long it takes to get to the ponies.


Anyway for those of you that have never seen Sonic X, let me go over it briefly for context.  Sonic X was an anime series that was made in the early 2000s to serve as a loose adaptation of several Sonic games.  The premise is that Sonic and his friends (and enemies) end up on Earth (the aforementioned Earth that his world was spliced from) due to some plot contrivances, and eventually befriend a group of humans (basically, like the movies, but anime).  The first 52 episodes had the characters involved in storylines that loosely adapted the plots of Adventure 1 and 2, as well as Sonic Battle, while throwing in Robots of the Week between arcs.  At the end of that 52-episode segment, everyone had to return to Sonic's world in order to avoid a Time Freeze/Heat Death situation that gets accelerated when people and places from two universes are in the same place, or more specifically when they're in the same place due to using Chaos Control.  The reason I felt the need to mention the splicing for the purposes of this fic is because a good portion of the story centers around that concept.


Here's where it gets interesting though.  In the last Season of Sonic X, the show did something unique and incorporated an original story with a significant tonal shift.  This storyline sent Sonic and the team out into space to wage a war against a new enemy that threatened to destroy the entire universe (and possibly the multiverse if it had been left to its own devices, but we'll get to that).  Eventually the bad guys were defeated, but with a heavy price being paid.  People they had met on their journey died at the hands of the new enemy, with one famous character in particular sacrificing herself at the end to save the universe, apparently losing her life in the process.  For the purposes of this series, these events would go on to have long-term consequences.  So if there are moments where characters don't act like you might be used to seeing them act, this is likely why.  Sonic and everyone returned to their home world after their bittersweet victory, and Eggman went back to being Eggman (or so he claims), which takes us into this story.


Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and all of the rest of the cast are back on their world after their campaign in space.  They've enjoyed about a half-year of relative peace, aside from Eggman occasionally pestering them.  Shadow is still missing and the world seemingly remains mostly the same as it was before they even went out to space.  Things are pretty quiet until a new evil from the far reaches of the universe threatens to tear everything apart.  Their only hope lies in a complete stranger, who finds himself in a very unfamiliar world, and holds an earth-shattering secret.  It will take everything the heroes have, including some new powers and a few other surprises, to stop this threat.  Things are about to change in ways none of them could have possibly imagined. 


Welcome everyone, to the SUN Arc.


That's the synopsis in a nutshell.  So let's get down to business.  This will be in transcript format, since it's intended to be a fake TV series.  Also because of what I just noted, expect the episodes to average 16 to 20 pages, depending on certain things like descriptions and 'stock footage' sequences (some might get as high as 25 pages because of this and also because of 'something else').  That said, here's a key for anyone that hasn't read one of my fics before.


Name: = Speaker Name

{} = Inner Monologue

<> = Scene/Description


A note on 'Stock Footage Sequences':  Due to this series routinely featuring numerous transformation sequences as well as there being a substantial amount of lore and dialogue, the episodes will often shorten certain stock sequences, or even sometimes omit them in place of a flash or an explosion if they've been portrayed already.  This is mainly to reduce redundancy in the text for the benefit of the reader, who might not want to read the same two to three paragraphs multiple times when it's just describing something that's already been described.  It's simply a Quality of Life decision for the reader.  Once you get to episode 15, you'll probably understand why I feel this is justified.



The following fanfic is rated PG-13 for violence and language.  It also features content, subject matter and discussions that may be considered disturbing or upsetting to some audiences.  Reader discretion is advised.




<The episode begins somewhere in the far reaches of space, on the surface of what appears to be an asteroid.  This asteroid strangely enough, seems to have a breathable atmosphere, possibly artificial.  A strange tower-shaped fortress is seen set into a rocky outcropping.  Halfway up the tower is an open balcony surrounding a central pillar that connects the top and bottom.  A blue and violet creature with bat wings and small horns protruding out of his head is seen looking out into space, his red eyes widening.  He stands roughly six feet tall.  Images start appearing in the direction he faces, of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman, and other various people doing battle against countless foes.  Seven differently colored Emeralds figure prominently into these images.  A brief image of what looks like a massive cannon being fired at a tree is seen as the images conclude.>


????:  <a low, cold and menacing sounding voice> Tell me, Dark Void...  Is such potential destined to be...  squandered?


<A much shorter female emerges from behind, about 3 feet tall.  She has pale skin, is clad in black and violet armor and has long dark blue hair with violet roses on either side of the top of her head, as well as violet eyes.  In the center of her chest is a black stone shaped like an upside-down triangle.>


Dark Void:  <the female, in a cold and calculating, somewhat arrogant sounding voice> I have said many times before, potential like this should be yours, and yours alone.


????:  <a slight smile> Well said.  Then we should begin.


Dark Void:  Understood, Lord Asmodia.  I have taken the liberty of tracing the source of the Chaos energy to a planet in Sector 3234.  They should be there, along with the Master.


Asmodia:  Sector 3234...  The other side...  I wonder...  Will 'he' show up?


Dark Void:  Given what you've told me about him, it is a possibility.  Do you think he might attempt to bond any of them?


Asmodia:  Hmm...  Who knows?  <giving a smirk> But I DO think it would be more interesting if he DID try.


Dark Void:  If the prophecy of Starlance comes to pass, it might complicate matters...


<Asmodia's eyes narrow as he looks back out into space.>


Asmodia:  There is no need to believe in a fairy tale.  The three forces needed to fulfill the prophecy...  will never unite.


<A man in his thirties with black hair appears, clad in black and red armor.  He stands just under 6 feet tall, inches shorter than Asmodia.  His eyes are blue and a sword can be seen sheathed on his right side.>


????:  Lord Asmodia, the Purgatorium is ready to move out.


Asmodia:  Excellent, Commander Crusala.  In a couple weeks time, we should be in orbit around the target planet.  And then...  Everyone will finally reap what they sowed into existence.


<The asteroid starts moving through space.  As it flies off into the distance, a small silver spacecraft is seen with a black and red hedgehog piloting it.>


Hedgehog:  This could be a problem.  I need to get back and warn them.


<The small craft follows the asteroid.  At the same time, a strange white spacecraft is seen shooting past both Shadow's craft and the asteroid.  A female voice begins narrating.>


Long ago, the humans of Earth Prime migrated to a new solar system.  And they called it... Starlance.  This Great Immigration paved the way for countless advances in technology and untold possibilities.  Settling on the second Earth, humanity set out to explore and befriend all of the inhabitants of the new system.


However, the journey was not without its perils.  To combat the various evils that inhabited Starlance, a chosen few were gifted with the power of mysterious gems known as Nova Crystals.  Using these Crystals, they transformed into warriors of immense power.  One by one, the evil forces were driven away.


As peace was finally won, the Nova Warriors set out to explore the deepest reaches of space and form alliances with the inhabitants of the worlds they discovered.  This is one such story.


Countdown to Sonic Equestria

Episode 1:  Stranger From Starlance


<An open field at midday.  A strange white ship is seen on the ground.  By size, it seems to be large enough for a single pilot to have some legroom inside of it.  The front of the ship somewhat resembles a fighter jet, but the wings are curved in front and seem to have metallic feathers on their backside and the tail of the vehicle is shaped like a crescent moon, with the points extending behind the ship.  A symbol that appears to be the letters 'NW' with a ring around them, can be seen on the side of the ship.  Sounds of an engine sputtering can be heard, before at last the sound fades until the ship is silent.>


????:  Huh...  No problems with the landing this time.


????:  <a slightly British accent>  Well then, that was unexpected.


<The cockpit of the vehicle slides open, as a young man in his late teens is seen emerging.  He stands about 5 foot 10 inches and has short blue hair that is spiked on end, and green eyes.  He is wearing a uniform that is white with blue lines going down the seams.  Instead of pants, he is wearing shorts.  On his right shoulder is the same 'NW' symbol that was seen on the vehicle.  After he jumps down from the strange vehicle, a white crystal is seen floating next to him.  The crystal has a subtle glow to it and looks as if it could almost fit in the palm of one's hand.>


????:  <the crystal>  Well Chezni, this appears to be the planet in question.


Chezni:  The one with all those signatures, Eden?


Eden:  Yes, I detected at least five, all S-Class.  And they seem to be fairly close together.  In fact, three are quite close together.  And a fourth one is approaching the three at a rapid pace.  The fifth one is a little ways off, but still relatively close.


Chezni:  You don't think they've mastered Ki here, do you?


Eden:  It IS difficult to know, but I'm certain we'll find out if we head in the direction of the signatures.


Chezni:  Alright.


<Chezni reaches into the ship and pulls out a black cloth.  He unfolds it into a circular shape and places it on the ground.  He places his hands on it and they sink into it.>


Chezni:  I'm gonna get a map of the area going, so we don't get lost.


Eden:  That would be wise.


<Chezni pulls out a silver gauntlet with red trim and fixes it to his right arm.  It fastens itself, as if it was tailor made for him.  Next, he pulls out what appears to be a strange wristwatch.  He fastens it to his left wrist.  Immediately, it starts beeping.>


Chezni:  Alrighty.  We're good to go.  My Matrix is set and the radar is starting a map.


<Chezni folds the cloth and pockets it.  He then pushes a button on the strange gauntlet.  It causes the strange vessel to vanish in a bright light.>


Chezni:  That should avoid any suspicion.  Too bad it only works if the ship is undamaged.


Eden:  Which in your case is only about ten percent of the time.


Chezni:  Come on.  I'm getting better.


<Chezni and Eden start walking off into the distance.  Eventually they reach a picturesque town.  Trees can be seen dotting the area, and dirt roads as well as stone roads are seen going in various directions with houses occasionally able to be seen along the roads.  They approach the sign at the edge of the town and it reads 'Green Hill'.>


Chezni:  Green Hill Town...  <looking around> Hey, nice place.  ...  You're sure that three of the signatures are in this area?


Eden:  They are.  But the fourth one is approaching at a fast pace.  At the rate it's moving, it should be here in about 20 minutes.


Chezni:  Should we wait for the owner of that signature then?  It seems like it might be easier just asking them if they've learned Ki Mastery.


<Chezni wanders through the town, and down one of the main stone roads.  Eventually, he reaches a large circular road in the middle of the town.  A fountain can be seen in the center of the area with a sign that has the words, 'Cosmo Square' on it.> 


Chezni:  Cosmo Square...


<Chezni looks around and notices that there are several anthropomorphic animals standing about 3 feet tall on average.  They seem to be walking around casually.>


Chezni:  Hmm...  I wonder if all the natives are like this.


Eden:  It is a distinct possibility.


????:  <a somewhat deep male voice>  Hey!


<Chezni and Eden turn around to see a red echidna with violet eyes, wearing white gloves with spikes on the knuckles, as well as shoes that are red and yellow with green cuffs and bolted plates on the top of them.  The strange echidna stares at the two of them intently.>


Eden:  <whispering to Chezni> Chezni, he's one of the...


Chezni:  <whispering back> I know, Eden...


Echidna:  Did that crystal just talk?


Chezni:  Well...  Uh, doesn't everybody?


Echidna:  Actually yeah.  More or less. 


Chezni:  This might sound weird.  But does anybody here...  in this town...  study Ki?


Echidna:  Kee?  I can't say I've heard of anybody doing any research on that.  Then again, I'm not from this town.  I'm just here for a reunion.


Chezni:  A reunion?


Echidna:  Yeah, the six-month anniversary of the defeat of the Metarex.


Chezni:  Metarex?


Echidna:  You DO know what the Metarex were, right?


Chezni:  No...  I can't say I do.


Echidna:  You've... got to be kidding...  Everyone everywhere knows about the villains that almost wiped everything out.  We got extremely lucky and beat them.


Chezni:  We as in, you?


Echidna:  Yeah.  Well, my friends and I.  Although Sonic, Tails and Shadow dealt the finishing blow.


Chezni:  Huh...  Oh.  I'm sorry.  I never introduced myself.  I'm Chezni.  Chezni Vanguard.


Echidna:  You can call me Knuckles the Echidna. 


Eden:  I am the Nova Crystal, Eden.


Knuckles:  Well, now that introductions are out of the way, I can get right to the proverbial 'elephant in the room'. 


Chezni:  Ok?


Knuckles:  You are obviously a human.  How did you get to this world?


Chezni:  <a sigh> ...  Is it really that obvious?


Knuckles:  Yes.  Only a couple humans have ever been here, and one of them is a big round guy that always tries to cause problems.


Chezni:  Well...  It's not easy to explain...  But I don't mean any harm, if that's what you're concerned about.  In fact, I'm just looking for some individuals.


Knuckles:  Go on.


Chezni:  I don't know who they are, but they're giving off similar energy signatures to you.


Knuckles:  And what do you want ME to do about that?


Chezni:  I dunno.  I've never been here before.  All I know is you and two others in this town have the energy signatures I just mentioned.  And a fourth one is approaching the town very fast.  In fact, that fast one will probably be here in a few minutes.  I have something for all of you.


Knuckles:  Hmm...  {The last one he's talking about is obviously Sonic...  It couldn't be that the others are people I know?} 


<Knuckles leers at Chezni for a moment.  Chezni smiles nervously.>


Knuckles:  You are a strange individual.  I'll humor you until Sonic gets here.  But if you cause any problems, I'll be the first one to deal with you.


Chezni:  Ok, fair enough.


Knuckles:  Now what is it that you have for all of us?


Chezni:  It'll be easier to explain once I find all of the signatures.  Don't worry though.  <looking at the gauntlet he calls a Matrix>  This nifty baby here can zero in on any energy signatures and tell me what they are.  That's how I tracked them to this town.  Now all I need to do is follow the signals to their source.


Knuckles:  Did I mention I don't trust you?


Chezni:  No, but you implied it.  Don't worry though.  Everything will be explained.


<Suddenly a blue blur is seen moving very quickly right toward Chezni and Knuckles.  As it slows to a stop, details can be seen, revealing the aforementioned blur to be a blue hedgehog with green eyes.  Like Knuckles, he wears white gloves and red shoes, though his shoes are red and white instead of red and yellow, and they have white cuffs.>


Hedgehog:  Hey, Knuckles!  What's up?


Knuckles:  <looking at Chezni>  HE is what's up.


Hedgehog:  <coming to a realization> WHOA!  You're a human?!


Chezni:  That's right.  My name is Chezni Vanguard.  And you're one of the individuals I came to find.


Hedgehog:  My name's Sonic.  Sonic The Hedgehog!


Chezni:  Sonic, huh?  I guess that makes sense, given how fast you were moving.  You might be as fast as the Flash...


Sonic:  No idea who you're talking about.  But more importantly, what did you mean when you said you came to find me?


Knuckles:  Wait 'till you hear THIS...


Chezni:  Well, I'm tracking certain energy signatures.  Specifically, S-Class signatures.


Sonic:  I have...  no idea what you're talking about...


Knuckles:  You're not the only one...


Chezni:  Just out of curiosity.  What direction WERE you headed in?


<Sonic and Knuckles point to some houses in the distance, past the square.  A few trees dot the area as well.>


Eden:  Chezni, that's...


Chezni:  I know, Eden...  But it can't be a coincidence either...


Sonic:  Your crystal talks?


Chezni:  Yeah, but more importantly...  The ones we're looking for are in that direction too.


<Sonic and Knuckles both give raised eyebrows.>


Sonic & Knuckles:  <simultaneously>  Uh huh...


Chezni:  You don't understand.  This is great!  It means I can meet up with the others right away and explain everything!


Sonic:  Hoooooold your horses there, pal.  If you've got something to say to any of my friends, then you're gonna have to wait.  <coming to a realization>  Did I just say that?


Knuckles:  We're about to have a reunion to celebrate the six month anniversary of the end of one of the biggest crises the world has ever known.  You'll need to wait 'till tomorrow.


Chezni:  I see...  Well, I guess it can't be helped...


Eden:  Chezni, we have to do this as soon as...


Chezni:  It's FINE...  Besides, they say the best things come to those who wait.


Eden:  Sometimes I think you need your head examined...


Chezni:  Don't worry.  Besides, Sonic over there can introduce me to everyone later!


Sonic:  Wait, what?


Chezni:  Yeah.  That'll be perfect!


Sonic:  I don't know if...


Knuckles:  Not it.


Sonic:  ...  Ok, fine.  I'll do it.  But it HAS to be tomorrow.  Where should we meet?


Chezni:  Here would be fine.


Knuckles:  We might have to hold that thought.


<The two anthropomorphic friends look toward the sky.  A metallic object is seen in the distance heading their way.  Soon, several more are seen.  Chezni looks in the direction they're looking and sees them as well.>


Chezni:  What's up with those?


Sonic:  If I had to guess...


Knuckles:  You're about to encounter the big round human that I mentioned before.


Chezni:  You mean the one that causes problems for everyone here?


Sonic:  That's putting it lightly...


Chezni:  I see...


Eden:  We really need to find the other...


Chezni:  It's fine, Eden.  It just means I'll have to...  change my plans slightly.


<The trio continues to look in the direction of the metallic objects.>





<The objects come into view.  The object in the front is a round red metallic pod with what appear to be cannons mounted to either side of it.  The other objects seem to be shaped like wasps and each have what appear to be detachable stingers pointed down and slightly toward the front at an angle.  The wasp objects seem to number about twenty.  Chezni, Sonic and Knuckles head out of the square, toward the robotic creations.>


????:  <a loud and somewhat exaggerated voice erupts from a speaker>  Well isn't this convenient?!  I test fly my new Egg Bombers, and what do I find?! The Hedgehog AND the Echidna!


Sonic:  Whaddya want, Eggman?!


Eggman:  What do you THINK I want, Hedgehog?!


Sonic:  I dunno.  To apologize for all the trouble you've caused and just become friends with us all?


Chezni:  So that's...


Knuckles:  Dr. Eggman.  The self-proclaimed 'smartest human in the universe', and local pain in the neck.


Chezni:  So he's a bad guy?


Knuckles:  For the love of...  YES!


Chezni:  <a slight grin comes over his face>  Perfect...


Eggman:  And you, the human over there!


Chezni:  Uh...  <looking around> Me?!


Eggman:  Yes!  I don't know who you are or how you got here, but stay right there!  If you don't get in my way, then after I get rid of these two, I promise that I'll help you get back to your world!


Chezni:  Hmm...  Sorry!  I'm gonna have to give you a 'hell no' on that!


Eggman:  WHAT?!


Chezni:  Yeah see, I just decided that I like this world alot!  And when I like something, I help to protect it!


<Eggman looks at Chezni and just busts out laughing.>


Eggman:  YOU, protect THIS WORLD?!  Are you kidding?!  What can one human do to protect a world from this kind of artillery?!


<Eggman motions to one of the 'Egg Bombers'.  It fires its stinger past Chezni's head, missing him by a mere couple inches.  It lands and EXPLODES some distance away!  Chezni doesn't even flinch as his hair is blown by the gust that results!>


Eggman:  What gives?!  That should've frightened the fool away!


Sonic:  <looking at Chezni> Wow.  You're tougher than I thought.


Chezni:  Thanks.  I get that alot.


Eggman:  Anyway, that was just a warning shot!  The next one is gonna be aimed right between your eyes!


Sonic:  Ok, that's enough.


<In a flash, Sonic spin-dashes toward the nearest group of Egg Bombers.  He bounces off one of them and ricochets toward two more, hitting all three in the blink of an eye.  He then lands next to Chezni.>


Chezni:  Wow.  You really ARE fast!


Sonic:  Fastest thing alive!


Chezni:  {His speed's incredible...  I bet 'she' would get a kick out of racing him...}


<The trio comes to the realization that the Egg Bombers are unharmed.>


Sonic:  Wait.  What happened?!  They usually explode from that!


Knuckles:  Maybe you didn't hit them hard enough!


<Knuckles runs up to one of the Bombers and leaps at it, punching it.  The punch is so powerful that it drives the machine into the ground!  However, the machine just hovers back to its position.>


Eggman:  Oh, like my new toys?  They're made from a special reinforced alloy that I found in space during our little excursion!  They won't be as easy to take down as my other creations!


Chezni:  Taking a wild guess here, but this is not normal, is it?


Knuckles:  No, it isn't.


Chezni:  Thought so...


<Chezni reaches into his pocket and pulls out a blue crystal that looks to be about the same size as Eden.>


Eden:  Are you really sure we should do that?


Chezni:  We might as well.  We were going to do this anyway!


<Sonic and Knuckles both notice the Crystal.>


Sonic:  What's that?


Chezni:  It's a Nova Crystal. 


Knuckles:  Is that the thing you were going to give us?


Chezni:  That's right.  I have one for each of you, but there's no time to get the others out right now!  Sonic, catch!


<Chezni lightly tosses the crystal to Sonic, who catches it with ease.>


Sonic:  Ok, what does this do?


Chezni:  You'll see!  It'll knock your socks off!


Sonic:  What?  Well, will it help me stop those Egg Bombers?


Chezni:  Oh yeah!  It'll definitely stop them.  Hold the crystal and focus on it. 


Eggman:  Hey, Egg Bombers!  Start blasting them!


<The wasp-like robots prepare to fire their stingers at the group.  Sonic sees this and holds the crystal.>


Sonic:  Focus on the crystal...


<Suddenly, Sonic's eyes flash for a second, and he gives a smile.  He then holds his right arm out.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<A blue light envelopes his right arm, obscuring it.  In a flash, the light disappears and leaves a blue gauntlet on the arm, similar in design to Chezni's.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal suddenly flies toward the Matrix.  The top of the device opens above Sonic's hand, and the crystal enters the opening, which closes over it, completely hiding it.  Sonic then extends his right arm with the open palm of his hand pointing away from him.>




Leyline Access!!!


<A strange circular glyph appears and surrounds Sonic's open palm.  Suddenly, a glowing blue wolf comes out of the glyph.  After a second, it turns into a blue beam of energy and seems to enter some kind of strange round channel.  As it surges through the channel, it circles back to where Sonic is, and hits him, encasing his arms, legs and chest in the same blue light.  The light starts to take the shape of armor and with a sudden 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!', the armor is no longer energy, but now has a physical form!  It is blue, with the crystal from before set in the chest.  Sonic's quills now have a blue glow to them.  A blue and gold emblem is also now on Sonic's forehead as well.  In the middle of it is a decoration of a small howling wolf head.>




The Master of Speed and the Lord of Agility!  Nova Warrior Fenrir!!!


<Knuckles is standing there in disbelief as he sees Sonic's new form.  Chezni and Eden are also stunned into silence for a moment.  Finally...>


Chezni:  It really happened, Eden...


Eden:  He is one of the Nova Warriors!


Knuckles:  What are the Nova Warriors?


Chezni:  The name given to the heroes of Starlance...  The ones that drove off every villain from the solar system...


Eggman:  What're you waiting for?!  I said DESTROY THEM!!!


<The Egg Bombers finally launch their stinger missiles directly at Sonic!  Every one of them connects and EXPLODES on impact!  As the dust clears however, Sonic is shown to be completely unharmed.>


Eggman:  W...  What the...  He took the full force of twenty explosions and didn't even get a scratch?!


Sonic:  <looking at the armor he's now wearing, not even paying attention to the fact that Eggman just tried to blow him up> Whoa...  I transformed...




Sonic:  <looking up at Eggman> Gimme a break, here!  This is all new to me!


<The Egg Bombers start charging forward, as they reload their stingers for a second barrage.  They change the angle of attack, aiming them at Chezni and Knuckles.>


Chezni:  Oh...


Knuckles:  Uh oh...


Eden:  This might be a problem...


<Sonic goes into a spin dash.  This time, his whole body glows blue as he charges toward the Egg Bombers even faster than he did before!  He tears into the front group and immediately propels himself toward another group, ripping through them in less than a second!  The final group barely has time to start angling themselves to target Sonic as he rips them apart!  Sonic lands in front of Eggman's pod as MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS are seen behind him!  Eggman can be seen in full view inside the pod now, looking visibly worried.  Even his moustache is trembling as sweat can be seen on his face.>


Eggman:  Um...


Sonic:  I think this is the part where you make some sort of comment about this 'not being over' and then run away!


Eggman:  Yes.  What you said!


<Eggman takes the hint and flies away toward the direction he came from.>




<Sonic turns toward Knuckles and Chezni, and in a bright flash, returns to his normal form.>


Chezni:  Nova Warrior Fenrir... 


Eden:  Well done, Sonic.


Sonic:  It's hard to explain, but it's like I knew how to use this power once I focused on the crystal.


Chezni:  That's what's known as 'bonding'.  When someone chosen by a Nova Crystal is bonded to the crystal, all of the knowledge the guardian inside of it possesses starts to be relayed to the host.  In other words...


Sonic:  Fenrir's knowledge was being sent to me!


Chezni:  That's right.  And the more you use it, the more of that knowledge you'll get, and the stronger you'll become.


Sonic:  No way...


Chezni:  That's how it works.  You and that crystal are now allies for keeps.


Knuckles:  Wait.  You're telling me that you have one of those for me and three others here?


Chezni:  I have several of these, but yes.  The four I mentioned are meant for you and three others.  Two of them are right in this town.  But we'll get to that later.  First, you have that reunion to get to.


Sonic:  That's right!  If we don't hurry, we're gonna be late!


Knuckles:  What'll you do, Chezni?


Chezni:  Me?


Knuckles:  Yeah, I mean, you don't have a place to stay, do you?


Chezni:  Now that you mention it...  Is there an Inn somewhere that I can crash at?


Sonic:  There is.  It's at the edge of Central City, about half a mile from Green Hill.


Knuckles:  Big the Cat works there.  Just tell him Sonic and Knuckles sent you, and you'll probably get a good deal.


Chezni:  Right.  Well, you two should hurry to the reunion.  I'll go to the Inn and crash there until tomorrow.


<Chezni runs in the direction Sonic and Knuckles pointed.>


Knuckles:  He's definitely a weird one...


Sonic:  But you know what?  He's pretty cool.


Knuckles:  <giving a slight smile> I think I agree with you there.


<The scene shifts to the interior of a quaint Inn.  Chezni enters through a set of double doors into a lobby.  Off to the side, a restaurant bar can be seen, where several anthropomorphic animals are sitting at tables and the bar itself.  Soon, Chezni is greeted by a large purple and white cat, that actually stands taller than even Chezni.>


Purple Cat:  <in a large voice, somewhat reminiscent of Andre the Giant> Welcome to the Rainbow Unicorn.


Chezni:  You wouldn't happen to be Big the Cat, would you?


Big the Cat:  That would be me.


Chezni:  Perfect!  Sonic and Knuckles recommended that I stay here for the night.


Big the Cat:  You are a friend of Sonic and Knuckles?


Chezni:  Yeah.  They helped me get out of a tight spot earlier.


Big the Cat:  If you're a friend of theirs, we can put it on a tab and have you pay later.


Chezni:  Would that be ok though?  I mean, you won't get in trouble, will you?


Big the Cat:  No.  Sonic and Knuckles saved this world.  We need to treat their friends well.


Chezni:  Ok.  In that case, I'll take you up on that offer.


<Big immediately goes behind a desk and grabs a set of keys.>


Big the Cat:  All our suites are taken, but you can use this room.


<Big gives Chezni a set of two keys marked 'room 214'.>


Chezni:  I really appreciate it.


Big the Cat:  Don't worry.  Like I said, you pay later.  Anyway, I have to go to the reunion.  So I'll be leaving early.


Chezni:  You too, huh?  Well, I'll be going upstairs then.  Oh...  My name's Chezni Vanguard.


Big the Cat:  Chezni Vanguard.  Ok.  See you tomorrow.


<Chezni runs upstairs to the room and enters it.  It looks like a standard hotel room.  Two beds are along one wall, with a TV and table on the other side of the room.>


Chezni:  This world is almost like Earth...  It seems the only difference is that animals evolved to be more human-like.


Eden:  Yes, I was wondering about that as well...  This world is almost too much like Earth.


Chezni:  Sonic was one S-Class signature, and Knuckles was another...


Eden:  Two of the other three were in the general direction those two were headed...


Chezni:  The other thing that bugs me is this 'reunion' business.


Eden:  Well, Knuckles said he hadn't seen them in awhile.


Chezni:  That's not what bugs me...  It's a reunion to commemorate the end of a major crisis that apparently almost destroyed the whole world...  Why only them then, and not others from this world?  It seems like it would be a major holiday...


Eden:  This is just conjecture, but perhaps something happened out there...  something they keep to themselves...


Chezni:  Yeah, but it wasn't anything that multiple S-Class signatures couldn't handle.


Eden:  Still, I think for now, when we talk to them, we should avoid asking any direct questions about the Metarex...


Chezni:  You too, huh?  Yeah...  I'm getting one of those hunches...


Eden:  We only have four more crystals to bond...


Chezni:  And once that happens...  Then maybe this world will have a fighting chance...


Eden:  I suspect our 'friend' will arrive in a couple weeks...


Chezni:  They just went through a crisis that nearly wiped them out...  I only hope this one isn't the one that does them in...


<On that note, the scene fades and the episode ends.>

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Alrighty.  I'm probably going to update this roughly once a week until I get caught up to where I am with writing this.  It'll probably happen sometime between Saturday and Sunday.  So those would be the days to check for updates.  Not much more to say here, so let's just get right into Episode 2.



<The midday sunlight is seen shining on a few trees in Green Hill.  Some houses can be seen in the distance.  Chezni is seen leaning against the trunk of one of the trees, seemingly waiting.>


Eden:  I don't mean to be negative, but it seems as if we've been waiting a long time.


Chezni:  He'll be here.


Eden:  Are you certain he didn't just 'say all of that'?


Chezni:  If you're so worried, then why don't you just use your Libra powers to scan for Fenrir's signature?  ...  <raising an eyebrow> You...  didn't forget that you could do that, did you?


Eden:  Well, uh...


<Eden gives off a brief subtle glow.>


Eden:  Ok.  Apparently, he is on his way.  He should be here...


<Suddenly Sonic appears in a flash, with the blue Nova Matrix still attached to his right arm.>


Eden:  Right now.


Chezni:  Sonic!  You made it!


Sonic:  Yeah...  By the way, I have a small question.  Nothing major.  Just a little thing I was wondering.


Chezni:  Sure, what is it?




<The scene is now shown from a different angle, and Chezni's right arm is indeed free of his Matrix.>


Chezni:  Oh...  Yeah...  Sorry...  I kinda forgot about that.


Eden:  And you talk about ME forgetting things...


<Chezni presses a button on Sonic's Matrix and it seemingly disappears.>


Sonic:  Thank you!  I can't BEGIN to tell you how hard it is to run with this thing on!  I can't even hit 700!


Chezni:  Yeah...  I...  can see why that would be a problem.  By the way, you know you're faster while transformed, right?


Sonic:  Yeah, but I can't feel the wind on me when I'm wearing that suit.  Half the fun of running is feeling the wind hit you.  That's how you know you're free.


Chezni:  Freedom, huh?  Yeah, I can see that...


Eden:  By the way Sonic, did you know you're immortal now?


Sonic:  Wait, WHAT?!


Chezni:  EDEN!!!


<Chezni puts his hands over Eden, as if trying to muffle what he says.  As one would imagine, this has little effect on a talking crystal.  Sonic continues to look utterly stunned as the scene fades out.>



Episode 2:  The Workshop


<Sonic stares at Chezni and Eden for a moment, and then laughs.>


Sonic:  Ok, you had me going there for a second.  Me, becoming immortal?  That's a good one.


<Chezni just stares back and gives a half smile and a shrug.>


Sonic:  <his expression changes> You're not kidding, are you?


Chezni:  <still with the same half smile> No, he isn't...  I've been alive for over 170 years.


<Sonic just looks completely stunned at this revelation.>


Eden:  We believe it to be a side effect of bonding with a Nova Crystal.


Chezni:  This is why we wanted to get with everyone all at once, so we could explain this all.  But then that Eggman guy came after us with those weird robots, and I had to do the only thing I could think of.


Sonic:  Running free forever...  Guess there's worse things in the world than this...


Chezni:  I am so sorry for not telling you sooner... 


Sonic:  It's cool.  Do we like, get really old and just keep getting old or something?


Chezni:  No, it's more like you just...  stop aging.  It'll affect people around you too.  They won't become totally immortal, but they'll live longer than normal.  We haven't calculated it exactly, but it seems to be roughly one extra year per day you're within a certain distance of them.


Sonic:  Huh...  Well it doesn't seem like there are any downsides, so...


Chezni:  Sorry to bring this up after telling you all that, but...  You wouldn't still be willing to introduce us to everyone, would you?  We already met Knuckles and Big the Cat.


Sonic:  Well, right now I could introduce you to Tails and the Chaotix Detective Agency...  Well the Agency's actually on a case, so we'd have to wait.  And I HATE waiting...  So in the meantime, how about we start with my buddy Tails?


Chezni:  Ok, where do we go?


Sonic:  It's not far from here.  We're lookin' for a large steel building with round windows.  It's directly north of Central City.


Chezni:  Is that the town that was by the Inn?


Sonic:  That's the one.  And I see you've already got it memorized.  So hang onto me, because I feel like running today, and humans can't keep up with me.


Chezni:  O...  k...


<Chezni complies and grabs onto Sonic's arm.  The two suddenly start moving very fast toward the city.  Large buildings whiz by too quickly to see what they are, and in a matter of minutes, the two arrive at the aforementioned steel building.>


Sonic:  And here we are.


<Chezni is still gripping Sonic's arm.>


Sonic:  You can let go now.  Here.  Let me help you...


<Sonic grabs Chezni's hand and pulls it off his arm, making the kind of sound you'd hear when removing a suction cup from a window.>


Sonic:  Theeeere we go...


<Chezni slowly regains his balance and composure after the sudden relocation, and finally notices the building.  It is actually quite massive, larger than a military hangar.>


Chezni:  So this is where Tails lives?


Sonic:  That's right.  Of course, he's remodeled it over time.  It didn't look like this before.


Chezni:  This looks more like a workshop than a house.


Sonic:  That's because it is.


Chezni:  I see...  Wait...  Does that mean Tails is some sort of mechanic?


Sonic:  Why don't you see for yourself?


<Sonic knocks on the metal door.  After a moment, the door opens to reveal a yellow two-tailed fox with blue eyes, who also wears white gloves and has similar shoes to Sonic, except the fronts of them are white instead of red.  His muzzle, chest and tail tips are white.  He stands several inches shorter than Sonic.>


????:  <a somewhat high pitched kid's voice>  Sonic!  What's up?


Sonic:  Not much, Tails.  Just showing my new friend here around town.


Eden:  And by 'showing us around town', he means running past the different buildings in the city so quickly that they all looked like blurs to us and we couldn't see anything.


<The fox is now completely locked on to Eden.>


Tails:  That...  crystal just talked! 


Chezni:  Yeah, that's about the standard response.


Tails:  This is amazing!  I HAVE to run some tests on you!  Just wait a sec!


<Tails runs back into his workshop and a bunch of loud 'bang' and 'clang' noises can be heard.>


Chezni:  Um...  Is he gonna be ok?


Sonic:  Yeah.  He gets like this sometimes.


<Tails comes back outside, carrying a bunch of different tools and devices.  He places them on the ground, and picks up one that looks almost like a PKE Scanner from Ghostbusters, except it's yellow.  He points it directly at Eden.>


Tails:  Ok... Let's see here...  Composition, 99 percent crystal, one percent unknown matter...  Alright... 


Chezni:  Really, there's a simple...


Tails:  Don't worry!  I'm almost done.  I just have to take this scalpel and dissect the crystal and...


Chezni:  NO!!!


<Tails stops in his tracks.>


Chezni:  Sorry, it's just that...  He's my friend and he's been with me for a long time.  I can't have someone cutting him apart.


Eden:  Oh, thank goodness...


Tails:  Oh...  Sorry about that...  I get a little carried away when it comes to new technology.


Chezni:  Yeah, I can explain.  Eden's not really 'technology' in the traditional sense.  He's actually known as a Nova Crystal.


Tails:  So the crystal is called Eden?


Chezni:  Yes.  Oh, I should introduce myself too.  My name's Chezni Vanguard.


Tails:  My full name is Miles Prower.  But you can call me...


Chezni:  Tails, right?  Yeah, Sonic told me.  <noticing Tails' two tails> And I can see why Tails would be your nickname.


Tails:  Yeah, it's kind of obvious.


Eden:  By the way, Chezni.  He's...


Chezni:  Let me guess, S-Class?


Eden:  That is correct.


Chezni:  Alrighty.  Including Sonic and Knuckles, that makes three.


<Chezni gets wide-eyed as he comes to a realization.>


Chezni:  <hitting his forehead with the palm of his hand> GAAAAAAAH!!!  I forgot to give Knuckles his crystal!!!


Sonic:  It's no biggie.  He'll be in town for awhile yet.


Chezni:  Oh, thank goodness.  I was afraid he was leaving right away.  I'd feel so dumb if I missed him.


Sonic:  It takes awhile for him to get to Angel Island.  And he doesn't come down here very often.  So he usually stays in town for a few days before heading back.


Chezni:  Then I'll have to catch him before he leaves.


Tails:  You keep talking about crystals.  Do you mean ones like Eden?


Chezni:  That's right.  And the thing is, you're getting one too.


Tails:  HUH?!


Sonic:  Wait, you mean my buddy's gonna be immortal like me?


<Tails looks completely shocked.>


Tails:  Wait, WHAT?!


Chezni:  That's right.  Of course, we'll need to fish out the crystal from my storage device first.


Tails:  But I...  I mean...


Sonic:  How long will that take?  You know I hate waiting.


Chezni:  Not long.  <pulling out the folded black cloth from before> I just need to unfold this cloth and place it on a flat surface.  Then I can access anything just by thinking about what I want to grab, as long as it's in here.  A couple minutes, tops.


<Tails is now shaking.>


Sonic:  Cool.  Hear that, Tails?  Both you and me are gonna...  <noticing Tails shaking> Tails?


Tails:  I don't want to...


Sonic:  Wait.  You don't want to...


Tails:  <tightly closing his eyes> I DON'T WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!!!


<Tails runs back into his workshop and slams the front door.  Chezni puts the cloth away.>


Chezni:  Did...  I say something wrong?


Sonic:  I don't think so...


Chezni:  But he looked like he was about to cry.


Sonic:  I...  think I know what's going on...  Do me a favor. 


Chezni:  Is this one of those moments where I shouldn't be involved?


Sonic:  Sorry about this.  But could you get the crystal ready?  I'm gonna try and talk to him.


Chezni:  Ok...  But don't force him.  I don't know what's going on, but immortality isn't something to be taken lightly.  I still feel wrong for not telling you ahead of time...


Sonic:  <smiling>  Just leave it to me.  It'll be fine.


<Sonic slowly opens the door to the workshop and walks in.>


Sonic:  Tails?  You ok in there?


<The door closes.>


Chezni:  Well, I guess there isn't much I can do about that.  So let's just do what he asked us to do.


<Chezni unfolds the cloth like before and places it on the ground.  He then places his hands on it, and they sink into the cloth.  After a moment, he pulls out a white crystal with a slight yellow tint.>


Chezni:  Ok...  You're the one...


<Chezni then folds the cloth back up and pockets it again, along with the crystal.>


Eden:  Do you think the way Tails reacted has something to do with the 'reunion' yesterday?


Chezni:  I THINK we're assuming alot without knowing all of the facts.  Let's just focus on what we have to do now.  There are obviously things they don't want to talk to us about.  I'm not gonna bug them about it unless they want to tell us.


Eden:  I wasn't suggesting we ask them, you know.  But what happens if we stumble onto the subject in question by mistake?


Chezni:  I dunno, we just wing it?


Eden:  That's your answer to everything, isn't it?


Chezni:  Look, we'll probably find out what the deal is eventually.  For now, let's just do this.  Besides...


Eden:  What?


Chezni:  I of all people should know there are things that aren't easy to talk about...


<The door opens and Sonic exits.  He closes the door behind him.  He leans against the door and sighs.>


Chezni:  Is he alright?


Sonic:  He's fine.  It was just a shock to him.  We all...


<A breeze starts blowing a few flower petals around.  Sonic walks toward the front window of the workshop.>


Sonic:  He went through alot.


Chezni:  I see.  You don't have to say anything else if you don't want to.


Sonic:  No, I should probably tell you about it, so you don't get the wrong idea about us.


Eden:  Does this have to do with that war you fought against the Metarex?


Sonic:  Yeah.  The thing is...  Not everyone came back from that war...


Chezni:  And I'm guessing Tails lost someone close to him.


Sonic:  Yeah.  That's putting it lightly...


<Sonic looks through the window of the workshop.  Tails is seen staring out the side window.  Something is on the window sill, but the angle makes it impossible to identify.>


Sonic:  He just...  He always tries to put on a brave front, act like nothing's wrong...  But I know it's still eating him on the inside.


Eden:  Unfortunately, Chezni and I are all too familiar with tragedy.


Chezni:  Yeah.  Questions always race through your mind.  Could things have been done differently?  Why did they have to be the ones to die? 


Eden:  There is never a clear answer.


Sonic:  Man...  Sorry for being such a downer on you like this...


Chezni:  No, we appreciate it.  It helped explain a few things.  So the 'reunion' was...


Sonic:  A memorial to those we lost.  We were going to do it one year from the end of the war, but Tails wanted to do it before winter.


Chezni:  I think...  maybe we should come back here later.


Sonic:  Yeah.  He'll come around.  He just needs some time.


<Suddenly, EXPLOSIONS can be seen in the city, as flames shoot up into the sky!>


Chezni:  Seriously, that guy has the WORST timing...


Sonic:  You think so too?


<Chezni and Sonic run toward the city.  As they do, the crystal falls out of Chezni's pocket.  After the two of them are out of sight, a white glove is seen picking it up.>






<Sonic and Chezni make their way back into the city.  Several different anthropomorphic animals are seen running from what look to be big round red and yellow robots with skinny gray arms and legs.>


Chezni:  Alright then.  Let's get to work!


Sonic:  You got it.


<Chezni runs toward the nearest robot and jump-kicks it into a wall.>


Sonic:  Whoa.  Cool!  Didn't know you could do that!


Chezni:  You learn quite alot when you've been around for over 170 years!


Eden:  You should see how he is with the ladies.


Chezni:  Stop being a pervert, Eden!


<Sonic spin dashes into two more of the robots, and both explode with a BA-KOOOM!.>


Sonic:  Wait...  Did Eggman run out of that alloy?


Chezni:  I didn't mention that part, did I?


Sonic:  What part?


Chezni:  Nova Crystals cause you to become stronger, even when you're NOT transformed!  The more you use them, the more results you'll see!


Sonic:  ...  Past cool...


<Two more robots start firing their hand blasters at Chezni.  He jumps out of the way as the beams whiz past him and cause sparks to fly off the wall that was behind him.>


Chezni:  Is this really all the good doctor can muster?


Eggman's Voice:  I'm glad you asked, young man!


<A massive red and yellow robot in Eggman's image is seen rising from the ground.  It stands about 50 feet tall and towers over the civilians and heroes.>


Chezni:  That's Chezni to you!  Chezni Vanguard!


<A small purple robot is seen floating in front of the giant Egg Robot.  It has green eyes and what appears to be short purple horns coming out of either side of its head.>


Robot:  <in a high pitched voice> Well Chezni Vanguard, you're about to become Chezni skid mark, courtesy of the Death Egg Robot X!!!


Sonic:  I see Eggman's taken to using 'X' in the name of his creations too!


Chezni:  Sonic, you might want to transform for this one!


Sonic:  Gotcha!


<Once again, Sonic holds his right arm out.  The Nova Crystal Fenrir materializes.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<Like before, a blue light envelopes his right arm, obscuring it.  In a flash, the light disappears and leaves the blue Nova Matrix attached to his arm.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal flies toward the Matrix.  Like before, the top of the device opens above Sonic's hand, and the crystal enters the opening, which then closes, covering it.  Sonic then extends his right arm with the palm of his hand pointing away from him.>




Leyline Access!!!


<The circular glyph appears and surrounds Sonic's open palm.  Then, the glowing blue wolf comes out of the glyph.  After a second, it turns into a blue beam of energy and enters the strange round channel.  As it surges through the channel, it circles back to where Sonic is, and hits him, encasing his arms, legs and chest in the same blue light.  The light starts to take the shape of armor and with the 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM' sound, the armor takes its familiar blue form, with the crystal set in the chest.  Sonic's quills now have a blue glow to them.  A blue and gold emblem is also now on Sonic's forehead as well.  In the middle of it is a decoration of a small howling wolf head.>




The Master of Speed and the Lord of Agility!  Nova Warrior Fenrir!!!


<One of the Death Egg Robot's hands becomes a fist and attempts to punch Sonic.  However, the hedgehog leaps toward the fist, grabbing it and uses the momentum to propel himself up to the arm!  Elbow mounted guns start firing at Sonic, but he easily sidesteps to dodge them as he makes his way toward the robot's massive head.  He takes one last leap and jumps over the head, kicking the back of it and propelling it forward!  Sonic lands on the ground behind the robot as it almost crashes into the small purple robot.>


Robot:  <backing away from the robot> Eggman!


<The Death Egg Robot's feet dig themselves into the ground, as it braces itself, preventing it from harming the small robot.>


Eggman:  Bokkun!  Are you alright?!


Bokkun:  <the small robotic creature> Yeah.


<The massive robot turns toward Sonic and Chezni.>


Eggman:  How dare you try and hurt my little Bokkun!!!


Chezni:  Gimme a break here!  I'm not even doing anything!


Sonic:  Why dontcha leave BEFORE you get hurt?!


<Sonic dashes toward the massive robot again and leaps at its feet.  As he gets ready to jump kick the robot, a net suddenly shoots out from the kneecap of the massive structure.>


Sonic:  Uh oh!


<Despite his best efforts, Sonic can't alter his momentum, as the net makes contact, completely encasing him.  He lands with a thud in front of the feet of the giant robot.>


Chezni:  No!  SONIC!!!


Eden:  I really wish you could transform, Chezni!


Chezni:  So do I, but we both know the Matrix isn't fixed yet!


<The massive robot realigns itself with Sonic and prepares to step on the hapless hedgehog.>


Eggman:  This is where I say 'farewell', Sonic the Hedgehog!


<Suddenly laser blasts hit the raised foot of the Death Egg Robot, knocking it off balance.>


Eggman:  Who dares?!


<A white glove is seen holding a yellow and blue blaster.  Another glove is seen holding a crystal.  A zoom-out shows it to be none other than Tails.>


Chezni:  Tails!


Tails:  I'm sure Sonic's already said it, Eggman.  But you need to leave, right now!


<Tails walks up to Chezni.>


Tails:  I don't know if I'm making the right choice or not...  But I know she wouldn't want me to have any regrets.


Chezni:  Tails...


Tails:  <whispering>  Cosmo...  I'm not giving up...


<Tails tosses his blaster to Chezni, who catches it.  He then holds his right arm out and focuses on the crystal.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<A white and slightly yellow light covers Tails' arm, completely eclipsing it.  In a flash, the light disappears, and a white gauntlet with yellow outlines is seen on his arm.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal flies toward the Matrix, as an opening above Tails' hand is seen.  As the crystal sets itself into the hole, the Matrix closes around it.  Tails then aims his hand, open-palm upward.>




Leyline Access!!!


<The circular glyph appears above Tails, surrounding his hand.  Suddenly, the glowing image of an Alicorn, a winged Unicorn, shoots upward from the glyph.  The Alicorn turns into bright white and yellow energy and enters a round channel, surging through it until it circles back and makes contact with Tails.  The light covers the fox's arms, chest and legs.  Gradually, it takes the shape of white and yellow armor, and in a flash with a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the armor takes a physical shape.  White armor outlined with yellow streaks now covers Tails' arms and chest, with the crystal set in the chest piece of the armor.  His tails now have a glow to them.  A white unicorn horn is seen appearing on Tails' forehead.  It then splits apart to form a v-shaped emblem, with a decoration of the Alicorn in the spot where the two halves meet.




The Spirit of Knowledge and the Lord of Dreams!  Nova Warrior Unicorn!!!


<Chezni stands there stunned, while Sonic emerges from the net, staring in awe.>


Sonic:  He actually did it...


Chezni:  He became a Nova Warrior...


Eden:  Two down, three to go...


<Tails turns toward Eggman's massive robot.>


Tails:  This is your last chance, Eggman!  You know I don't like violence!  But if you keep attacking us, then your robot's going down!


Eggman:  Oh really?!  What difference does one extra Nova Whatsit make?!


<A glow is seen on the top of the right wrist of the Death Egg Robot.  A missile is seen emerging from it.>


Tails:  I guess we got our answer...


<Tails holds his left arm out, and another blaster forms, this time white and yellow.>




Dream Buster!!!


<Chezni and Sonic both look amazed at what Tails just did.>


Sonic:  How did he do that?


Chezni:  It's his Sealed Weapon!  Every Nova Warrior has one!


Sonic:  You mean I do too?


Chezni:  That's right.  It can take some doing to summon them the first time.  I've never seen anyone do it successfully so fast...  That kid's willpower must be through the roof...


Eden:  It took Chezni over a week to summon his Falcon Blades.  And sometimes it can take years.


<Tails starts levitating above the ground WITHOUT spinning his tails.  Once he gets several feet off the ground, he takes aim and fires a yellow energy blast straight at the emerging missile, hitting it and causing it to EXPLODE, taking out the entire hand!>


Eggman:  Why you...  I still have the other arm!


Sonic:  Sorry!


<Sonic goes into a spin-dash, right at the robot's remaining arm.  His quills light up as he makes contact, putting a hole through the robot's hand and carving a path of destruction up to the mech's elbow.  He lands to the robot's side, as the arm EXPLODES!  Tails then turns toward the robot's head, and fires another blast, putting a hole right between the eyes.  Energy can be seen surging out of control through the robot, as the top of the head opens.  Eggman's pod is seen emerging from the opening, taking to the sky above the robot, as it falls with an EXPLOSION!>


Eggman:  Mark my words, Hedgehog!  This isn't over!!!


<Bokkun is seen flying to Eggman's pod.>


Bokkun:  That's right!  This isn't over!!!


Eggman:  Oh, will you shut up?!


<The two fly off into the distance, leaving the wreckage of the robots behind.  Tails lands next to Sonic.  Chezni walks toward Sonic and Tails, who are standing by the wreckage, looking out toward Tails' workshop.>


Chezni:  Not bad, you two...


Eden:  Chezni, maybe now isn't the best time...


Chezni:  Um...  Oh...


<In a flash, Sonic and Tails return to normal.  Sonic's Matrix disappears, and Tails' follows soon after.>


Sonic:  <to Tails> That was pretty cool...  you coming in and saving us like that...  We really owe you one...


Tails:  I had to...


<Tails looks over toward his workshop.  The midday sun can be seen overhead.>


Tails:  Cosmo wouldn't have wanted me to have any regrets...  Plus, I know she'd do the same thing if she had to... 


<Chezni quietly starts walking back to the Inn with Eden floating behind him.  Once they're some distance away...>


Chezni:  It really is surprising what people can do when they're forced to...


Eden:  And that aspect isn't limited to a single world, but instead it exists throughout every universe...


<A bright flash of light envelopes the entire scene, as it transitions to the interior of Tails' workshop just a few minutes ago.  Sonic is seen walking toward Tails.  The fox is staring out the window.  A sapling in a pot is seen on the shelf next to him.>


Sonic:  Hey, Tails...


Tails:  <still staring out the window> Hey...


<Sonic looks at the sapling as Tails continues to stare out the window.  It has grown quite a bit and is almost too large for the pot.>


Sonic:  It's gotten pretty big over these last six months.  Pretty soon, you'll need a bigger planter.


Tails:  Yeah...


Sonic:  You know, I was talking to Amy back when...  Well anyway, she said that trees can take hundreds of years to fully grow.


<Tails is standing there, silent.>


Sonic:  I don't know what the right answer is.  But...  Maybe...


Tails:  It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to be able to see it fully grown, would it?


Sonic:  Yeah...  Chezni said the choice was yours.  He's not gonna force you, and neither am I.


<Tails turns to Sonic.>


Tails:  Can...  Can I have some time to think?


Sonic:  Sure, buddy.


<Sonic leaves the workshop, as Tails turns toward the sapling.>


Tails:  What do you think?  ...  Yeah, it would mean I could see you fully grown.  I guess that's not so bad...


<Tails stares at the sapling for several seconds, before the scene transitions back to the present.  Chezni and Eden continue toward the Rainbow Unicorn.  The scene transitions to the next day.  Sonic and Tails are waiting for Chezni at the place in Green Hill where Chezni waited for Sonic.>


Sonic:  Gee.  Took you long enough!


Chezni:  <walking toward Sonic and Tails> You're both here?


Tails:  That's right.  Besides, you said you wanted to be introduced to everyone.


Chezni:  Ok then.  So who's next on the list?


Sonic:  That would be the Cha...


????:  <a high pitched female voice is suddenly heard from behind Sonic> SONIIIIIIC!!!


Sonic:  <an awkward expression> EHHHHHHH?!


<Sonic now looks visibly nervous.>


Sonic:  Tails...  Don't tell me you...


Tails:  Remember that conversation we had after the fight with Eggman?


Sonic:  Yes? 


Tails:  Remember how you said you owe me one?


Sonic:  <nervously> Y-yes?


Tails:  Well, it's time to collect.


<Suddenly, a female pink hedgehog with green eyes, wearing a red dress is seen jumping onto Sonic and hugging him.  She wears red boots with a white stripe going up the middle of them.  In addition, she is wearing white gloves with gold ring bracelets and a red hair band.>


????:  And where have you been?


Tails:  Chezni, I'd like you to meet Amy Rose.


<Chezni is just stunned looking at the pink hedgehog happily hugging Sonic, while the blue hedgehog looks visibly nervous and awkward.>


Chezni:  Uh...  Hey there...


Eden:  This is starting to remind me of a certain cartoon about a boy who meets several girls from outer space, and they all have a crush on him...


<On that note, the scene as well as the episode ends.>

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Alrighty.  And onto Episode 3, where Eggman has a question for Chezni.



<The episode starts in Green Hill at roughly midday.  Amy seems to have gotten the initial hugginess out of her system...  for the moment.  Chezni, Tails and Sonic are standing around as well.>


Sonic:  <still awkwardly> So Tails, you...


Tails:  Well, we were gonna meet up with her sooner or later.


Eden:  Chezni...  She's...


<Sonic, Tails and Chezni all turn toward Eden.  Amy looks at the crystal with a shocked expression.>


Amy:  It talked...


Chezni:  Yes.  Let me introduce myself.  My name's Chezni Vanguard.  And the crystal here is Eden.


Amy:  My name's Amy Rose.  Um...  This might sound forward, but...  You wouldn't happen to...


<Amy whispers into Chezni's ear.>


Chezni:  You mean...  Oh no.  Nothing like that.  NOOOOO!


Amy:  Just checking.  Because if you did, I'd have to warn you that Sonic is off limits!


Eden:  Chezni has a girlfriend.


Chezni:  Eden!  We don't need to talk about that!


<Both Tails and Amy are now staring at Chezni.>


Amy:  <smiling> Aww, are you embarrassed?


Chezni:  No!  It just doesn't have anything to do with anything!


Tails:  <looking at Amy> Yep.  He's embarrassed.


<Chezni is just staring at the rest of the group with a nervous expression.>



Episode 3:  Love's Hammer


<An island is seen with a massive steel tower in the middle of it.  On the top of the tower is a metallic structure in the shape of Eggman's face, with two windows shaped like the goggles he always wears.  Inside, Eggman is seen staring out the left window toward the mainland where Central City is.  Two robots are seen standing next to him.  One is tall and has a yellow color to it, while the other is shorter and has a metallic gray color.  The yellow robot has red eyes, while the gray one has blue eyes.>


Eggman:  Finally, my Egg Fortress 2.0 is complete!


Yellow Robot:  <in a slightly higher pitched voice> It would've been completed sooner if you hadn't spent all that time attacking Sonic and his friends.


Eggman:  Oh come now, Decoe!  We have to keep the Hedgehog on his toes!


Gray Robot:  <in a slightly lower pitched voice> Yeah.  It's like, our job!


Decoe:  Are you sure you were activated at the same time as me, Bocoe?


Bocoe:  Yeah.


Decoe:  Sometimes I wonder...


<Bokkun is seen flying into the room.  He lands next to Eggman.>


Bokkun:  Ok.  We're all here.


Eggman:  Good.  Now we can begin the official first State of the Egg Meeting... 2.0...


Bokkun:  Then I'll start!  As you have all been made aware, we have a new enemy now.  His name is Chezni Vanguard.


Eggman:  He is a far more serious threat than Chris ever was.


Bokkun:  He gave both Sonic and that two-tailed fox, Tails some kind of crystals.  These things let them transform into powerful warriors.


Decoe:  You mentioned that, Dr. Eggman.  Are these anything like the Chaos Emeralds?


Eggman:  I don't know.  And I don't even want to THINK about what would happen if the powers of these crystals were somehow combined with the Emeralds...  We might have a super DUPER Super Sonic on our hands!


Bocoe:  Whadda you want us to do then, boss?


Eggman:  I have a plan.  Instead of just attacking them outright like I did before, we're going to steal one of those crystals!  Then I can analyze it and see what makes it tick!  We'll use one of my robots as a decoy, and get Chezni by himself.  Then we'll take the crystal by force, even if it means having to CAPTURE him!


Decoe:  Do you have any ideas on what robot you want to use?


Eggman:  I have the perfect one picked out.  Besides, I also have a pretty good idea of what they're going to be up to next.  I was able to set a few things up before our previous encounter...


<Eggman laughs as the scene transitions back to Green Hill.  Amy is seen with an utterly stunned expression on her face.>


Amy:  Immortality?!


Chezni:  <eyes closed> That's right...  I know it's a big decision, so I want you to take all the time you...


<Amy looks at Sonic, and smiles as her eyes light up.>


Amy:  Our love will exist for all eternity?!


Chezni, Sonic and Tails:  <looking at each other, then back at Amy> EHHHHHHHH?!


<Amy grabs Sonic's arm.>


Amy:  We'll both live forever and ever, and our love will last through the centuries!  It's so romantic!


Sonic:  <nervously> Uh...  Chezni, maybe this was a bad idea...


Chezni:  It can't be helped.  She has an S-Class signature.  There are no replacements...


Sonic:  I guess...


<Amy lets go of Sonic's arm as Chezni unfolds the black cloth and places it on the ground like before.  He pulls out a pink crystal with a light blue hue and tosses it to Amy.>


Chezni:  This should be the one.  I just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into before you...


Amy:  <she cuts Chezni off> OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER!!!


<Amy focuses on the crystal.  She then holds her right arm out.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<In a flash of light, a pink gauntlet-like Matrix materializes on Amy's right arm.  It has blue streaks running down it.>


Chezni:  Did I make a mistake?




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal Chezni gave Amy flies toward the Matrix, which opens in the familiar fashion.  It then enters the Matrix, which closes around it.  Amy then points the open palm of her right hand toward the sky at an angle.>




Leyline Access!!!


<A light blue glyph surrounds Amy's hand.  Suddenly, a light blue humanoid female enveloped in a cold mist is seen flying out of the glyph.  She faces Amy and gives her a high five.  Afterward, she turns into light blue energy and flies upward through the familiar channel.  The energy comes around, and hits Amy, surrounding her in a light blue aura.  The aura forms into armor around her arms, legs and chest.  Then with a flash and a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the armor takes a physical form.  It is now pink with blue streaks, and the crystal is set in her chest.  In addition, a light blue emblem is now on her forehead, with a decoration of the strange female in the center.>




The Spirit of Passion and the Queen of Frost!  Nova Warrior Shiva!!!


<Sonic and Tails are awestruck, while Chezni has a goofy expression on his face.>


Chezni:  <eye twitching> Well, this is...


Eden:  I suppose this is one way to bond with a Nova Crystal...


Amy:  <looking at her new armor> So this is the power of a Nova Warrior...


Chezni:  That's right.  And you'll get more powerful the more you use it, just like Sonic and Tails.


Eden:  This leaves two more...


Chezni:  Yep.  And we know who one of the two is.  If nothing else, we're getting there...


Sonic:  <to Chezni> By the way, you mentioned that the fifth S-Class thingy was somewhere over by Tails' workshop.


Chezni:  Well...  <Chezni's eyes move briefly to where Tails is standing, and then back to Sonic> We can worry about that one after we give Knuckles his crystal.


<Amy grabs Sonic's arm again.>


Sonic:  Really, do you have to do this every time now?


<Chezni and Eden slowly move away from Sonic, Tails and Amy.  Once they are far enough away...>


Chezni:  Are you sure you detected another S-Class signature inside of Tails' workshop?


Eden:  Indeed I did.  There's no mistake.


Chezni:  The Matrix didn't detect any life forms in there, except for that sapling.


Eden:  That's what I wanted to talk to you about.  That sapling is...


<An electrical cage is suddenly dropped on Chezni and Eden.  Above the group, a red helicopter is seen with a cable attached to the cage.>


Chezni:  <looking up> Oh, COME OOOOOON!!!


Eggman:  <from the helicopter> Why hello, Chezni Vanguard!  And hello to you too, Sonic!  I see you've managed to turn Amy into another Nova Fighter!


Chezni:  That's NOVA WARRIOR!  Gee, how many times can someone screw up that name?!


Eggman:  Well it doesn't matter!  Because my new and improved Hedgehog Eggsterminator X is gonna make mincemeat out of you!!!


<As if on cue, a massive scorpion-like robot bursts out of the ground.  Instead of claws, the robot has cannons, and its tail has a laser mounted to it.>


Chezni:  Another scorpion robot?  Do these villains have ANY originality?


Eden:  To be fair, even the Tyraxians did this...


Sonic & Tails:


Leyline Access!!!


<In a flash, Sonic and Tails both transform.  Sonic, Tails and Amy all stand lined up, facing the robotic scorpion.>


Sonic:  Let's do it, guys!


Tails:  I'm with you!


Amy:  Me too!


<Chezni looks on from his cage.>


Chezni:  Yes...  they're starting to work as a team...


Eden:  The true power of the Nova Warriors appears when the team reaches its full potential...


Eggman:  <inside the helicopter, whispering> Ok.  Decoe.  Bocoe.  Raise the cage up ever so slowly.  But be CAREFUL!  We wouldn't want to drop our cargo.


<The cage starts to raise into the air.  Chezni tries to bend the bars, but the energy repels him back.>


Chezni:  Not good...


<Tails concentrates, and this time forms TWO blasters that both look like the one from before.  Sonic spin dashes toward the scorpion, and Amy sees what Tails just did.  Sonic bounces off the scorpion's head, causing it to reel slightly.>


Amy:  Tails!  How did you do that?


Tails:  Just concentrate on what you want to do, and it'll come to you!


<Amy concentrates, and a pink and blue hammer is seen forming in her hand.  Though it's the same size as her Piko Piko Hammer, she can wield it with one hand.>


Amy:  Wow!  This is lighter than the other one!


Tails:  It's probably the same weight!  These crystals just make you stronger!


Amy:  Got it!


<Amy runs toward the feet of the scorpion and jumps.>




Diamond Hammer!!!


<Amy lands, slamming the hammer down on the robot's foot.  The hammer releases a light blue field of ice on impact, causing the robot's leg to get frozen to the ground!>


Tails:  Not bad...


<The scorpion angles its tail toward Amy and Tails and fires a blast.  The two jump out of the way, as the blast hits the ground causing an EXPLOSION!  A small crater is seen at the point of impact.>


Amy:  Hey!  Stop wrecking Green Hill!!!


<The cage is seen continuing to rise into the sky.  Soon, a giant metal claw grabs the cage.>


Eggman:  I hate to leave the party so soon, but I've got some questions for our friend here!  Have fun with my pet!!!


<Eggman's helicopter then starts flying away toward his base.  The other three are too busy to notice the abduction.>


Tails:  We need to combine our attacks!


Amy:  Got it!


<Tails takes careful aim, as Amy brings her hammer down again, this time with more force than before.  Sonic then goes into a spin dash.  As the hammer is brought down, the front side of the robot is frozen, as Tails starts firing at it, causing the ice to react to it.  Sonic spins right into the spot Tails was shooting at and BLASTS THROUGH THE ROBOT, creating a MASSIVE HOLE!!!  He lands behind the robot, as it EXPLODES, flinging pieces in all directions!>


Sonic:  I think that about does it.


<Sonic, Tails and Amy walk toward each other.>


Tails:  Wait a minute...  <looking around> Where's Eggman?


Sonic:  He must've taken off during the fight.


Amy:  Wait, what about Chezni?!


<Sonic looks around, and doesn't see Chezni anywhere.>


Tails:  You don't think that...


Sonic:  Eggman's got Chezni and Eden!


<Chezni and Eden are in the cage, currently flying over the sea, toward the island with Eggman's fortress on it.>


Eden:  Well, this is another predicament you've gotten us into.


Chezni:  I didn't even consider the possibility that Eggman might come after us directly...


Eden:  What should we do then?  Obviously, he's going to ask questions.


Chezni:  I guess we tell him the truth.


Eden:  You really have no plan, do you?


Chezni:  Gimme a break, here!  Sheesh!






<The interior of Eggman's fortress.  Decoe and Bocoe are seen leading Chezni into the main room where Eggman and his allies had their meeting.  They sit him down in a chair, while Eggman sits in another one that is clearly designed to be higher than the one Chezni is in.  There is a desk between the two, as if it were an office.  Chezni adjusts himself to be able to sit straight up.>


Chezni:  Sooooooo...  This is your base?


Eggman:  Yes!  This is the Egg Fortress 2.0!


Chezni:  <chuckling> Well at least you didn't put 'X' in the name.  Seriously, why do you keep using the letter 'X' in everything?


Eggman:  It's complicated!


Chezni:  Well, 'X' usually means 'ten' or 'cross'.  I don't know how many versions of each machine you've made, and the letter's definitely not meant to cross them with anything.  So...  I don't get it.  It seems like it'd be less complicated just to NOT use the 'X'.


Eggman:  Look, I'm a COMPLEX individual!  Ok?!


Chezni:  <raising an eyebrow> Yeah, sure thing.


<Eggman grimaces slightly at Chezni.>


Eggman:  You really don't understand the situation you're in, do you?


Chezni:  I know you think you've got me captured.  And you probably have questions about the crystals I've been carrying around.  Is that about right?


Eggman:  First, I DO have you captured!  Second, if you know that much, then we can get down to business.  Show me one of those crystals you've been carrying!


Eden:  These crystals are not toys.


Eggman:  That wasn't a request!


Chezni:  <looking at Eden, then shrugging> Ok.  But I'll have to make some room on the floor.


Eggman:  Do what you need to do.


Chezni:  Don't say I didn't warn you.


<Chezni stands up and grabs Eggman's desk.  He flings it effortlessly, causing it to CRASH through the window to the right!  Eggman now looks more than a little nervous.>


Eggman:  Y...  You can't do that!!!


Chezni:  Look, do you want to see the crystal, or don't you?


Eden:  Chezni is being serious here.  We need a certain amount of space for his Portable Hole.


<Chezni starts unfolding his black cloth, and then he places it on the floor.  He reaches into the cloth with his hands.>


Eggman:  Fine!  Just make it fast!  They'll probably be here soon!


Chezni:  What, Sonic and his friends?  I doubt they'd be able to get here too quickly.  Big told me Sonic doesn't do too well on water.


Eggman:  Oh trust me...  They have their ways...


Chezni:  <rifling through the black space> Seriously?  What, do they have a plane or something?


Eggman:  More like a jet that can go Mach 3.  Actually, Tails has a couple of those...


Chezni:  Whoa!  That's pretty neat.


Eggman:  Well yes, but...  Wait!  Stop changing the subject!


Chezni:  You're the one that brought them up...  Oh!


<Chezni pulls out a silver and gold crystal.  He places it on the floor.>


Chezni:  Here we go.


Eggman:  <quickly running toward the crystal> Is THIS a Nova Crystal?!


Chezni:  Hey!  You pronounced it right!


<Eggman just looks annoyed.>


Chezni:  Yes, this is indeed a Nova Crystal.


Eden:  Not one of the five, mind you.  But it is a Nova Crystal, nonetheless.


<Eggman looks to be savoring this moment.>


Eggman:  At last...  I have one of those crystals in my possession...  Now I can unlock its secrets and finally defeat that Hedgehog!


<Eggman proceeds to grab the crystal.>


Chezni:  Uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you...


<Eggman grasps the crystal, and suddenly a surge of energy shocks him and propels him back, knocking him down with a thud.>


Eden:  He tried to warn you.


Chezni:  Only people with S-Class energy signatures can touch these crystals, you know.


Eggman:  <still on the floor, twitching slightly> Y-you don't say...


<As Eggman picks himself up, Chezni puts the crystal back into the Portable Hole.  Afterward, he folds the cloth back up and places it into his pocket again.>


Chezni:  You're pretty brave.  That particular Nova Crystal's a bit of an oddball.  It has an immense amount of power, more than most crystals have right off the bat.  If we were able to find someone who could use it...


Eggman:  Well...  It doesn't matter!  I have YOU.  So YOU are going to unlock its secrets FOR ME!


Chezni:  Sorry.  Even I don't know how to unlock THAT Crystal's power.


Eggman:  Well...  Then you'll unlock the secrets of a DIFFERENT Crystal!


Chezni:  You don't even know WHY I brought these to this world.


Eggman:  Oh, I know!  It's to give that Hedgehog and his friends new powers to fight me!


Chezni:  Just like I thought...  You don't have a clue...


Eggman:  Then humor me!


Chezni:  There's someone heading here...  someone worse than those Metarex guys you fought six months ago.


<Eggman stands there looking stunned.>


Eggman:  You're lying...


Eden:  I am afraid Chezni's NOT lying.


Chezni:  He goes by the name...  Asmodia.  And he's terrorized countless worlds over the course of many centuries.


Eden:  That is why we're here.


Chezni:  The Nova Crystals are meant to prepare this world.


Eggman:  For what?


Chezni:  For the possibility that a war the likes of which this planet's never experienced before might happen.


Eggman:  And what?  Those crystals are supposed to defeat him?


Chezni:  ...  No.


<Chezni turns toward Eggman.>


Chezni:  There is only one way to defeat him.  And it probably doesn't exist anymore.  All we can hope to do is drive him away with minimum casualties.  That's the best-case scenario.


Eggman:  What's the worst-case?


<Chezni just stares at Eggman with a 'what do you think' look.  Eggman looks utterly shocked.  Decoe and Bocoe are seen also visibly worried.  Bokkun is also taken aback.>


Chezni:  You know in a way, I'm glad you kidnapped me.  Now I could explain this all to you without you trying to attack us.  You might not believe me yet, but I have your best interests in mind here.


Bokkun:  W-When?


Chezni:  Huh?


Bokkun:  When will Asmodia arrive?


Chezni:  <looking at Eden> There's still some time.  It's a little over a week away.


Eggman:  That soon?!


<Suddenly, an EXPLOSION is seen at the wall to the left of where everyone is standing.  A massive white jet with massive red afterburners and wings in the shape of an 'X' is seen hovering next to the hole.  The cockpit opens to reveal Sonic, Tails and Amy.  Tails is piloting the vehicle.>


Eggman:  <shocked> The X-Tornado!!!


Chezni:  Well, that would be my ride.  Now you all try to behave yourselves.


Tails:  Get in, Chezni!


Chezni:  Coming!


<Chezni jumps into the cockpit with the other three.  It is quite cramped as the top closes around the group.  The X Tornado then takes off, circling around and heading back toward the mainland.>


Chezni:  Tails.  This is really an impressive vehicle, but...


Tails:  What?


<Chezni, Sonic and Amy are seen cramped in the compartment behind Tails.>


Chezni, Sonic and Amy:  Maybe you could make this bigger next time?


<The massive jet flies toward the mainland, as Eggman is seen looking visibly worried.>


Eggman:  Another major threat...


Decoe:  What should we do, boss?


Eggman:  Well...  We'll just have to take over BEFORE that Asmodia clown gets here!


<Eggman laughs as the scene transitions back to Tails' workshop.  The X Tornado is parked inside a massive hangar next to a jet that looks similar, but is darker in color and doesn't have the massive afterburners.>


Chezni:  Thanks for the assist.


Sonic:  No problem.  We're all friends now.


Tails:  Yeah.  By the way, what did Eggman want with you?


Chezni:  Well, he wanted a crystal.  A Nova Crystal.  <a chuckle> He thought he could somehow harness its power to take over the world...


<Sonic, Amy and Tails are looking shocked in response.>


Chezni:  <noticing their expressions> What?


Sonic:  You didn't...  GIVE him one, did you?


Chezni:  I couldn't if I wanted to.  Only people with S-Class signatures can touch them.  They'll repel anyone else.


Amy:  Oh thank goodness...


Eden:  That reminds me.  After what you said to Eggman, maybe he'll think twice before coming after us again...


Sonic:  What DID you say to him?  He looked kind of flustered, even BEFORE Tails blew a hole in his headquarters.


Chezni:  I told him why I came here with the crystals.


Sonic:  Oh, about the S-Class things?


Chezni:  Well that, but I also told him the other reason I came here.


Sonic:  Oh yeah.  Speaking of S-Class, Knuckles is gonna be in Central City tomorrow.  We should be able to find him if we ask around.


Chezni:  That's great.


Sonic:  Now, what was the other reason you came here?


Chezni:  Well...  I was going to tell you eventually, but I might as well tell you now.


<Chezni sees a bench in the hangar and sits down.>


Chezni:  I...  I'm trying to think of a way to say this without scaring you...


Sonic:  Well, just tell it to us like it is.


Eden:  Yes.  That might be best.


Chezni:  Ok.  I came from a solar system called Starlance.  It consists of four planets.  Aeshar, Terra, Atlas and Earth.


<Sonic, Tails and Amy are shocked to hear this.>


Sonic:  Did you say, Earth? 


Chezni:  Yes, but probably not the one you're familiar with.  Our original Earth was lost in a disaster over 4000 years ago, and we migrated to Starlance, where we colonized another planet that we renamed Earth.


Tails:  So your Earth isn't the original?


Chezni:  No.  There was a strange disaster that engulfed the original Earth in a bright light.  About half of humanity left on migrant ships for Starlance.  We called it the Great Immigration.


Sonic:  This is wild...


Chezni:  Anyway, none of that has anything to do with why I'm here.  The reason I'm here is because in about a week, one of Starlance's most wanted criminals will be arriving here.  He goes by the name, Asmodia.


Amy:  Asmodia?


Chezni:  He is one of the most powerful and evil beings to ever attack Starlance.  We've engaged him many times, and every single time he's either escaped or defeated us.


Sonic:  Wait, how many of those Nova Warriors are in Starlance?


Chezni:  There are alot of them.  But regardless, Asmodia was still far more powerful.


Tails:  So these crystals are...


Chezni:  These crystals will give you a fighting chance against him.  I won't lie to you.  Even the crystals might not be enough.  And if he wins, he'll probably destroy this planet and kill everyone.


Eden:  That seems to be the typical outcome when it comes to fighting Asmodia.


Chezni:  Yes.  With very few exceptions, any planet that he's come to has ended up annihilated.


Sonic:  And that's why you gave us these crystals.


Chezni:  And it's why we need to give Knuckles his crystal.


Eden:  Once Knuckles has his crystal and we locate the fifth S-Class signature, then perhaps the combined power of all five Nova Warriors will be enough to at least drive him away.


<Sonic, Tails and Amy stand there in silence.>


Chezni:  I know I'm putting alot on you.  But there isn't anyone else I can give these too.  Even if I hadn't come here, Asmodia would've still attacked this planet.  For every one planet we manage to save, at least three are destroyed.


Sonic:  And you think we can beat him?


Chezni:  I don't know.  But if you're asking whether or not we can destroy him, the answer is no.


Tails:  Why do you say that?


Chezni:  There's a prophecy that's existed in Starlance longer than Asmodia was around for.  It says that when the Universe's Greatest Nightmare appears, a miracle will bring the three forces together.


Amy:  And what are these three forces?


Chezni:  It doesn't matter...  It's impossible for them to come together...  One of them was destroyed a long time ago.  The best we can hope for is to bring the other two together.


Sonic:  And the other two...


Chezni:  Science, and the Unknown...  And these two forces come together when Nova Crystals bond with S-Class signatures.


Sonic:  So the S in S-Class means...


Chezni:  Science.  Nova Crystals have U-Class signatures.  Which of course means Unknown.


Tails:  Then the other one would be?


Chezni:  Like I said, it doesn't matter.  It's impossible.


<The group stands in silence for a moment.>


Sonic:  Well, two out of three isn't bad.


Tails:  That's right.  Plus, we can get Knuckles to join us too.


Amy:  That'll make four of us.


Chezni:  <looking surprised> You're still up to this?


Sonic:  You got that right.  Besides...


Chezni:  Besides what?


<Sonic gives a smile.>


Sonic:  We've got some reserves of our own too.


<After a zoom out, the scene fades and the episode ends.>


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Alrighty.  Let's begin episode 4.  And things are going to start getting interesting.  Also, MORE CHARACTERS!!!  Yeah, Sonic X had alot of characters in it.



<The blue haired female in black and violet armor is seen walking through Central City.  She looks around at the various shops and other buildings in town, as well as the various anthropomorphic animal civilians.>


Dark Void:  The scan indicated that the Chaos Emeralds are on this planet.  Perhaps it is time to begin...  interrogating the citizens...  <looking around> Where to start...


<Dark Void looks around and sees what looks to be a small cream-colored rabbit.  She has orange-brown markings around her reddish brown eyes, at the ends of her ears and on the top of her head.  In addition, a tiny brown nose at the tip of a white muzzle.  She wears what looks like a sleeveless red dress with a white collar and a blue cravat, a cream colored tail protrudes from the back of her dress.  Her shoes are red and yellow with white socks, and her gloves are white with a gold cufflink on each.  The rabbit is being followed by a small floating blue creature that has blue eyes, wears what looks like a red bow tie, and small pink wings on his back.  In addition, the tips of his hands, feet and head are yellow, and there is a small yellow pompom attached to the top of his head.>


Dark Void:  I believe I will start with her...


<Dark Void walks up to the young rabbit.>


Dark Void:  Excuse me.  You, peasant!


Rabbit:  Um...  I'm sorry, but are you talking to me?


Blue Creature:  Chao?


Dark Void:  Yes.  I would like to know if you know anything about the Chaos Emeralds.


Rabbit:  Um...  the Chaos Emeralds?


Dark Void:  Yes.  Tell me everything you know.


Rabbit:  Well...  I should ask Mr. Sonic before I say anything...


Dark Void:  <narrowing her eyes> I want you to tell me everything you know.  It's very important.


Rabbit:  But you're a stranger...


Dark Void:  Ok...  Let's try this another way.  My name is Dark Void.  What's yours?


Rabbit:  My name is...  Cream.


Dark Void:  A rabbit named Cream...  Now we aren't strangers anymore.


Cream:  But I should still talk to Mr. Sonic before saying anything about the Chaos Emeralds, right Cheese?


Cheese:  <nodding> Chao!


<Cream and Cheese take off down the street before Dark Void can even react and the two disappear like a bat outta hell.>


Dark Void:  <an annoyed expression> This is going to take longer than I thought...  I'll just have to find someone else...


<Cream is seen running down the street for some time, followed by Cheese.  She turns the corner and as she is running past the Rainbow Unicorn Inn, she collides with Chezni, almost knocking him over.>


Chezni:  Wha...


<Chezni regains his composure and notices Cream standing there nervously, with Cheese floating beside her.>


Cream:  I'm so sorry...


Chezni:  Hey.  It's alright.  What were you running from?


Cream:  There was this scary lady asking me about the Chaos Emeralds.


Chezni:  Chaos Emeralds?


Eden:  Hmm...  Perhaps we should talk to Sonic about this.


Cream:  <noticing Eden talking > The crystal just...


Chezni:  Yes, he just spoke.  Anyway, Sonic should be in town looking for Knuckles.


<Suddenly, Chezni's Matrix appears on his arm by itself and starts making a high pitched noise, almost like an alarm.  Chezni looks at the Matrix, and his eyes widen in fear.>


Chezni:  Eden...


Eden:  I know.  I just detected it too.


Chezni:  A-Class...  It's not him...  So he must have sent someone down, probably a scout...


<Chezni notices that Cream is looking visibly worried.>


Chezni:  <to Cream> My name is Chezni Vanguard.  I'm a friend of Sonic's.  And there isn't much time, but I need you to do something for me.  Do you think you can?


<Cream nods.>


Chezni:  Ok.  The workshop to the north of the city, the big metal building?


Cream:  Where Tails lives...


Chezni:  That's right.  That's really good.  I need you to go there as fast as you can, and hide in there.  Don't stop for anything, and don't come out of that building until Sonic gets there, no matter what happens.  Do you understand?


Cream:  <nodding> Yes.


Cheese:  Chao?


Chezni:  And that scary lady you saw before?  If you see her again, don't talk to her.  Just run away.  She's a very bad person.


Cream:  Ok...


Chezni:  Now go.  And don't stop until you get to that workshop.


<Cream runs in the direction of the workshop, followed by Cheese.  Chezni pushes a few buttons on his Matrix.>


Chezni:  Ok...  We need to catch up with Sonic.



Episode 04:  The Blazing Fist



<Knuckles is seen walking through another section of Central City.  The buildings in this part of the city are quite a bit larger than the ones by the Inn.  Without warning, Sonic suddenly races toward the red echidna.  He comes to a stop right next to him.>


Sonic:  Knuckles!  We've been lookin' all over for you!


Knuckles:  <with a smirk> Oh, did I make myself too hard to find?  My mistake.


Sonic:  It's your turn to get a crystal.


Knuckles:  You mean one of those Nova Crystals that Chezni's been handing out like candy?


Sonic:  That's right.  Aside from myself, Tails and Amy also have them now.  These are the real deal!  They get stronger the more you use them and everything.


Knuckles:  Ok.  So where IS Chezni?


Sonic:  He said I could use the Matrix to find him.


<Sonic holds his right arm out and with a flash, his Matrix appears on his arm.>


Sonic:  <looking at his Matrix> Oh.  No problem!  It looks like Chezni's on his way here now!


Knuckles:  Then let's just wait for...


<Suddenly, two pink beams shoot toward Sonic and Knuckles, hitting the ground right in front of them and causing an EXPLOSION!  The two anthropomorphic individuals are flung off their feet and fall, landing several feet from the impact.  Various anthropomorphic animals can be seen running from the point of impact, as another blast hits the building behind the two, and with a 'BA-KOOOOOM!', the building is blown apart in a blazing fireball!  Sonic and Knuckles get up and see where the blasts came from.  Dark Void is standing in front of them, holding a staff with a violet gem on the tip of it.  She points it at the two.>


Dark Void:  This is much better.  <noticing the Matrix on Sonic's arm> Ahh, a Nova Warrior...


Sonic:  Wait...  You KNOW about this?!


Dark Void:  I'm asking the questions.  Are you Sonic?


Sonic:  Yeah, what about it?!


Dark Void:  So you must be the one Cream mentioned...


Sonic:  Cream...  WHAT DID YOU DO TO CREAM?!


<Dark Void gives a smirk.>


Dark Void:  Nothing yet.  But I have an idea of where she's heading...  If you tell me where the Chaos Emeralds are, I promise that nothing will happen to her, and I'll leave you in peace.  Otherwise, I'll deliver her straight to Lord Asmodia... 


Sonic:  Asmodia?!


Knuckles:  Who's Asmodia?!


Sonic:  Chezni mentioned him.  Apparently he's really bad news.


Dark Void:  Did he also mention that Asmodia would be willing to kill off this planet's population without a second thought?  Imagine what he would do to an innocent little child like Cream...  I wonder what sound she would make...  when he rips her ears right from her head...


Sonic:  Don't you dare hurt her!


Dark Void:  That all depends on you.  Where are the Emeralds?!


Chezni's Voice:  Don't tell her anything!


<Sonic and Knuckles see Chezni running with a reddish orange crystal.>


Chezni:  <as he gets closer to Sonic and Knuckles> Knuckles, catch!!!


<Chezni tosses the crystal to Knuckles, who easily catches it.>


Knuckles:  Just focus on the crystal, right?


Chezni:  That's right!


<Knuckles focuses on the crystal and holds his right arm out.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<A bright red light surrounds Knuckles' right arm.  In a flash, the light subsides, and in its place is a red Matrix.>




Crystal Set!!!


<Like before, a panel opens above Knuckles' hand, and the crystal enters the Matrix, with the panel closing over it.>




Leyline Access!!!


<Knuckles aims his hand, open-palm, toward the ground.  On the ground in front of him, a round glyph appears.  The glyph turns red, and a massive red flaming demonic looking creature with two horns on its head flies out of it.  The creature looks at Knuckles, and holds out its fist toward the echidna and grins.  The two do a fist-bump, and then the creature turns into red energy, traveling through the familiar round channel.  The energy circles back and hits Knuckles, surrounding his chest, arms and legs with a red glow.  The glow starts to take the appearance of armor, and with flash and a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the armor takes physical form.  Knuckles is now wearing red armor, with the crystal set in the chest.  In addition, a red and gold emblem adorns his forehead, with the image of the strange creature set in the middle.  His fists also now have a red glow to them, as he clenches them, and does a few practice swings, leaving trails of flame as he swings his fists.>




The Blazing Fists and the Lord of Flame!  Nova Warrior Ifrit!!!


<Chezni is standing there stunned.>


Chezni:  A fire-based crystal...  We have the four Inner Elements...


Eden:  Fire for Knuckles, Ice for Amy, Lightning for Sonic, and Light for Tails...


Chezni:  I haven't seen a combination this perfect in over 150 years...


Dark Void:  One Nova Warrior isn't going to make a difference...


Sonic:  How about two?!


Leyline Access!!!


<In a blue flash, Sonic is transformed into Nova Warrior Fenrir.>


Dark Void:  So be it. 


<Dark Void aims her staff at Sonic and Knuckles.  The two jump out of the way, just as a pink blast whizzes past them and EXPLODES in the distance!  Sonic rebounds and goes into a spin dash, charging toward Asmodia's minion.  She holds her staff out in front of her, and Sonic's spin is held back, slowly stopping as he backs off.>


Sonic:  She blocked my spin attack...


Knuckles:  My turn!


<Knuckles charges toward Dark Void with a flaming punch.  Dark Void dodges the charge, causing Knuckles to slam his fist into a wall behind her, putting a MASSIVE hole in it!>


Sonic:  She's fast too...


Dark Void:  Is this all you've got?


Tails' Voice:  Not by a longshot!


<Tails and Amy both arrive, transformed.>


Sonic:  Be careful!  She's different from Eggman's robots!


Dark Void:  I see your whole gang has gathered.  Then it's time to introduce myself.  I am Dark Void, one of the Four Asmodian Generals!


Chezni:  Asmodian Generals...  Everyone, be careful!  Asmodia's Generals are his most powerful warriors!


Amy:  We'll see about that!


<Amy forms a Diamond Hammer in her right hand and runs toward Dark Void.  She slams the hammer down on the General, only for her staff to block it.  Then Dark Void brings her staff around, knocking the hammer upward, and then hitting Amy, causing sparks to fly off the armor!  Dark Void swings again, hitting Amy a second time, and finally shooting her point-blank with the pink beam, knocking the pink hedgehog into the air.  Amy falls to the ground next to Tails.>


Tails:  Amy!  Are you alright?


Amy:  <getting up> Yeah...  She really packs a punch!


Sonic:  She can't stop ALL of us! 


Knuckles:  Sonic's right!  Everyone!  Attack her together!


Dark Void:  If you insist...


<The four charge toward Dark Void.  She easily deflects Knuckles' punches, as well as Amy's hammer.  Tails backs away slightly and aims his Dream Busters at her, firing them.  She deflects those blasts to the side with her staff, causing EXPLOSIONS as they hit the ground!  Sonic spins into her, and this time she barely dodges out of the way.>


Dark Void:  Impressive.  If you had one more member, you might have overpowered me.


<Dark Void raises her staff into the air, and lightning shoots out of it, hitting Sonic, Amy and Knuckles.  Tails somehow manages to jump back and out of the way.  The other three are knocked down by the impact.>


Dark Void:  Now then...


<Dark Void approaches Tails.  He readies his Dream Busters again.>


Dark Void:  You must be their little genius...


Tails:  Get back!  I'm warning you!


Dark Void:  Now now...  There's no need for that...


<Dark Void grabs Tails by the back of his head and pulls him toward her.  Sonic, Amy and Knuckles struggle to slowly get to their feet.>


Dark Void:  That rabbit in your workshop would really appreciate it if you told me where the Chaos Emeralds are...  Or would you rather have Asmodia ask her?


Tails:  Cream...  <looking at Dark Void with a defiant stare> You leave her alone...


<Dark Void tightens her grip.  Tails winces from the pressure.>


Dark Void:  That's up to you...


Chezni:  Don't listen to her, Tails!  Asmodians don't keep their word!


<Tails looks at everyone else, and closes his eyes.>


Tails:  The Dark Swamp...  You'll find them at the Dark Swamp...  There's a temple there...  Inside, you'll find the Emeralds!


Sonic:  <realizing what is happening> Tails!!!


Dark Void:  That's better...


<Dark Void looks at the group and lets go of Tails.>


Dark Void:  All of you got lucky.  If he didn't tell me what I wanted to know, I would've just killed all of you here.  Nova Warriors might not die of old age, but they can still be slain.


<Dark Void turns to leave.  Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles try to run after her, but she points her staff behind her, shooting another blast of lightning at their feet, stopping them in their tracks.  She then continues to walk away until she is gone.>


Chezni:  No!  We have to go after her!


Sonic:  Don't bother.


Chezni:  But what about those Emerald thingies?


Knuckles:  They're safe.


Chezni:  Huh?


Tails:  <giving a chuckle> She bought it.


Eden:  Wait.  You mean the Emeralds aren't in the Dark Swamp?


Knuckles:  They're on Angel Island, where they've always been.


Sonic:  At least when we haven't needed them.


Amy:  Knuckles normally watches over them.  That's why he isn't always over here on the mainland.


Chezni:  Where IS Angel Island?


Knuckles:  Well, it moves around.  And you can only get there by air.


Tails:  I let Knuckles use the Tornado 3 in order to go to and from the mainland.


<Chezni smirks as he realizes what Tails just did.>


Chezni:  So you were playing her...


Sonic:  That's right.


Tails:  Completely.


Chezni:  You sly fox...


Sonic:  Yeah, I've called him that before too.


<Chezni comes to a realization.>


Chezni:  Oh yeah!  That rabbit is still at the workshop!


Tails:  Oh!  I'll go get her.


Chezni:  Actually, Sonic should go get her.


Tails:  Sonic?


Chezni:  I kind of told her not to let anyone in except for Sonic...


<Chezni scratches the back of his head as the others just stare at him.>






<The group makes their way to the workshop.  Sonic knocks on the door.>


Sonic:  Hey, Cream!  It's me, Sonic!


<Cream opens the door.  Cheese is seen over by the sapling.  He notices the group and flies toward them.>


Cream:  Mr. Sonic!  Is the bad person gone?


<Sonic gives a thumbs-up.>


Chezni:  It's alright now. 


Cream:  She asked me about the Chaos Emeralds.


Tails:  Oh yeah.  That's been taken care of.


Cream:  Really?  What'd you do?


Chezni:  You should've seen Tails.  He lied his butt off.


Amy:  Chezni!!!


Chezni:  What?


<Cream is looking irritated.>


Cream:  You told a lie?!


Tails:  Uh...  Yeah...  Sorry...


Cream:  Telling lies is really bad!


Cheese:  Chao!


Tails:  Cream...


Sonic:  Yeah, I don't know how to answer this one.


Eden:  She would not make a good lawyer.


<Cream is visibly upset.>


Chezni:  Wait!  Please don't get mad at him, Cream.  Um... I was the one that told him to lie.  I made him do it!


Tails:  Chezni!


Cream:  YOU?!


Chezni:  Yeah.  I'm sorry.  I know I shouldn't have.  But I didn't know what else to do.


Cream:  That was a very bad thing you did...


Chezni:  I know.  I'm sorry.  Please forgive me...


<Chezni bows his head.>


Cream:  ...  Well...  At least you told the truth about it...


<Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles just look on in awe.  Cream walks up to Chezni and pats him on the head.>


Cream:  Bad Chezni.


Chezni:  I'm sorry for being bad.


Cheese:  Chao Chao...


<The scene transitions to a swamp in the middle of nowhere.  Dark Void is seen searching it, to no avail.>


Dark Void:  I'm starting to think that I was lied to.


<Dark Void notices the ruins of a building in the distance.  She heads toward it.  Inside, she sees a torn up bed, and a broken chair.  There is nothing else.>


Dark Void:  When I get my hands on that fox...  Oh, he is going to pay...  He is going to pay dearly...


<Dark Void looks out of the only window left in the structure.  A small piece of steel is seen sticking out of the muck outside.>


Dark Void:  Although...  Perhaps I can take advantage of this...  After all, these things should be handled delicately.


<Dark Void starts laughing as the scene transitions to the interior of Tails' workshop.  Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Cream are talking on one side of the room, and Chezni and Eden are on the other.>


Eden:  Why did you cover for Tails?


Chezni:  I didn't want to see Cream mad at her friends.  They've been through enough, and they're going to go through more before long.  I wanted to at least give them this...


Eden:  I see...  You really are sentimental.


Chezni:  Yeah, well anyway...  The other day, you started to say something about that sapling over there.


Eden:  Yes...  But I don't know how to tell you this.


Chezni:  Just do it the way we do everything else.  Just say it straight out.


Eden:  That sapling...  That is the fifth S-Class signature.


Chezni:  Wait... are you sure?


Eden:  There is no mistake.


<Chezni looks at the sapling.>


Chezni:  How is that possible?


Eden:  I don't know.  But if we are to have a chance at stopping Asmodia, we had better figure this out.


<Chezni looks at the sapling and then focuses on it.  His Matrix appears on his arm in a flash.>


Chezni:  <whispering> Activate Libra...


<A screen appears over the Matrix.  It has various pieces of information, but they can't be made out from the angle we see it at.  Chezni is looking at the screen.>


Chezni:  It's S-Class alright... 


<Chezni presses a button on his Matrix.>


Eden:  What are you doing?


Chezni:  I'm saving the information on this energy signature.  I want to study everything about it.  I've never seen a plant give off an S-Class signature before...  There has to be a reason...


<Chezni walks toward the front door.>


Chezni:  Um...  I'm going out for a bit.  I'll catch all of you later.


Sonic:  Don't be a stranger.


Chezni:  Believe me, I couldn't if I tried.  This world is way too interesting.


<Chezni leaves the workshop and heads toward the city.>


Eden:  Where are we going?


Chezni:  We're going to find that 'Detective Agency'.  I want to see if they can help me get some answers here.


<Some time passes, and Chezni makes his way to what looks like a small office building.  Above the door in big letters is, 'Chaotix Detective Agency'.>


Eden:  This must be the place.


<Chezni knocks on the door.  A black and yellow striped bee about the same height as Cream opens the door.  His antennae are also black with yellow stripes, with very light blue, almost white wings on his back and orange eyes.  He has a tiny black nose on his peach colored muzzle, and also has peach colored skin on his arms and a silver stinger.  He is dressed in an orange vest with a bee emblem on it and a yellow zipper with a white polo collar.  On his head is a black pilot's helmet with a magenta trim, and orange and silver goggles on top of it.  His shoes are orange and white with black rings and yellow zippers.  His gloves are white like many others, but have black rings at the wrists.>


Chezni:  Uh...  Is this the Chaotix Detective Agency?


Bee:  <looking behind him> Hey, Vector!  We've got a client here!


<Suddenly, a bunch of stomping can be heard, as a large green crocodile is seen behind Charmy.  He fixes his golden-orange eyes on both Chezni and Eden.  He wears a very obvious gold chain and black shoulder pads.  In addition, he also sports white gloves with black cuffs fastened by gold buckles.  He is also wearing white and black headphones, and black shoes with white and orange outlines.>


Vector:  <looking over Chezni and Eden> ...  Well whaddya doin' out there?!  Come on in!


<Vector leads Chezni into the building and down a short hallway, into an office.  The office has a desk, three couches, each one parallel to one side of the room, and a fan on the ceiling.  There are small tables in front of each couch.  Vector sits down at the desk.  Chezni sits at the couch that faces the desk.>


Vector:  <to the bee> Hey, Charmy!


Charmy:  Yeah?


Vector:  Go get Espio for me!


Charmy:  Uh, about that...


Vector:  <looking annoyed> What is it?


Charmy:  Espio said something about 'communing with the natural flow of the universe to hone his skills'.


<Vector turns to Chezni and shrugs.>


Vector:  Ok, so Espio's takin' a leak.  It'll just be a couple minutes.


Chezni:  Well...  Maybe we could get started now and catch him up when he gets here?


Vector:  Yeah, but usually we all like to be here when we take on a job...


Eden:  Perhaps we can start with some questions before we begin.


<Vector and Charmy both look at Eden in amazement.>


Chezni:  Oh...  Yeah...  I forgot to mention that Eden here can talk.


Charmy:  A talking crystal...  Ok, that's a new one.


Chezni:  Anyway, how much do you charge?


Vector:  It depends on the job, and we get paid in full AFTER the job is done, NOT BEFORE.  We're professionals.  So we don't do things by halves.


Chezni:  I see...  I guess that'll work for what we need.


Espio's Voice:  <from behind the group> And what is it that you need?


<Chezni turns around, and nobody is there.  Suddenly a purple chameleon appears in front of him.  He has a yellow horn between his gold colored eyes.  He has a tan muzzle and also his chest has a tan heart-shape on it.  Three black spikes can be seen going down his spine, and his long tail has a coil at the end.  He wears purple shoes with black accents, and white gloves that have purple pads on the backs, and metal arm bracers.  Bandage-wrapped cuffs are seen on his wrists and ankles with gold studs on them.>


Chezni:  You must be Espio.


Espio:  Yes.  Now state your business.


Chezni:  Well...  My name is Chezni Vanguard.  And to put it simply, I need some information.


Vector:  Information?!  What kinda information?


<Chezni looks over the trio, Charmy is sitting on the couch to the right, and Espio is seated on the couch to the left.  He then turns back toward Vector.> 


Chezni:  This might sound weird.  But I need to know everything about a certain plant that Tails has at his workshop.


<The three look at each other, and then back at Chezni.>


Chezni:  More specifically, a sapling.


Charmy:  Chezni, that's...


Vector:  It might be better to ask Tails directly.


Chezni:  Uh...  I've got a feeling that might not be a good idea...


Espio:  He would literally be the best person to ask about that sapling.


Chezni:  I don't know.  I've really got a hunch that I shouldn't...


Eden:  Please help us.  It is imperative that we know as much as possible about it.  The very fate of the world could hang in the balance.


Vector:  <scratching the back of his head> Hoooooo boy...


Chezni:  My Matrix that I wear on my arm here can analyze energy signatures.  Eden then detects them and relays the information.  That sapling had an S-Class signature.


Eden:  That should be impossible for a sapling to have.


Sonic's Voice:  We might be able to explain that.


<Chezni gets up and turns to see Sonic and Tails standing in the doorway.>


Chezni:  Sorry, I just...


Tails:  No, it's something you should know about...


Chezni:  This looks like it's going to be a long story...


Tails:  Yeah...  <looking at Sonic> ...and I might need help telling it...


<On that note, the scene fades out and the episode ends.>

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Aaaaaaaaaand onto Episode 5.  Where we get some plot stuff, some fighty stuff, and some heavy stuff.  Yeah, any of you that are familiar with Sonic X probably knew that we had to address this at some point.  This is where that dark subject matter you were warned about in the first episode starts to happen.



<The episode begins in the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency.  Vector opens the window behind the desk to get a slight breeze going in the room, and then heads toward a refrigerator in the right corner.  Charmy follows him.>


Vector:  You all want some snacks?  <a sigh> This is gonna be kinda long...


Charmy:  <whispering to Vector> Comfort food?


Vector:  <whispering back> Comfort food...


<Sonic and Tails sit next to Chezni, who has scooted over to the right side of the couch.  Sonic is on the left side and Tails is in the middle, between Sonic and Chezni.>


Chezni:  You two want anything?


Sonic:  <looking at Tails> Um...


<Tails shrugs.>


Tails:  I guess we'll take some sodas?


Chezni:  Sounds good to me.


<Vector opens the refrigerator.>


Vector:  Any preference?


<Sonic, Tails and Chezni both look at one another and look back.>


Chezni:  I guess, just whatever you guys think is good.


<Vector tosses three nondescript cans of soda to Chezni, Sonic and Tails.  He then sits back down.  Charmy also returns to his couch.  Espio is sitting in silence.>


Chezni:  Hmm...  <looking at Sonic and Tails, then looking back toward the desk> Sooooooooo...  That sapling...


Sonic:  That sapling...


<Tails takes a deep breath.>


Tails:  That sapling...  has a story behind it...



Episode 5:  The Seed



<Three opened sodas are seen sitting on the table in front of the couch that Sonic, Tails and Chezni are seated on.  Tails is seen looking down slightly.  He then takes a deep breath.>


Tails:  The story of that sapling, is really...  the story of someone very special...  Her name was Cosmo...


Chezni:  Sonic, that wouldn't happen to be...


Sonic:  <giving a nod> Yep...  She's the one I mentioned...  one of the coolest people we ever met...  She's a hero if there ever was one...


Tails:  Her home planet was called Green Gate...  although she never lived there...  It was attacked by an evil force long before she was born...


Sonic:  Eventually, the planet itself was decimated and all of its inhabitants were either killed or escaped.


Tails:  Five members of the planet's military were transformed and became the Commanders of the enemy we came to know as the Metarex.


Chezni:  So the Metarex aren't the same enemy that attacked Green Gate?


Tails:  No...  That enemy was eventually driven off, at the cost of using the world's Planet Egg, and...  some...  'other measures'...  Nobody knows what happened to that mysterious enemy afterward...


Eden:  <whispering to Chezni> Planet Eggs must be what they call Star Seeds...


<Chezni nods.>


Tails:  It took a long time, but the Metarex eventually found the survivors of Green Gate and wiped them out...  Cosmo was the only survivor...


Sonic:  She crash-landed in our world, and after recovering, she told us about them and we set out into space to stop the Metarex.


Tails:  They were fearsomely strong...


Vector:  I remember when you confused US for them...


Sonic:  Yeah, I dunno what we were thinking...


Chezni:  So what happened?


Sonic:  Eventually, we started taking out their leaders, one by one.


Tails:  It wasn't a quick war...  and there were casualties.  Even Shadow lost someone.


Chezni:  Shadow...  Knuckles mentioned him...


Sonic:  Stick around long enough, and you'll eventually meet him.  We were separated, but I know he's still around.


Tails:  Cosmo and I...  became really close...


Chezni:  She meant alot to you, didn't she?


<Tails quietly nods.>


Tails:  She was...  so kind and gentle...  someone who would never willingly hurt anyone...


Chezni:  I see...


Tails:  Eventually, we engaged Dark Oak, the leader of the Metarex in one final battle.


Sonic:  It was the toughest fight yet.


Tails:  <looking down slightly>  He combined the remaining Metarex into a massive creature that they called Final Mova.


Sonic:  We all fought him with everything we had, but it wasn't enough to stop him...  He poured all of his remaining power into one final attempt to destroy everything...


Tails:  That's when Cosmo...  She transformed herself in order to stop his final attack...  Then I had to...


Sonic:  It's alright, Tails.  I'll tell Chezni the rest.  You don't have to...


<Chezni sits there taking a deep breath, as if he knows what Tails is about to say.  Tails then closes his eyes.>


Tails:  I had to pull the trigger...


Eden:  Not you...


Tails:  I loved her...  For the first time in my life...  I had someone who really understood me...  someone I could give everything to protect...  But I was the only one who could do it...  I used the ship's cannon and fired Sonic and Shadow at Cosmo and Final Mova...  I had to kill Cosmo!


<Chezni slowly places his hand on Tails' shoulder, almost as if it were a reflex.  Tails is fighting back tears.>


Sonic:  Shadow and I...  used something called Chaos Regeneration...  It produced a single seed.  That seed...


Chezni:  That seed is the sapling in Tails' workshop...


Sonic:  Yeah...


Chezni:  I'm so sorry...  I'm sorry I forced this...  I had no right to...


Sonic:  It's cool...  We wanted to tell you...  Actually, Tails was the one that suggested it...  Everyone living here knows about Cosmo's sacrifice...  But they don't all know how much she really meant to him...  Besides Vanilla, you're the first person who wasn't there that we've told the full story to...  She was the one that petitioned for Green Hill's town square to be renamed to Cosmo Square...  Something really set her off when she found out about what happened to Cosmo, and how it happened...  She kicked alot of butt to get it done...


Chezni:  {I'm not surprised...  He had to kill the one he loved...  and at such a young age...  I've seen my share of tragedy, but this...  This is just wrong...  Even cruelty should have limits...}


Eden:  So the reason we detected an S-Class signature was because...


Sonic:  The sapling came from Cosmo...


Tails:  S...  She said it was the hope of her entire race...  That's why...  That's why I have to take care of it...  Because if I do...  Her race might one day come back...


<Chezni stands up.>


Chezni:  I think, maybe we should all go out...  to get some air...


<Sonic and Tails nod.>


Chezni:  <looking at Sonic and Tails> Thank you for telling us everything.  <looking at Vector> Vector.


Vector:  <looking saddened as well> Yeah?


Chezni:  You let me know how much we owe you, and we'll pay it.  Just name the price.  I'm good for it.


Vector:  Forget it.  We didn't really do anything.  So it wouldn't be right to charge you, ya know...


<Chezni, Sonic and Tails leave while Vector, Charmy and Espio are left sitting in the office.  The fan is seen slowly turning.>


Vector:  That poor kid...  He's still takin' it this hard...


Charmy:  I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was THIS bad...


Espio:  Grief affects us all in many ways...  It would be easy to say that one day he'll be past it...  or just to look at him and fool yourself into thinking he is without knowing all the facts...


Vector:  Yeah, but having to kill someone you love...  and makin' a kid do it, no less...  I can't even imagine...  how I'd be if I had to do that to Vanilla...


Espio:  Do you think that might be why Tails did what he did in that fight with Eggman?


Charmy:  Wait...  You mean he was trying to...


Vector:  Yeah...  I wouldn't be surprised if killing the one he loved messed him up that bad...  Thing is, he might not even realize what he's doin'...  But Amy noticed...  And Sonic noticed soon after...


<Vector looks down at the desk.>


Vector:  First cute little Cream, and now Tails...


<Vector stands up and slams his fists on the desk.>




Charmy:  Join the club...  If I ever meet Fate, I'm sticking my stinger right up its...  Well, you get the idea...


<Outside, the sun is seen setting.  Chezni and Eden stand some distance away from Sonic and Tails.  Sonic has his hand on Tails' shoulder.>


Eden:  Are you sure you don't want to talk to them some more?


Chezni:  Not right now, Eden.  Let's just give them some space...


Eden:  Well, now we know why that sapling was giving off an S-Class signature.


Chezni:  That has to be Cosmo's energy...  There's no mistake... 


Eden:  It does explain a great many things.


Chezni:  But the question is, why would it be there at all?


Eden:  That would be the mystery...  If she died fighting the Metarex, there shouldn't be any of her energy anywhere.  A person's Ki disappears completely when they die.  There are no exceptions to this fact.


<Chezni comes to a realization.>


Chezni:  Eden...


Eden:  I was just thinking the same thing...


Chezni:  What if...  What if she isn't dead?


<Chezni looks at Sonic and Tails.>


Chezni:  Seriously, what if she's alive somewhere?


Eden:  Chezni, I hate it when you get like this.


Chezni:  You said it yourself!  That S-Class signature couldn't BE there if she was dead!


Eden:  But it could be someone else's.


Chezni:  How?  Nobody else's could've been connected to that sapling!  Not like that!  ...  It would have to be her!


Eden:  Even if that's the case, what do you suggest we do?


Chezni:  We find her.  And we bring her back.


Eden:  Assuming she is out there, do you realize how difficult finding one person would be?


Chezni:  I do...  It's like looking for a needle in a haystack the size of a universe.  But let me tell you something.  I've been around for over 170 years, and I've been to many worlds.  And I've seen more tragedy than most humans see in a lifetime.  Planets being destroyed, entire genocides happening...  It isn't hard to find...


<Chezni looks back at Sonic and Tails, who start walking toward the workshop.>


Chezni:  With all of the terrible tragedies that happen every day, everywhere, there has to be a point where something good comes out of it!


Eden:  Chezni...


Chezni:  I respect people that have the courage to make sacrifices for the greater good...  I really do.  But if there's a chance we can save somebody who gave up everything to protect this universe, then what reason would we have not to try?!


Eden:  You should understand that I wasn't saying I was against the idea.  I just wanted to explain how difficult this will be. 


Chezni:  I know...  But I want to do this.  Not just for them, but also for myself...


Eden:  Then where do we start?


Chezni:  Right here.  It all starts here...


<Chezni runs back toward the field where he left his ship.  Sonic and Tails both turn to see him running.>


Sonic:  Where do you think HE'S goin'?


Tails:  I don't know...


<Chezni reaches the field and presses a button on his Matrix.  The ship from before appears in a flash, and Chezni gets inside the cockpit.>


Chezni:  Eden!  Cross-reference the sapling's energy signature with all known energy signatures.


<Some beeping is heard in the ship.>


Eden:  Cross-referencing has begun.


Chezni:  Now, we wait...


Eden:  You do know you don't have to be in the ship, right?


Chezni:  Uh...  Oh yeah...


<Chezni gets out of the cockpit and presses a button on his Matrix, rendering the ship invisible and intangible.>


Chezni:  Guess I got a little carried away there.


Eden:  Just be happy you can dimensionalize the ship here.


Chezni:  Yeah, it'd be a big problem if someone came by and found it.  It'd be a repeat of what happened on that other world...


<Chezni and Eden both stand alone in the field for a minute.>


Chezni:  ...  Yeah, I think you were right...  This is gonna take awhile...


Eden:  We could go back to the workshop then.


Chezni:  Might as well.  The 'seed' has been planted and the ship's doing its thing.  Any signature we scan from now on will be cross-referenced automatically.  Same with any signature they scan.  It'll all get sent to my Matrix.


Eden:  You aren't going to tell them?


Chezni:  No.  Not yet.  Bringing somebody back from the proverbial dead isn't an exact science.  I don't want to get their hopes up.


<Chezni and Eden head back to the workshop.  Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are still there, but Cream isn't.>


Chezni:  I see Cream left.


Sonic:  Yeah, she had to go home.


Chezni:  I see...


Tails:  Vanilla worries...  She worries even more about Cream nowadays...  ever since...  well you know...


Chezni:  I guess I'd better come out and say it.  That Dark Void who works for Asmodia, she's just the advance force.  The main force will be here in a few days.


Sonic:  Are they all as tough as her?


Chezni:  Well, some of them are, and some of them aren't.  It depends on who Asmodia brings.


<The group sits in silence.>


Chezni:  I'll be honest.  She's one of the toughest Generals I've ever seen.  Most Asmodian Generals wouldn't be able to handle four Nova Warriors at once. 


Eden:  That's probably why Asmodia recruited her.


Chezni:  Yeah...


Tails:  You said before that Asmodia was worse than the Metarex.


Chezni:  Yes.  As bad as they sounded, he's definitely way worse...  Entire planets were completely annihilated by him, entire solar systems were ravaged or conquered.  He has no sympathy or pity for anyone or anything and only cares about himself and what he desires.


<Chezni leans forward.>


Chezni:  If we had the third force, then maybe...  But...


Eden:  The third force was wiped out centuries ago.


Amy:  You mentioned that before.  What happened?


Chezni:  That's the thing.  Nobody really knows.  The third force was detected on a planet in deep space.  But then one day, it was just gone.  The planet's still there, but the force itself is just...  gone.  I would assume Asmodia got to that world.  It makes sense.  If he knew that was his weakness, he would've done everything in his power to eliminate it.


Eden:  The Nova Crystals make up U-Class signatures, the Unknown.  People that are compatible with Nova Crystals have S-Class signatures, the Science part.


Chezni:  The last force is a separate signature that we haven't seen since before I was born.


Knuckles:  You know, it'd really help if you at least told us what the third one was.


Chezni:  Well...  Since you all have Matrixes...  It's an N-Class signature.


Eden:  I doubt we'll find one though.


Chezni:  Of course if we did, that would be a miracle in its own right...


<The scene transitions to the city.  Dark Void is on the streets looking around.  The various inhabitants are seen actively trying to avoid her now.>


Dark Void:  That's what I get for acting rashly...  They probably won't give me the time of day now...


Eggman's Voice:  You there!  Stay right where you are!


<A round pod, similar to the one we saw before is seen descending toward the street in front of Dark Void.  It opens to reveal Eggman and Bokkun.>


Dark Void:  Who are YOU?!


Eggman:  I'm asking the questions!  Why are you looking for the Chaos Emeralds?!


Dark Void:  My master wants them.  He ordered me to find them.  So that's what I intend to do.


Eggman:  Your 'master' wouldn't happen to be someone named Asmodia, would it?


Dark Void:  <sarcastically> Well done.  Are you a genius or something?  Because that was brilliant.


Eggman:  Shut up!  The Chaos Emeralds are MINE!


Dark Void:  Really?  So you have them, then?


Eggman:  Well, uh...  No...  Not yet...  Uh...  But I will soon!  And that infernal Hedgehog will be the first one I crush with my new Egg Beater 9,000, Hedgehog Edition!


Dark Void:  I don't have time for this...


<Dark Void starts to walk away.>


Eggman:  Who said you could leave?!


<Dark Void quickly turns and glares at Eggman.>


Dark Void:  I don't remember asking your permission!


<The Asmodian General aims her staff at the ground in front of Eggman's pod and shoots pink lightning at it, causing an EXPLOSION in front of the self-proclaimed Doctor!>


Dark Void:  You know, all this talk about Hedgehogs has given me the most wonderful idea.


<Dark Void fires a blast from her staff at one of the buildings, shattering it in an EXPLOSION!  The inhabitants are seen running away as the debris is collected into a floating ball.  Eggman looks on in disbelief.>


Eggman:  What in the...


Dark Void:  Just wait.  The surprise is coming...


<Dark Void fires an energy blast into the mass of debris, causing it to light up.  Various bits of concrete are seen flying off the mass, leaving only the pieces of steel.  Soon, the steel lights up and converges, forming the outline of what appears to be a Hedgehog.  As the light subsides, details can be made out.  The machine is blue, shaped like a Hedgehog, with red metallic shoes that have white stripes on them.  Its hands, shoulders, muzzle and upper arms are made out of a silver metal, with black palms on the hands.  Yellow plates are also seen on the backs of the hands as well.  His chest has a yellow circular depression on it, with a black center, and his eyes are black with glowing red retinas.  The metallic Hedgehog slowly lands and approaches Dark Void, bowing slightly.>


Eggman:  Well I'll be...


Dark Void:  In another time, in another place, this might have been your finest creation.  Nevertheless, meet Metal Sonic.


Bokkun:  Dr. Eggman...  That might be able to do it...


<Eggman purses his lips together.>


Eggman:  I'll make you a deal.  If you defeat that Hedgehog and his friends, I'll show you where the Emeralds are.  I'll bring you to them myself.


Bokkun:  Eggman, is that really a good idea?


Eggman:  Be quiet!  If she can just create Sonics out of destroyed buildings, there's no way the Hedgehog would last against her!  Even if he breaks this one, she could just make a hundred more!


Dark Void:  Now you're finally starting to understand.  THIS Metal Sonic is merely a test run.  I plan to create an entire army.


<Dark Void looks around at the various buildings in the city.>


Dark Void:  And the way I see it, there are plenty of resources here.  <looking back at Eggman> And one more thing.  Thank Asmodia for this.  He's the one that suggested making a robot as fast as Sonic.  What better way to do that than with a robotic hedgehog?


<The scene transitions to Tails' workshop.  Suddenly, Chezni's Matrix is giving off the same alert from before.>


Chezni:  <looking at the Matrix> It's coming from the city!


Sonic:  Then let's get movin'!


<The five of them leave the workshop and head toward the city.>






<In the city, Eggman is seen floating above the streets now, while Dark Void is seen on the ground.  Metal Sonic is next to her.  Sonic is the first to arrive in his familiar blue blur.  Soon, Chezni, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are also there.>


Amy:  <noticing Metal Sonic> Sonic, that doesn't look like your run-of-the-mill Hedgehog!


Dark Void:  <with a smirk> How very observant.  Allow me to introduce you...  to Metal Sonic!


<Metal Sonic's eyes light up as he walks toward Sonic.>


Chezni:  Wait...  Everyone, transform!!!


<Sonic holds his right arm out.  The Nova Crystal Fenrir materializes.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<The familiar blue light envelopes his right arm, obscuring it.  In a flash, the light disappears and leaves the blue Nova Matrix attached to his arm.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal flies toward the Matrix.  The top of the device opens above Sonic's hand, and the crystal enters the opening, which then closes, covering it.  Sonic then extends his right arm with the palm of his hand pointing away from him.>




Leyline Access!!!


<The familiar circular glyph appears and surrounds Sonic's open palm.  Then, the glowing blue wolf comes out of the glyph.  After a second, it turns into a blue beam of energy and enters the strange round channel.  As it surges through the channel, it circles back to where Sonic is, and hits him, encasing his arms, legs and chest in the same blue light.  The light starts to take the shape of armor and with the 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM' sound, the armor takes its familiar blue form, with the crystal set in the chest.  Sonic's quills now have a blue glow to them.  A blue and gold emblem is also now on Sonic's forehead as well.  In the middle of it is a decoration of a small howling wolf head.>




The Master of Speed and the Lord of Agility!  Nova Warrior Fenrir!!!


<Tails, Amy and Knuckles look at one another and nod.>


Tails, Amy and Knuckles:  <together>


Leyline Access!!!


<In a flash, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are transformed as well.>


Dark Void:  I see you're all here.  Metal Sonic!  Attack!


<Metal Sonic goes into a spin dash and charges toward the group.  In a flash of movement, the robot zigzags through the group, causing sparks to fly off their armor, knocking them back.>


Chezni:  He's fast...


Eggman:  How do you all like Dark Void's new creation?!


Sonic:  <regaining his composure> Eggman?!  You're in on this?!


Eggman:  Don't be foolish, Hedgehog!  I'm simply here to watch!  But if she defeats you, then all the better!


<Sonic goes into a spin dash, colliding with Metal Sonic's own spin dash.  The impact makes a 'KA-THOOOOOOM!' sound and causes a shockwave!  The two forces spin to a standstill, as Sonic is forced to back off.  Metal Sonic does the same and the two are now standing face-to-face.>


Sonic:  Man, that robot's something else...


Tails:  <tinkering with his Matrix> That thing's gotta have a weak point!


Dark Void:  I'm afraid not, my cute little two-tailed fox!  Do you take me for some fool?!


Sonic:  Not gonna comment.


Knuckles:  Same.


Amy:  Maybe I could hit it with my hammer and slow it down!


Sonic:  Amy, no!


<Amy runs toward the robotic Hedgehog.  It goes into a spin dash, as Amy materializes her hammer.  She swings it down on top of the spinning Metal Sonic.  Sparks fly, as the robot suddenly breaks the hammer with a 'KA-CRAAAAACK!' sound, and slams into Amy, sending her flying!  She lands and rolls a few times, ending up next to Chezni as her hammer turns back into energy and dissipates.>


Amy:  That...  Wasn't my finest moment...


Chezni:  You ok?


Amy:  Yeah...  I'm lucky I'm wearing this armor.


<Amy gets up, as Dark void is looking slightly annoyed.>


Dark Void:  You four are annoyingly resilient.


Chezni:  You haven't been with Asmodia very long, have you?!


Dark Void:  I've been with him for almost six months.  Long enough to deal with these rodents!


Chezni:  Let me let you in on a little secret!  Nova Warriors don't go down as easily as normal people!


Dark Void:  <narrowing her eyes> Is that so?


<Dark Void motions to Metal Sonic.  The robot immediately turns toward Chezni.>


Dark Void:  <with a smirk> Then I wonder...  How easily do YOU go down?


Chezni:  Uh oh...


<Dark Void motions to Metal Sonic.  The artificial Hedgehog starts walking toward Chezni.  It soon starts to pick up speed.>


Chezni:  Uh...  Help?


<Tails readies his Dream Busters, as the robot goes into a spin dash.  Chezni backs away.>


Eden:  Chezni, now would be a good time to...


Chezni:  I know!  Activate Haste Mode!


<Chezni's Matrix releases a white pulse of energy.  Suddenly, Chezni is able to move faster than before.  Metal Sonic spins toward the blue haired youth.  Chezni quickly sidesteps, and barely avoids the spin attack.  Metal Sonic skids to a stop, as if it didn't expect that to happen, momentarily losing its balance.  Chezni quickly runs to where Sonic is.>


Amy:  What did you just do, Chezni?


Sonic:  Yeah, you became almost as fast as me for a second there!


Chezni:  I used the Matrix's Leyline Link to harness the energy needed to cast a spell!


Sonic:  The Leyline what?


Eden:  To put it simply, each Nova Matrix has a series of spells it can cast.  Haste is one that is common to all Nova Warriors.


Chezni:  Be careful using it though!  It seriously weakens your defenses!


Sonic:  So if I use that Haste thingy...


Chezni:  You'll be even faster than you normally are!


Tails:  Kind of like using a Power Ring!


Chezni:  Not sure what that is, but I assume the effect is similar!


Sonic:  That's all I needed to know.


<Metal Sonic comes about and is now in front of Sonic and Chezni.>


Sonic:  Alright!  Haste Mode!


<Sonic's Matrix suddenly released a blue pulse of energy, and the Hedgehog goes into a spin dash.  He blasts toward Metal Sonic so fast that it's difficult for the others to see him.  Metal Sonic attempts to go into a spin dash, but isn't fast enough as Sonic tears into him, ripping him to shreds.  Sonic then spins past Metal Sonic's remains and lands behind the mechanical Hedgehog's back, or what's left of it.  With an EXPLOSION, Metal Sonic is blown to pieces.>


Chezni:  Not bad...


Dark Void:  Don't think this is over.  What you just saw was a test run.  I plan to make an army of those, and the next ones will be even more powerful.


<Dark Void aims her staff toward the street and fires a pink blast.  A strange round glowing door opens and she runs through, the door closing behind her.>


Eden:  It appears Asmodia is now close enough for Dark Void to Transmit back to his base.


Chezni:  Yeah...


<Sonic and the others revert to their normal forms.  Chezni turns toward them.>


Chezni:  We've got about a day, two at the most.


<Eggman is still sitting above the street.>


Eggman:  You said about a day or two?!


Chezni:  <looking toward Eggman> That's right!  And we're still short by one member!


Bokkun:  Why don'tcha just go to Angel Island and get the Chaos Emeralds?!


Chezni:  Angel Island?


Sonic:  <eyes widening> Yeah!  That's right!  With these new powers, the Chaos Emeralds will probably make us strong enough to deal with this Asmodia guy!


Knuckles:  There's a slight problem...


Chezni:  What?


????:  <a brooding voice, from behind Chezni> Maybe I should be the one to tell them...


<Chezni turns to see a black and red Hedgehog.  He has crimson eyes, with eyelids that have red outlines to them and he has a white tuft of fur on his chest.  His muzzle is tan with a black nose at the end of it.  Four of the five quills on his head curve upward at the end, and the middle fifth one curves down in back.  In addition, he has white gloves that have black cuffs with red tongues on the top of them, and white shoes with red outlines on them, and black sides and red tongues.  Finally, he has what look like four golden rings (limiters), one on each wrist and one around each ankle.  He looks at Chezni with a stern expression on his face.>


Sonic:  Shadow...


Tails:  You really DID make it back...


Eggman:  Well it's been fun!  I'll see you all later!


<Eggman takes off like a bat outta hell as the group is left with Shadow.>


Shadow:  <to Chezni> I assume you were in that ship that flew past me?


Chezni:  Wait...  <thinking back to when he flew past Shadow's craft> That was YOU?!


Shadow:  Well, that answers my question.


Chezni:  Wait a second.  Is this the Shadow you mentioned from the story about the Metarex?!


Sonic:  That's right.  Like me, he's a Hedgehog.  Shadow the Hedgehog.


Shadow:  I really hate that suffix...


Sonic:  Shadow!  You'll never believe this!  Chezni gave us some crazy new powers!


Shadow:  I see...


<Shadow turns to Chezni.  He holds out his hand, and in it is a violet crystal with a red tint.>


Shadow:  Those powers wouldn't be related to THESE, would they?


<Chezni is left stunned, as the others look on in amazement.>


Chezni:  How in the hell...


Eden:  Chezni, he's an S-Class...


Chezni:  How did we miss this?!


<On that note, the episode comes to an end.>

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Alrighty.  Onto episode 6.  I have to say, I am enjoying this way more than I anticipated.



<It is night in Central City, as Chezni, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy are looking on in shock at the mysterious crystal that Shadow just revealed.  He has the familiar stern look on his face that Sonic and his friends have seen all too often.>


Chezni:  You're a...  Nova Warrior?


Shadow:  So that's the reason I kept saying all those strange things when I transformed...


Sonic:  Yeah, long story, but we all have crystals like that now.


Tails:  That's right.  How in the world did you find one?


<Shadow looks at Tails and gives a slight smile.>


Shadow:  Maybe this would be better left for tomorrow morning...  It's getting late.


<Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy all have goofy expressions on their faces.  Shadow maintains the smile as he walks toward the Rainbow Unicorn.  He gives off a chuckle.>


Chezni:  Actually, that's a pretty good idea, Shadow!


<Chezni turns toward the others.>


Chezni:  We'll meet at the workshop tomorrow, ok?


<The other four still look utterly confused, but nod in unison.>


Chezni:  Alright.  Catch you later!


<Chezni follows Shadow, with Eden in tow, leaving the others.>


Tails:  Am I crazy...


Amy:  Or did Shadow look...


Sonic:  Really happy?  Almost...  creepily so?


Knuckles:  He laughed.  Guys, Shadow laughed.


Sonic:  I could count the number of times he's done that on one hand, and still have fingers left over...


<Chezni disappears into the city.>


Knuckles:  Well, I'm not going anywhere tonight.  So...


Tails:  <with a sigh> Yes, you can all crash at my place...


Sonic:  You're the best, pal!


<Sonic walks past Tails to the workshop.  Amy pats Tails on the head.>


Amy:  You're so sweet, Tails!


<Amy follows Sonic to the workshop.>


Knuckles:  I owe you one.


<Knuckles follows suit.  Once the others are some distance away from Tails...>


Tails:  This has just been a weird week...


<Tails starts to head back to his workshop.>


Tails:  I need to build more bunks...  They've been doing this alot lately...


<Tails walks off into the distance.>



Episode 06:  Asmodia Arrives



<In space, the asteroid from before is seen approaching an Earth-like planet.  On the asteroid, Asmodia is seen in his fortress sitting on a throne.  It is the same observation room as before, surrounded by a circular balcony.  A pillar in the middle has a pair of double doors.  His right hand is grasping a staff that has a dragon skull on the end of it.  General Crusala is seen standing next to him.>


Crusala:  Lord Asmodia, I've noticed that you always have your staff when you're seated.


Asmodia:  As you know, this staff is not designed for combat.  It is merely a conduit to help Asmodians to see.


Crusala:  To see?


Asmodia:  It allows me, or any of you to see visions of things that have happened in the past, things that are happening now, as we speak, and also things that have not yet come to pass, but will happen if the course of events is not altered.


Crusala:  And what did you see?


<Asmodia is silent for a moment.>


Asmodia:  I saw fate, eclipsed by the forces of Harmony and Chaos.


Crusala:  But what does it mean?


Asmodia:  Visions of the future are often without context.  It is likely too soon to discern exactly what it means...


Crusala:  I see...  In any event, we should arrive at the planet sometime tomorrow.


Asmodia:  I wonder if they'll be expecting us so soon...  I did put the Purgatorium through its paces...


Crusala:  Who knows...


<Dark Void is seen entering the room.  She approaches Asmodia.>


Dark Void:  Preparations are complete.  We can begin any time.


<Asmodia gets up and approaches the balcony that overlooks the planet.>


Asmodia:  Tell me, Dark Void.  Why do you think Nova Crystals keep individuals young forever?  For that matter, why do you think they usually choose younger people?


Dark Void:  I can't be sure.  But I would guess it has connections with the energy of their youth.


Asmodia:  That might be part of it.  But there's more.  Young people have hope.  They have light...  And most of all, they are naive...  weak and easily controlled...


Dark Void:  I see...


Asmodia:  Children always look up to their heroes.  They follow them everywhere, they want to be like them.  Any time they encounter a problem they aren't sure of the answer to, they ask themselves, 'What would these heroes do?'...


<Asmodia reaches the balcony and looks out toward the planet.>


Asmodia:  I learned the answer to that question nearly 2000 years ago, in another time and place.  Eventually, all children realize the truth.  Their heroes, for all the claims about being infallible, are just as flawed as everyone else...  just as mortal as the very children that look up to them.


<Asmodia puts his left hand on the railing.>


Asmodia:  And in the end, they realize that those heroes do nothing but hold them back. 


<Asmodia narrows his eyes as he continues to look down on the planet.  Violet energy surges through his staff.>


Asmodia:  And that's when children learn the truth...  they must grow up...  and open their eyes...


Dark Void:  How do you want to approach this, Lord Asmodia?


Asmodia:  The Chaos Emeralds are on that planet.  They scattered when Crusala went to that floating island with your staff.  It was probably some kind of defense mechanism that was triggered when he struck that altar.  For now, we'll let them gather the Emeralds for us.  You continue to create the army of Metal Sonics.  Use whatever resources on the planet you deem necessary.  I'll refine them as needed...


Dark Void:  Understood.


<The staff begins to glow more intensely than before.>


Asmodia:  And when it is over, they'll all of them finally realize the truth...


<Asmodia's eyes glow red.>


Asmodia:  They could have been gods...


<The scene zooms out to show the asteroid.  It is surrounded by several other large gray ships.  Smaller gray ships are seen escorting the larger ones.  The scene transitions to Tails' workshop during the day.  Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Chezni are there.  Shadow doesn't seem to be present yet.>


Chezni:  Wonder what's taking him so long...


Sonic:  He said he needed to get something.  Don't worry though.  If he says he'll be here, he'll be here.


<A knock can be heard at the front door of the workshop.  Tails opens the door, and Shadow is seen entering.  He is holding the Nova Crystal from before in one hand, and in the other hand, a strange violet gem that appears to be perfectly cut.>


Sonic:  Is that a Chaos Emerald?!


Knuckles:  Wait, you have one of them?!


Chezni:  You've mentioned those before, and that they're really powerful.  But what exactly IS a Chaos Emerald?


Amy:  Ready for another earful?


Sonic:  Well, to put it simply, they amplify someone's energy based on their emotions.


Shadow:  And if you have multiple Chaos Emeralds together, the energy gets amplified even further.


Tails:  Using all seven grants incredible power, but the downside is they get scattered across the world again.  If you use them in space, they could get flung to the far reaches of the universe.


Shadow:  It's all tied to a process known as Chaos Control.


Eden:  Chaos Control...  I wonder if they interact with the Leyline Web in some way...


Shadow:  Who knows?


Sonic:  Hey!  I just thought of something!  What if we combined these with the power of the Nova Crystals?


Eden:  The Nova Crystals already enhance your abilities.  Using the Chaos Emeralds in that way with the Nova Crystals could produce power on a scale we've never seen before.


Chezni:  There's a risk though...


Sonic:  What risk?


Chezni:  If what you said is true about the Emeralds, it would definitely enhance the power of a Nova Warrior...  But, the power it unleashes might actually push the crystal into Breaker Mode.


Tails:  Breaker Mode?


Chezni:  Nova Crystals become more powerful the more you use them.  This is true.  But even so, there is a limiter placed on them, to prevent their power from increasing too quickly.  Breaker Mode overrides that limiter.


<Chezni looks over the entire group.>


Chezni:  I've only ever seen it happen once, and its power went out of control and destroyed half a city, killing over 2,000 people...


Eden:  Chezni...


<The others simply stare back in silence.>


Chezni:  The person who was bonded to that crystal made a vow to never allow such a tragedy to repeat itself ever, and to never use Breaker Mode again...


Tails:  It was you...  wasn't it?


<Chezni nods.>


Chezni:  I wanted to tell you sooner, but it's not something I like to think about...  There are consequences for misusing the Nova Crystals...


Sonic:  So Eden went out of control and...


Chezni:  Don't...  blame Eden...  It was my mistake, and mine alone...  I was young, and I was arrogant...  There are no excuses to make for what happened...


Shadow:  Well if it's any consolation, I don't think you'll be needing to worry about this triggering any 'Breaker Mode' anytime soon.


Sonic:  Why'd you say that?


Shadow:  Look.  Notice anything unusual about the Emerald?


<Sonic looks at the Chaos Emerald carefully.  It is violet in color and just looks like a normal gem.>


Sonic:  I don't see anything.


Shadow:  Exactly.  There's nothing.  No light.  No energy.  Something drained the Chaos Emeralds of their Chaos energy.


Tails:  But that means...


Shadow:  It means we won't be able to use Chaos Control until we figure out how to recharge the Emeralds.


Sonic:  What about the Master Emerald?


Knuckles:  It won't work.


Sonic:  How come?


Knuckles:  It won't work, because I can't locate Angel Island.


<The others look at Knuckles in complete shock.>


Sonic:  You mean it moved?


Knuckles:  I have a sensory link to Angel Island.  If it moved, I'd know where it went to and I'd simply go there instead.  No, it's more like it just vanished.


Tails:  You don't think it was phased, do you?


Sonic:  You mean that thing that caused us all to end up on the other Earth?


Knuckles:  I can't be sure.  But if it was, then who knows where it ended up?


Chezni:  Ok, so when you say 'phased', do you mean spliced from one universe into another?


Knuckles:  You know about that?


Chezni:  Let's just say I'm familiar with the concept...  So you all ended up on another Earth?


Tails:  Yeah.  We spent several months there, and even made some new friends.


Sonic:  But then one day, we had to leave because of something that was gonna cause time to freeze.  We haven't been able to go back since.


Chezni:  Time Freeze...  You must mean Heat Death...


Eden:  The theory that all things in the universe slowly build up heat energy over billions of years, and cause the destruction of everything once it hits the boiling point and everything cools back down.


Chezni:  If this universe is parallel to the one you were sent to, that would explain why you needed to be sent back.


Eden:  If the theory of parallel universes is correct, then every person in one universe has a counterpart in another, like a cosmic duplicate or a soulmate.  With very few exceptions, having both exist in the same universe for too long a period of time would accelerate the process and cause the expansion to occur faster.


Sonic:  Uh...  This is way over my head...


Tails:  Basically, two of the same object can't exist in the same universe for very long.


Eden:  At least not unless we pass through the Dimensional Tower or the Grand Rift.


Sonic:  The what and the WHAT?


Chezni:  The only two known ways to traverse the multiverse without having to worry about Heat Death or a Time Freeze.  The Dimensional Tower, which given where we are, is definitely NOT an option.  And the Grand Rift, basically the hub I used to get to this world.


Sonic:  You mean that we could use that Rift thingy to visit Chris?!


Eden:  It is conceivable that there would be a pathway to his world from there.


Sonic:  Once this is all over, maybe...


Chezni:  Theoretically, you could visit his world.


Eden:  And you would be safe if you went to that world through the Grand Rift.  Any other means though...


Chezni:  This is where the problem arises...


Knuckles:  If Angel Island was sent to another universe, then the same thing could happen with the island that Chris's family and the others warned us about!


Chezni:  Then we need to find the Chaos Emeralds, and Angel Island.


Knuckles:  Ok, and how do you propose we do this?


Chezni:  You said that you were on the other Earth for several months before anything happened, right?


Sonic:  Yeah.


Chezni:  That means we have time.  Let's focus on locating the Emeralds first.  They must have been scattered when the island phased.  That's why Shadow was able to find this one.  Once we have all seven, then we can worry about the island.  If it moves around randomly, then there's a chance it could appear here again.  Then we can figure out why it's phasing to other universes.


Tails:  That actually...  makes sense...


Chezni:  Knuckles, can you keep us posted on whether the island is here or not?


Knuckles:  Will do.


Sonic:  Let's just hope it doesn't go to the other Earth again... 


<The scene transitions to Central City at midday.  Cream is seen walking with Cheese flying in tow.  She is holding an ice cream cone in her hand.  Vector is seen approaching Cream, holding a small box.  As he gets close to the rabbit...>


Vector:  Cream!  Uh...  I was wonderin' if you could do me a favor...


Cream:  Of course, Mister Vector.


Vector:  Uhh...  You don't have to call me 'Mister'...  I'm not that old...


<Cream looks up at Vector with her big eyes.>


Vector:  Um...  Anyway, er...  Could you...  give this box to your mother?


Cream:  What's in it?


Vector:  Just a little something I picked up that I thought she'd like.  You know...


Cream:  If you're giving somebody a present, you should give it to them in person.  That's what Mom always tells me.


Vector:  Yeah...  I'm sorry for asking ya.  But, I'm not really all that good at this kinda stuff.  Please, I'm beggin' ya!  You gotta do this for me!


Cream:  <sigh> Ok, but you have to give her the next present in person!


Vector:  Thanks, Cream.  You're a lifesaver!


<Vector hands Cream the box.  She tucks it away in a pocket in her dress.>


Vector:  Well, I'll be seeing...


<Suddenly EXPLOSIONS ring out around the two as two buildings behind Vector are blown apart!  A strange silver and black ship is in the sky.  Vector grabs Cream and dives out of the way as another blast shoots past them, barely missing them and hitting the spot they were just standing on!  Other anthropomorphic citizens are seen running from the area.>


Vector:  This is nuts!


Cream:  We have to get to Mr. Sonic and the others!  They'll know what to do!


<Vector nods, as the two get up and take off to the north.>






<The alert goes off on Chezni's Nova Matrix, as Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails and Amy all look at one another.  They all run out of the workshop and toward the city, followed by Chezni and Eden.>


Sonic:  <as he is running, by his standards a light jog> I'm surprised they keep going after this city.  You'd think they'd find another place to target!


Chezni:  You'd think!


<As the group nears the city, Cream and Vector run toward them.>


Vector:  I'm glad you're all on the way!  The city's gettin' attacked!


Cream:  Why won't they leave us alone?!


Chezni:  Cream!  Remember where I said to run to before?


Cream:  The workshop?


Chezni:  You got it!  We'll see you there later!  Go there, and stay there until we get back!


Sonic:  Uh, that's not gonna fly today!


<Several Metal Sonics are now seen dashing toward the group.  They all stop between the group and the workshop.>


Cream:  <closing her eyes> Mr. Sonic!!!


Sonic:  Stay behind us, Cream!  We've got this!


Chezni:  I'll keep an eye on these two!  You guys just do your thing!


<Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles all step forward.  Shadow crosses his arms and watches.  Vector, Cream and Cheese are standing next to Chezni and Eden.>


Cream:  Mister Chezni, what's going on?


Chezni:  Don't worry.  Everything'll be alright.  And you don't have to call me 'Mister'.  Just Chezni is fine.


Cream:  Ok, Chezni.  But what's happening?


Chezni:  You're about to have one heck of a story to tell your mom.


Vector:  Is that right?


Chezni:  Oh yes.


<The four all hold out their right arms and their crystals levitate from their hands.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles:  <together>


Nova Matrix!!!


<In a burst of light, each of the four materializes their Matrix.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles:  <together>


Crystal Set!!!


<The panels above their hands open, with the crystals flying into their respective Matrixes, and the panels closing over them.  The four all place their open palms in their respective positions.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles:  <together>


Leyline Access!!!


<The four glyphs appear, and Fenrir, Unicorn, Shiva and Ifrit erupt from them.>


Vector:  Well I'll be...


<Cream is just looking wide-eyed and amazed.>


Chezni:  Cool, huh?


<The four beings become energy and enter the familiar channels.  The energy rushes through the channels, criss-crossing over one another, until each finds its mark on the respective warrior.  Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles all light up, with their respective colors that begin to take the form of armor.  Vector and Cream are seen standing there in awe.  Finally, in a flash and with a loud, 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the various armors form on their bodies, with the crystals in their chests!  Their foreheads are adorned with their respective emblems, as each one turns toward the Metal Sonics.>




The Master of Speed and the Lord of Agility!  Nova Warrior Fenrir!!!




The Spirit of Knowledge and the Lord of Dreams!  Nova Warrior Unicorn!!!




The Spirit of Passion and the Queen of Frost!  Nova Warrior Shiva!!!




The Blazing Fists and the Lord of Flame!  Nova Warrior Ifrit!!!


<The four stand in a line, facing the Metal Sonics.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles:


Guardians of the UniverseNova Warriors!!!


<A surge of energy is seen behind the group.  Vector and Cream are still looking on in awe.  Chezni is just standing there with a grin on his face.>


Cream:  They can transform?


Chezni:  That's right.  Meet the newest Nova Warriors.


Shadow:  So that power isn't unique to just me...


Chezni:  You want in on this?


Shadow:  I'll watch for now.  <with a smirk> But I'll jump in if things get too tough for them.


<Shadow looks at the city.  Flames are seen all around the buildings.>


Shadow:  It's possible I might have to deal with this, at least.


<Tails forms his Dream Busters, and Amy forms her Diamond Dust hammer.  Knuckles cracks his knuckles, and Sonic digs his feet in.>


Sonic:  Everyone ready?


<The group nods.>


Sonic:  Then let's take these Hedgehog wannabes out!


<Sonic goes into a spin dash and immediately collides with one of the Metal Sonics.  Sparks fly off the machine as Sonic keeps spinning, eventually ripping through the robot!  Tails starts firing in the direction of two more.  They dash out of the way and come about.  Tails narrows his eyes and takes another shot, hitting the spot, just as the Metal Sonic gets there!  It EXPLODES on impact, scattering debris everywhere!>


Chezni:  They're definitely getting stronger...


Eden:  This might be me, but does it seem like their power and skill are increasing faster than normal?


Chezni:  Yeah...  Maybe it's a side effect of this world.  Man, I wish I could transform...


<Amy readies her hammer as a Metal Sonic spin dashes toward her, she hits it, causing it to ricochet off the hammer, and into another Metal Sonic.  Both robots collide and are blown apart in an EXPLOSION! Chezni, Eden and Shadow stand by where Vector and Cream are.>


Shadow:  Why can't you transform?


Chezni:  Well, I kinda busted my Matrix awhile back, and ever since then I haven't been able to transform...


Shadow:  You should ask Tails about it.  That kid can fix pretty much anything.


Eden:  That's a valid point.


Chezni:  Huh...  I hadn't thought of that...  I think I'll take your advice and ask him next time I'm in his workshop.  <looking at the fight>  That is, if we ever have time...


<Knuckles is seen charging toward one of the Metal Sonics.  As it spin dashes toward him...>


Knuckles:  Haste Mode!


<Knuckles' fists light up right as he punches forward, accelerating him toward the Metal Sonic!  His fist collides, and smashes through the robot's body, completely obliterating it!  Sonic dashes toward Chezni, stopping in front of him.>


Sonic:  Real quick.  You said we had some kind of other spells?


Chezni:  Yeah, each of you should have access to spells through your Matrix!  But remember, it temporarily drains your defenses!  If you use them too much, you'll be in danger!


Sonic:  Ok, which ones do I have?


Chezni:  You'll know!


<Sonic's eyes widen as the green coloring flashes briefly.  He gives a smile.>


Chezni:  Now you're getting it!


<Sonic dashes back to the fight.  The remaining Metal Sonics converge on Sonic, as electricity starts surging through his fists.  He puts his palms together.  As he separates them, a ball of electricity is seen forming between his hands.>


Sonic:  Hey, Metal... Mes!  Eat this!!! 




<Sonic hurls the ball at the Metal Sonics.  It hits the one in the middle and EXPLODES, sending a shockwave of electricity out, frying the remaining robots!  They collapse in a series of EXPLOSIONS as scraps are thrown everywhere!>


Sonic:  These are getting kind of repetitive.  I hope Dark Void comes up with something better.


Tails:  I think we still have problems.


<Sonic turns and notices the city is still being fired upon by the strange ship.>


Sonic:  Oh, right.  That's also happening this time...


Amy:  How are we supposed to get up THERE?


Tails:  We could use the X Tornado, and...


Shadow:  <from over by Chezni> Forget it!  There isn't time!


<Shadow walks toward the others.  Soon, he is facing Sonic.>


Shadow:  That ship is in the sky, which means you need someone that can fly.


Knuckles:  Wait.  I can only glide, and you can't fly.


Shadow:  <giving a smile> I can now.


<Shadow holds up his crystal.  Then he turns toward the city.>


Shadow:  I'll take care of the ship.  You keep an eye on everyone here.


<Shadow holds his right arm out.  The crystal levitates from his hand.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<A violet light surrounds Shadow's arm, and a violet and red Matrix appears.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The panel above Shadow's hand opens and the crystal flies into it, with the panel closing over it afterward.  Shadow then points his right open palm toward the sky.>




Leyline Access!!!


<A violet beam shoots out of Shadow's hand toward the sky.  A roar can be heard as a massive violet and red dragon is seen flying down at a breakneck speed.  Its eyes glow as it turns into violet energy and enters the familiar channel, circling around until it hits Shadow.  The violet energy covers Shadow's arms, legs and chest, lifting him slightly off the ground.  The energy begins to take the shape of armor, with dragon-like wings on his back.  Finally, with a flash and a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, violet and red armor materializes physically on Shadow's body with the wings on his back.  A violet emblem is seen on his forehead, with small dragon wings on either side of his head, and a crest in the shape of the dragon's head in the center of the emblem.>




The Lord of Dragons and Master of the Skies!  Nova Warrior Bahamut!!!


<Cream is awestruck at what just happened, as Vector looks on in equal amazement.  Even Chezni looks shocked.>


Cream:  Mr. Shadow too...


Chezni:  I'll be a son of a...  he found a Bahamut Crystal...


Eden:  One of the rarest Nova Crystals of them all...


<Sonic makes his way back to where Chezni is.>


Sonic:  You said that thing's super rare?


Chezni:  That's right.


Sonic:  Huh...  Figures Shadow'd get the rare one.


Chezni:  What's his deal anyway?


Sonic:  Not sure.  He's acting a little out of character.  Usually, he's just really angsty and broody all the time.


Chezni:  Huh...


<Shadow takes off into the sky toward the strange ship.  He quickly closes in and lands on one of the ship's pointed wings.  He points his right hand at the ship's main body.  A ball of fiery energy materializes in front of his hand.>


Shadow:  I don't know what's come over me...  But I can't let you keep attacking this world.  Leave them alone!!!




<Shadow launches the ball, which propels him off the wing from the recoil!  The ball hits its mark and expands in a blazing fireball that soon engulfs the entire ship!  Then an EXPLOSION scatters pieces of the ship in all directions!  Shadow sees a large piece heading for Tails' workshop.  He quickly flies toward it, and spin dashes into it, breaking it apart into harmless bits!  Cream looks on in wonder, as the rest of the group is utterly amazed.>


Cream:  Wow...  Mr. Shadow is so cool...


Chezni:  Yeah, he's pretty cool...


Sonic:  Not as cool as me, mind you.  But still pretty cool...


Knuckles:  <to Sonic> Nice to see you still have humility...


Amy:  How is he this powerful?


Eden:  He must have bonded with his crystal before we came to this world.  That might explain why he seems to be so much more powerful.


Tails:  That makes sense...  If he had more time with his crystal, then he would've unlocked more of its powers.


Chezni:  Yeah...  Given enough time, all of you will become just as strong.  No...  even stronger...  This is just the beginning...


<Shadow lands in front of the group.  He crosses his arms and gives a smile.  The scene transitions to the next day at Tails' workshop.  Tails is seen watering the sapling, as Chenzi, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are seated in a semi-circle.>


Sonic:  Another universe?


Shadow:  Yeah, that's about the size of it.  I don't know how I ended up there.  But I'm guessing it happened after...


<Shadow sees Tails still tending to the sapling.>


Shadow:  <lowering his voice> After you-know-what...


Chezni:  <also talking in a low voice> You mean after that regeneration thingy?


<Shadow nods.>


Eden:  <also talking in a low voice> Chezni, you don't think that she also...


Chezni:  <to Eden> Not now...


<Eden falls silent as the others look on in confusion.  Chezni stands up.>


Chezni:  Heh heh...  Well look at the time!  I'd better be going!


Amy:  But it's only a little past noon.


Chezni:  Yeah, but uh...  I've...  got some things I need to take care of.  I'll be back tomorrow...  Unless they attack again, in which case you'll see me later today!


<Chezni immediately runs out the door.  Sonic gets up.>


Sonic:  I'm gonna go out for some air.  I'll be back in a bit.


<Sonic runs out after Chezni, leaving the others looking confused.  Chezni is seen running to the open field near Green Hill.  Sonic is close behind him, though the Hedgehog isn't really putting much effort into keeping up.  He doesn't need to.  Chezni presses a button on his Matrix, and the ship appears.  He gets inside of the cockpit.>


Chezni:  Alright...  Let's see how we're doing with the search...


Sonic:  What search?


<Chezni looks to the side, and sees Sonic with his arms crossed.  Chezni gives a nervous laugh.>


Chezni:  Heh heh...  Um...  Well...


Eden:  You really should have told at least one of them.  Applejack always said that if you keep secrets, people always eventually find them out.


<Chezni jumps out of the cockpit.>


Chezni:  Ok, Sonic.  I'm sorry I kept this from you.  But before I tell you what I'm doing, I need you to promise me something.


Sonic:  Ok?


Chezni:  I need you to promise me that what I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this area.  Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow...  They can't know what I'm doing.  Nobody can.  At least, not until I'm sure...


Sonic:  Sure of what?


<Chezni pauses and takes a deep breath.  On that note, the episode ends.>

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Alrighty.  Onto Episode 7.  Drama, drama, drama!  The name of the game today is DRAMA!  How do you deal with drama?  Do you lift one eyebrow and look ominous?  I do.



<The episode begins at midday in the open field near the town of Green Hill.  Chezni is awkwardly staring at Sonic, who is tapping his toe impatiently.>


Sonic:  Well, what's going on?  You know I hate waiting.


Eden:  Please just give him a minute.  He's...  trying to find the right words for this.


<Chezni looks around, and then takes another deep breath.  He pauses for what seems like a long time.  Then he looks at Sonic.>


Chezni:  ...  <suddenly, and somewhat loudly> I DON'T want to get everyone's hopes up!


<Sonic is somewhat startled by how loudly Chezni said that.>


Sonic:  Look man, you can talk to me.  I won't say anything to them.


Chezni:  It's not that.  It's just... 


Eden:  Chezni, it might be for the best if someone besides us knew about this.


Chezni:  Ok.  I'll tell you...  I don't know what the best way is to say this, so I'll just start here.


<Chezni motions to the ship.>


Chezni:  You've probably figured this much out by now, but this is the ship I arrived on.


Sonic:  Yeah, that's kind of obvious.


Chezni:  The thing is, it does more than just fly around.


Sonic:  Ok?


Chezni:  Before I continue, I have to ask you a question.


Sonic:  Alright.  But nothing too complicated, ok?  I don't 'science' all that well...  That's more Tails' department.


Chezni:  You remember when I was talking about energy signatures, like S-Class and whatnot?


Sonic:  Yeah, you said S-Class signatures belonged to people that could use Nova Crystals.


Chezni:  And remember how I was examining the sapling that Tails takes care of ?


Sonic:  Yeah.  <eyes widening> It's not sick or anything, is it?


Chenzi:  No.  The sapling is fine.  The truth is, I kept examining it because I detected an S-Class signature from it.


Sonic:  And that's why you seemed to be confused about that?


Chezni:  Yes.  I was confused for a reason.  Energy signatures are analyzed using a person or creature's Ki, their life force.


Sonic:  Ok?


Chezni:  Every living thing in the world, in the universe, has some sort of Ki energy.  You, me, everyone in Green Hill and Central City, even the fish in the water, that creature Cream has with her, or the birds you call flickies.  Even the grass and trees.


Sonic:  So this energy you call 'Ki' exists in anything that's living?


Chezni:  Yes...  Of course, the term 'Ki' isn't native to Starlance.  We went to another world where they used that term and Starlance just adopted it because it was more convenient than calling it life energy.


Eden:  To put an end to this tangent before it becomes indefinite, the Nova Matrixes can analyze that Ki to determine its signature, whether it's a B or C-Class, the two most common, or the rare S-Class signatures someone needs to possess in order to use Nova Crystals, or the A-Class signatures that Asmodians give off.


Chezni:  But at the end of the day, no matter what signature somebody has, no matter how good it is, no matter what letter of the alphabet it is, it's still life energy.


Sonic:  Ok, I think I'm getting the jist of it?


Chezni:  Here's where things get confusing for me.  There is no possible way a sapling would be giving off an S-Class signature.  Saplings, like all other plants would give off a C-Class signature.  Even if that sapling came from another world or even another universe, there would be no exceptions.


Sonic:  So what you're saying is...


Chezni:  It had to come from someone else.  And that someone has to be alive.  A person's Ki disappears completely when they die.  This is a fundamental aspect of the natural world.  There is no changing it.


Sonic:  So the person who left that energy on the sapling, maybe it's one of us?


<Chezni shakes his head.  He then takes another deep breath.>


Chezni:  It couldn't be one of you that did it.  None of your signatures matched.  And nobody else on this planet has an active S-Class signature.  There's only one person in the universe the energy could possibly have come from...  the one that created the seed.


<Sonic's eyes widen.>


Sonic:  You can't mean...


Chezni:  It has to be Cosmo.


<Sonic suddenly grabs Chezni's arm and pulls him closer.>


Sonic:  Are you sure?!  I mean...


Chezni:  It's definitely her.  That's why I have the ship here cross-referencing the energy with all known signatures.  It's a long shot, but if any of us somehow come across her, my Matrix will tell me.


<Sonic's eyes now display a sense of urgency, almost desperation.>


Sonic:  If she's out there, you need to find her!  Please!  You just have to find her!


Chezni:  Like I said, it's a long shot.  But we're going to do everything we can.


Sonic:  If you need my help, just tell me what you need me to do!


<Sonic lets go of Chezni's arm.>


Sonic:  <shaking> Tails...  went through so much trying to keep her safe, and in the end he had to kill her...  He had to kill the one he loved to stop the Metarex...  I...  I can't even imagine what that was like...  I don't know what I'd do if I had to do that to...  I don't even know if I'd be able to live with myself after that...


<Sonic turns slightly and looks down at the ground, closing his eyes.>


Sonic:  He was messed up for a long time after that...  and started doing...  irrational things...  And it's my fault...  It's my fault it happened...  It's my fault he got like that...  If I'd just been a little stronger, or faster...  or a little less arrogant...  I could've put an end to the Metarex sooner without needing to sacrifice anyone...  My own stupidity led to this...  If you hadn't shown up when you did...


Chezni:  Look, I can't speak from firsthand experience on what went on out there.  I wasn't there.  But I somehow seriously doubt that Tails or anybody else wants you to go around blaming yourself...


Sonic:  Still...  If she's alive out there, we've got to find her... 


<Sonic turns and looks toward the workshop.>


Sonic:  No...  We'll definitely find her...  I wasn't there when he needed me then, but I can at least be there for him now...


<Chezni walks to his ship.  He jumps into the cockpit, and presses a few buttons.  The system beeps a few times.  Then, he jumps back out of the cockpit.  Sonic turns back to Chezni.>


Chezni:  I just tuned your Matrix to the ship's database.  Now you'll receive the same information my Matrix does.  If you find her, you'll know it.  This is all we can do for now.


Sonic:  Alright.


Chezni:  Now let's get back.  And whatever you do, don't tell the others about this!  Not until we're sure.


Sonic:  <giving a thumbs up> Right.


<Sonic and Chezni start walking toward the workshop.>


Sonic:  Wherever you are, Cosmo...  I promise we'll find you...  Just hang in there...


<Sonic and Chezni continue to head back to the workshop.  Vector is seen poking his head out of some bushes, along with Charmy and Espio.  All three are taken aback by what they just witnessed.>


Vector:  Cosmo's...  alive?


Espio:  The way Chezni explained it, it makes sense...


Charmy:  I...  I really hope they find her...


<The scene pans upward and fades out.>



Episode 07:  The White Crystal - Part 1



<Chezni, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow are all sitting around at the workshop.  Chezni is pointing his Matrix at the violet emerald.>


Chezni:  Okaaaaaay.  So the thing is, it does have a little bit of energy in it.


Shadow:  Yes, but not enough to use Chaos Control.  That's the point.


Chezni:  Still...  It might be enough for what we need right now.


<Chezni turns to Tails.>


Chezni:  Could you do me a favor, Tails?


Tails:  Let me guess.  You need somebody to make a custom radar for finding the rest of the Chaos Emeralds using these low energy signatures.


Sonic:  That IS right up your alley.


<Tails looks around.>


Tails:  I guess it wouldn't take TOO long...  I'll need your Matrix, Chezni.


Chezni:  No problem.  Speaking of which, there was something else I needed to ask you...


<Chezni gets up and goes off with Tails into a room in the back with Eden in tow, leaving the rest of the group to wait.>


Sonic:  Soooooo...  Shadow.  You said you ended up in another universe.


Shadow:  <giving a smile> That's right.


Sonic:  So then, how did you get back?


Shadow:  We can thank Asmodia for that one.


Sonic:  Wait, Asmodia rescued you?


Shadow:  Not exactly.  It was more of an accident.  He was there apparently looking for something.  I'm guessing he found it, because he opened some sort of portal.  I managed to steal one of his ships and use it to get back to this universe from that portal.


Amy:  What do you think he was looking for?


Shadow:  Well...  I...  have no idea.  When I got back, I ended up on Cascade near Molly's grave.  It took me some time, but I found Asmodia's base again.  That's when I noticed it was heading here.


Knuckles:  And we all know the rest of that story.


<Chezni and Eden exit the back room and sit over by Sonic and the others.  Chezni turns to Sonic.>


Chezni:  Sonic.  You and Tails seem to be really good friends.  Like, almost brothers.


Sonic:  Yeah, he's my best friend...  I guess we are kinda bros...


Chezni:  How did the two of you meet?


Sonic:  <looking a little bit embarrassed> Well, it's...  no big deal...


Amy:  I'll tell him, Sonic.


<Chezni turns toward Amy.>


Amy:  Tails...  was bullied alot by other kids because of his two tails, and also because of how smart he is.  One day, he met Sonic after tuning up his plane, and the two have been best friends ever since.  Tails really looks up to Sonic.  He's his personal hero.


<Amy whispers in Chezni's ear.>


Amy:  <whispering> Sonic acts cool and tough all the time, but he's actually really sweet.  He's become kind of protective of Tails ever since the Metarex War ended...  even moreso after a certain...  thing happened...  He'd move the universe if it meant helping him...


Chezni:  <whispering back> Yeah, I got that impression.


<Tails exits out of the back room.  He is holding a rectangular object with a screen on it.>


Tails:  Ok, this is just a prototype.  But it should help us start looking for the Emeralds while Chezni's Matrix is being tuned.


<Tails looks at the group.  Shadow is looking slightly out the window, while Knuckles is twiddling his thumbs.  Amy is just smiling at him, and Sonic still looks embarrassed.  Chezni just has a goofy grin on his face.>


Tails:  Uh, what's going on, everybody?


Chezni:  <scratching the back of his head> Uh...  Nothing.  Right?


<The others nod in unison.>


Tails:  ANYWAY...  This radar should be able to detect the Emeralds.  I just have to turn this on and...


<Tails turns the device on, and seven lights are seen on the radar.  One in the center, two to the south, one to the northwest, and three directly to the east.  Sonic gets up and goes over by Tails to look at the radar.>


Sonic:  Ok, correct me if I'm wrong.  <Sonic points to the two clusters of Emeralds> But it almost looks like there are Chaos Emeralds bunched together here and here.


Tails:  <looking at the radar> You're right.  The one in the middle here, that's the one we have, but there are three to the east, two to the south and the single one to the northwest.


Shadow:  That IS unusual.  Normally when the Emeralds scatter, they each go to a different location.  It's how the polarity of the Emeralds works.


Eden:  Like opposing ends of a magnet.


Tails:  Exactly.  The only reason groups of Emeralds would be together after being scattered, is...


Chezni:  If someone else was looking for them.


Sonic:  And there are two people I can think of that would want them...


Tails:  Eggman...


Knuckles:  And Rouge...


Sonic:  Oh.  What about Asmodia?


Chezni:  If it was Asmodia or one of his Generals, we'd detect an A-Class signature on our Matrixes.


Sonic:  Oh yeah.  Good point.


Amy:  Then that just leaves the other two...


Chezni:  Ok then...  So where do we go first?


<Tails looks at the radar, and notices the Emeralds that are south of their position are heading north.>


Tails:  The two south of us are on the move.


Chezni:  Wait, that would mean they're headed...


Tails:  Right in this direction.


Chezni:  Then if we wait until they get close...


Sonic:  We could knock two of them out at the same time!


Shadow:  In that case, I'll go get the one to the northwest.  That's likely the only one that nobody's gone after yet.


Sonic:  But Shadow, you don't...


<Sonic is too late, as Shadow opens the front door and dashes out at top speed.>


Tails:  <counting on his fingers> Three, two, one...


<Tails points to the front door.  As if on cue, there is a knock at the door.  Tails opens it, and Shadow is standing there annoyed.>


Shadow:  I don't have a radar...


Tails:  Just relax.  I'll be tuning your Matrixes to be able to locate them.  It'll just...  take a little longer than it took to make this prototype.  Nova Matrixes are more complicated than a conventional radar.


<The scene transitions to the sky south of Central City.  Eggman is seen in a helicopter that is about the size of the one he used to capture Chezni.  Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun are inside with him.  Bokkun has a box with two emeralds in it, one yellow and one silver in color.>


Eggman:  It's a pity these two Chaos Emeralds don't have any juice right now!  I'd love to use them to power my new machine!


Decoe:  Where IS this new machine, Dr. Eggman?


Eggman:  I have it on remote pilot.  If we need it, I can call it here in less than a minute.


Bokkun:  What if that Dark Void tries to steal the Emeralds?


Eggman:  If that happens, then SHE'LL be on the receiving end of my Egg Beater 9,000!


Bocoe:  That doesn't fill me with much confidence, boss...


<The scene transitions to Asmodia's asteroid base.  Dark Void, Asmodia and Crusala are looking at the planet from the balcony.>


Asmodia:  Are you certain they won't be able to see that infernal island?


Crusala:  The island is perfectly camouflaged.  And its signature has been masked, even from that Echidna.  The only way they could possibly find it is if they ran into it by accident.  And given where it is, this is extremely unlikely.


Asmodia:  Excellent...


Dark Void:  Shall I go down to retrieve the Emeralds?


Asmodia:  There is no need to act yet.  Our test runs have proven successful.  With MY enhancements, the next batch of Metal Sonics will be far stronger than the ones they fought before. 


Dark Void:  Brilliant as always, my lord.


Asmodia:  Of course...  Remembering the past does have its advantages.


Dark Void:  It will take some time to gather the necessary quantity of Metal Sonics...


Asmodia:  In the meantime, we'll let THEM gather the Emeralds for us.  Then we will take them in one fell swoop, along with that infernal plant...


Dark Void:  I don't understand.  Why does that sapling trouble you, Lord Asmodia?


Asmodia:  It gives me a strange feeling...  something I haven't felt in millennia... 


<Asmodia narrows his eyes.>


Asmodia:  It's something...  familiar...


Dark Void:  I see.  Then we should prepare for the inevitable confrontation.  After all, these warriors are not fools.  They are likely preparing as well.






<Chezni, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles are sitting around a large table.  There are papers and sets of dice in front of each of them.  A folded paper with a picture of several anthropomorphic animals staring down a giant robot is in front of Tails, obscuring him from the others.  The radar is next to the folded paper.  Shadow is sitting next to the sapling, just watching what they're doing.>


Shadow:  So let me understand this...  You are playing a game where you pretend to be people who are fighting giant robots and going through labyrinths...


Tails:  That's why it's called Labyrinths & Mechs.


Shadow:  Just checking...


Tails:  You have entered the innermost chamber.  The lighting is dim, but still bright enough to see.  In front of you are three chests.  The one on the right is the largest and made of silver.  The one on the left is the smallest and made of gold, and the one in the middle is unremarkable, but somewhere between the two sizes.


Sonic:  Dibs on the big one!


Knuckles:  I check for traps.


Chezni:  I look closely at the chests for any other distinguishing features.


Amy:  I'm going for the gold chest.


Tails:  As you approach the chests, the room shakes, and the floor in front of the chests opens.  A gigantic silver robot is seen rising out of the opening.  Its eyes glow red, and its left fist has a blade attached to it, while the right fist has what looks like a massive spike attached to it.


Sonic:  That's a Chaos Mech...


Chezni:  Oh crap...  My magic's not gonna work on it.


Knuckles:  Maybe I can just punch it.


Tails:  Knuckles, you're playing a Mobian Knight.  They don't punch.  They use their sword.


Knuckles:  Oh...  Then I draw my sword.


Tails:  Alright.  It's time for Initiative.


<The radar beeps, and Tails grabs it.>


Tails:  Ok.  To be continued.  The Emeralds are almost here.


<Everyone heads outside and makes their way toward the direction of the city.  Before long, they see Eggman's helicopter.>


Chezni:  Well, I guess we know who was collecting THOSE Emeralds.


Shadow:  So, do you want me to go get them?


Sonic:  Hey Tails.  Do you think you could fly up there?


Tails:  Do you even need to ask?


Shadow:  You're no fun...


<Tails walks forward and hold out his right arm.  His crystal levitates from his hand.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<The familiar light covers Tails's arm.  In a flash, the light disappears, and his Matrix appears on his arm.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal flies toward the Matrix, as the familiar opening above Tails' hand is seen.  As the crystal sets itself into the hole, the Matrix closes around it.  Tails then aims his hand, open-palm upward.>




Leyline Access!!!


<The glyph from before appears above Tails, surrounding his hand.  Suddenly, the glowing image of the Alicorn shoots upward from the glyph.  The Alicorn turns into bright white/yellow energy and enters a round channel, surging through it until it circles back and makes contact with Tails.  The light covers the fox's arms, chest and legs.  Gradually, it takes the shape of white and yellow armor, and in a flash with a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the armor takes a physical shape.  The familiar white and yellow armor now covers Tails' arms and chest, with the crystal set in the chest piece of the armor.  His tails now have the familiar glow to them.  The white unicorn horn is seen appearing on Tails' forehead.  It then splits apart to form a v-shaped emblem, with a decoration of the Alicorn in the spot where the two halves meet.




The Spirit of Knowledge and the Lord of Dreams!  Nova Warrior Unicorn!!!


<Tails flies upward toward Eggman's helicopter.  Inside, Eggman notices Tails catching up to them.>


Eggman:  Oh, what do we have here?!  Bokkun!  Introduce our little fox friend to the Egg Beater 9,000!


<Bokkun presses a button on a panel in front of him, and behind Tails, a massive gray legless mech with twin hammer arms is seen hovering behind him.  The robot starts to close in on Tails.>


Chezni:  Crap!  <turning toward Shadow>  Shadow.  Can you give him some backup?


Shadow:  Why didn't you ask in the first place?


Chezni:  I thought Tails had this one!




Sonic:  Come on, Shadow.


Shadow:  Fine.  You people are driving me crazy...


<Shadow holds his right arm out.  His crystal levitates from his hand.  Meanwhile, Tails is flying in the sky, trying to zigzag in order to avoid Eggman's new robot.  The young fox catches up with the helicopter.>


Tails:  Fine.  Let's see if Eggman's willing to take some collateral damage!


<Inside the helicopter, Eggman is seen smirking.>


Eggman:  Now, Bokkun!


<Bokkun presses another button on the panel.  All of a sudden, machine guns start firing from the rear of the helicopter, hitting Tails' armor and causing sparks to fly off!  Tails swerves to the side to avoid being hit any further.  Eggman's mech suddenly comes down with its hammer, striking Tails with full force and thrusting him to the ground!  He slams into the grassy terrain with a thud, displacing the dirt around him.  Sonic, Amy and Knuckles all run toward him.>


Amy and Knuckles:  <together> TAILS!!!


Sonic:  What have I done?!


<The three make their way to Tails.  Sonic gets there first.  The young fox doesn't appear to be moving.>




Leyline Access!!!


<In a flash, Shadow transforms and takes off toward the mech.  He flies way above the robot and in a flash, forms a massive violet spear in his hands.>


Zodiac Spear!!!


<Shadow dives down toward the robot, and uses the spear to gain even more momentum, flying right through the mech at a breakneck speed.  A hole can be seen in the robot, as Shadow comes to a stop in midair.  Finally, the robot EXPLODES scattering pieces everywhere!  Shadow then flies right toward the helicopter and enters it.  Eggman looks toward Shadow with sweat pouring down his face.>


Shadow:  I believe you have something that belongs to us.


Eggman:  Y-yes.  Of course!  Bokkun, give him the box!


<Bokkun hovers toward Shadow, reluctantly handing him the box.>


Bokkun:  H-here you go...  Um, no hard feelings, right?


<Shadow grabs the box out of Bokkun's hands and opens it, taking the two Emeralds.  He then stares at Bokkun and Eggman.>


Shadow:  Eggman, just be glad that this little robot of yours is here.  Otherwise, I'd have torn this helicopter to pieces.


Eggman:  Ok...


Shadow:  Now get out of here!


Eggman:  Y-yes.  Of course!


<Shadow leaves with the Emeralds, as the helicopter flies back toward Eggman's base.  He looks around and sees Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Chezni gathered around Tails.  Tails still hasn't moved.>


Shadow:  Oh no...


<Shadow flies down toward the others.  He lands nearby and in a flash, returns to his normal form.  He runs toward the group.  Chezni is examining Tails' Matrix.  He pushes a couple buttons and in a flash, Tails returns to his normal form.  There are scrapes all over his body, and a reddish bruise on his head.>


Shadow:  Please tell me he's not...


Chezni:  He's alive...  He has a couple bruised ribs, but there aren't any serious injuries.  He's just passed out.


<Sonic slams his fist into the ground.>


Sonic:  I'm supposed to protect him...  Now I almost let him get killed...


Shadow:  ...  I doubt you would've been able to affect this...  Eggman was in the air, and none of us knew that machine was behind him.


Chezni:  If you want, I can carry him...


Sonic:  No.  Let me...  I'll carry him to his workshop...


<Sonic picks Tails up and carries him toward the workshop.  The rest of the group follow.  The scene is enveloped in a white light, as we see Tails standing in a white, featureless area.>


Tails:  Am I...  dead?


????:  <a gentle sounding voice> No, you're still alive, Tails.  But you've been sent to this world in-between...


<Tails' eyes widen in response to hearing the voice.  He looks around, and finally sees an image of a girl close to his age, with pale peach colored skin and light blue eyes.  Her short hair is bright green and she has two pink flower buds, one on either side of her head seemingly held together with a gold hair tie on each one.  She wears what appears to be a green coat with a gold trim at the bottom, and also gold cuffs.  Underneath the coat is a white petal-like skirt with green tips.  In addition, she is also wearing white tights with green flats for shoes.  Tears start to form in Tails' eyes.>


Tails:  C...  Cosmo...


<Tails walks toward the image of Cosmo, and holds his hand out.  It passes through Cosmo's hand.>


Cosmo:  There's not much time.  What you are seeing isn't really me, but a projection brought about by my residual energy.


Tails:  <wiping away tears> I miss you so much...


Cosmo:  I know...  I came to tell you, you have to gather the Chaos Emeralds.  The being that wishes to destroy your world...  Asmodia...  He fears what will happen if the Emeralds are brought together with the Nova Crystals...


Tails:  But...  the Emeralds don't even work...


Cosmo:  You must believe.  Believe in the Nova Crystals.  Believe in the Guardians inside of the crystals.


Tails:  Believe in the crystals?


<The image begins to fade.>


Tails:  <in tears> NO!  NOT YET!


Cosmo:  I wish I could stay...  but I have to return...  Don't give up...


<The image continues to fade.>


Cosmo:  If you believe in the crystals, the impossible will become possible...


<The image completely fades away.>


Cosmo:  I will always love you...  You'll see...


<The voice disappears before Cosmo can finish speaking.  Tails falls to his knees.>


Tails:  No...  Come back...  COSMO!!!


<In a flash of light, the scene shifts to Tails' workshop.  Tails is in a bed, with a bandage on his head.  A tear is seen going down his face.  The sapling is on a table next to him, giving off a subtle glow.  Soon, the glow subsides.  Tails' Nova Crystal is next to the sapling.  Outside, Chezni, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are waiting.>


Shadow:  I'm not waiting any longer...  I'm going for that Emerald that's by itself.


<Shadow grabs the radar from a nearby table and leaves through the front door.>


Sonic:  Wait!


<It's too late, as Shadow has already left.>


Sonic:  Oh man...


Chezni:  He'll be back.  I just hope Tails comes to soon...


<Back in the bedroom, Tails is seen slowly opening his eyes.  He looks around and sees the sapling sitting next to his crystal.  He gradually gets up and wipes the tears from his face.  His eyes then widen and he jumps out of the bed.  He winces as he lands.  Bandages can be seen around his chest and arms.>


Tails:  <giving a smirk> That's the answer...


<Tails grabs his crystal and runs out of the room.  He sees everyone except for Shadow in the workshop.  Sonic rushes over to him.>


Sonic:  Tails!  Are you alright?


Tails:  Yep.


Sonic:  Are you sure?


Tails:  Sonic, I'm fine.  In fact, I'm better than fine.


Amy:  What makes you say that?


Tails:  I know how to tune the Matrixes...  And I think... there's a chance that I might be able to recharge the Emeralds.


Sonic:  Seriously?


Tails:  It was there all along, staring us in the face.


<Tails holds up his Nova Crystal.  On that note, the episode ends.>

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Hey folks.  Episode 8.  No fancy ramblings today.



<Sonic, Chezni, Amy and Knuckles are sitting at the workshop, waiting for Tails.  The sun can be seen shining through the eastern window.  The sapling is seen on the shelf next to the window, soaking up the sunlight.>


Chezni:  Tails is really diligent with that sapling...


Sonic:  Yeah...  Once we got back, he went to planting it right away.  Didn't waste a second on it.


Amy:  He takes care of it like it's his own kid...


Knuckles:  And he protects it like I protect the Master Emerald.


Sonic:  Sometimes I wonder if that's the only thing that keeps him going...


Chezni:  <looking at the sapling> Hopefully we can...


<Amy and Knuckles look at Chezni.>


Chezni:  Uh...  I mean...  I hope he's able to figure this out.


Sonic:  <scratching the back of his head> Yeah.  I hope this doesn't take too long...


Eden:  He DID say that he knew what to do.


Tails:  <from the back room>  Eureka!!!


<Tails runs out of the room with Chezni's Matrix.>


Amy:  Did you figure it out?


Tails:  I've managed to tune the Matrix to the energy signatures of the Chaos Emeralds.  Since all of the Matrixes are linked together, they should all be able to track down the Emeralds now.


Chezni:  That's great!


Knuckles:  That was fast.  I'm impressed.


Tails:  I also did that other thing you wanted me to do, Chezni.


Chezni:  Thanks, Tails.  I really owe you one.


Tails:  No problem.


<Tails hands Chezni his Matrix.  As Chezni takes it, beeping can be heard on both Chezni and Sonic's Matrixes.  Chezni puts his Matrix on and hastily presses a few buttons, turning off the beeping.  Sonic does the same with his.>


Tails:  What was that?


Chezni:  Uh...  Nothing.


Sonic:  Yeah, I was just checking out some of the other settings on my Matrix. 


Tails:  O...k...?


Chezni:  I need to step out for a minute.  I'll be right back.


Sonic:  Me too.  I need to stretch out my legs.  Been sitting way too long...


<Sonic and Chezni both run out the front door.  The others just look at one another and shrug.  The sun is shining on the grassy field as Chezni and Sonic both run to the ship.  As they get to where the ship is, Chezni presses the button to cause it to appear.  He gets into the cockpit, as Sonic waits right outside of it.>


Chezni:  Ok...  So according to this...


Sonic:  Is this really happening?


<Chezni looks at the screen and appears to be reading some numbers.  He claps his hands together.>


Chezni:  We've got a match.


Eden:  This was strangely fortunate.


Sonic:  So where is she?!


Chezni:  Let's see...


<Chezni looks at the screen for a few more seconds.  Suddenly he leans back in the seat, as a look of complete dread comes over his face.>


Chezni:  This is why...  This is why we couldn't find her before...


<Chezni slowly exits the cockpit.  He turns and slams his fist down on the metal structure in frustration.  Finally, he renders the ship invisible again before turning toward Sonic.  Chezni then takes a deep breath.  He looks like he's staring into the far distance.>


Chezni:  Sonic...  It'll be easier if I just relay the information to your Matrix...  But brace yourself...


Sonic:  What happened?


<Chezni presses a few buttons on his Matrix.  Sonic's screen lights up with the same information Chezni was looking at.  His eyes widen, and he takes a step back as a similar look of dread washes over his face.>


Sonic:  No...  This can't be true...


Chezni:  The information here doesn't lie...  She's alive, but...


Sonic:  What can we do about this?!


Chezni:  I don't know...  I didn't think this is how we'd find her...


Eden:  I suggest we don't talk about this with anybody yet.


Chezni:  Yeah...  This is a whole new thing to figure out now...  But at least we know for a fact that she's alive...  I guess that's a start...


<The scene pans up and the workshop can be seen in the far distance.>



Episode 08:  The White Crystal - Part 2



<Shadow is seen in a forest.  Among the many gigantic trees are massive mushrooms that shoot up into the sky, some higher than the trees.  Barely any sunlight is getting through the thick canopy of leaves and branches.  The mushroom caps also don't help matters.  Shadow is seen holding a sky blue Emerald.>


Shadow:  Now we have more than half of the Emeralds.  If the others manage to get the three that are to the east, then we'll have the complete set.


<Shadow looks around.>


Shadow:  At least I didn't have to go wading into the Dark Swamp to find this...  The fourth Chaos Emerald was easy to find.  But the Desert Ruins to the east will be different.


<Shadow dashes back toward the workshop.  At the Workshop, Tails is looking at his Matrix, which is displaying the location of the Emeralds on screen.  He notices the lone Emerald moving toward the three they now possess.>


Tails:  Shadow must've found the fourth Chaos Emerald.


<Tails notices that the three Emeralds to the east haven't moved.>


Tails:  If somebody's collecting those Emeralds...  then why haven't they moved?


<The front door opens and Chezni and Sonic enter.  They quietly sit down.>


Amy:  Ok, what's gotten into you two?


Chezni:  Huh?


Amy:  Don't 'Huh' me!  You keep disappearing on us!  And now you both come back and look like someone just died!


Sonic:  Well uh...


Chezni:  Look...  can we talk about it later?  It's kind of...  personal...


Sonic:  Yeah.  It's...  very personal...


<Amy notices that both Sonic and Chezni look genuinely upset.  Now she has a worried look on her face.>


Amy:  <reluctantly> Oh...  ok...


Knuckles:  Well if it's any consolation, Shadow's probably on his way back with the Emerald that was by itself.


Chezni:  Well, that's good at least...


Sonic:  What about the other three?


Tails:  That's the weird part.  They haven't budged.  They're still sitting in the exact same place they were when I first saw them on the prototype radar.


Chezni:  But someone WAS collecting them, right?  That's why they're all bunched together.


Knuckles:  Yeah.  They couldn't be together if that wasn't the case.  But they've stayed in that spot since yesterday.  There has to be a reason why the person collecting them hasn't left that area.


Chezni:  Do you think something did them in?


Knuckles:  I don't think so.  Not if it's who I think it is.  More likely, she just got herself stuck, and refuses to 'abandon her treasure'...


<Tails starts walking toward the front door.>


Tails:  Then that's where we'll go next.  Let's...


<Suddenly, Tails stumbles, and grabs onto the nearby window sill.>


Sonic:  Sorry, buddy.  You're sittin' this one out.


Tails:  But I can...


<Tails winces a bit, then quickly forces himself to straighten out.>


Sonic:  Look, I know you want to help us, and we appreciate it.  But you're in no condition to be going out there.


Chezni:  Sonic's right.  Leave this one to us.  <smiling> Trust me.  We can definitely handle it now.


Amy:  That's right.  You just get some rest. 


Knuckles:  Yeah, we've got this.


Tails:  Everyone...


Chezni:  Besides, somebody needs to stay here, in case Shadow shows up before we get back.


<Sonic walks toward Tails.>


Sonic:  We're counting on you, buddy.


Tails:  <smiling> Ok.  But be careful.


<Sonic, Chezni and the others nod, and head out the door.  After Tails closes the door, he turns around.  He grabs his left side and winces in pain.>


Tails:  Yeah...  I'd better rest...


<Tails heads back into his room.>


Tails:  They've all been looking out for me...  ever since we got back...  What have I been doing though?  Throwing myself into the most blindly dangerous situations I could find...  and then passing it off as me just 'doing whatever I could'...  What...  caused me to get like this?  <looking at his crystal> Chezni...  Heh...  Who knows?  He might've saved my life when he gave me this crystal...


<Tails places his crystal next to the sapling.  It gives off a subtle glow.  Tails sees the glow.>


Tails:  <to the sapling> You're definitely an S-Class, alright...  Cosmo showed up in my dreams on the way back from the Metarex War...  and said you're the hope of her race...  You just get big...  Don't worry...  I'm not going anywhere...


<Tails gets into bed and closes his eyes.  The scene transitions to a desert.  Sonic, Chezni, Amy and Knuckles are seen walking across the parched land.  Numerous rocky outcroppings are scattered throughout the area.>


Chezni:  <noticing how hot it is> I hope we don't end up like the main characters from Spaceballs...


Sonic:  What?


Chezni:  Oh, it's a movie where I come from.  It's actually a parody, but they ended up on a desert planet and had to be rescued because they all passed out from the heat.


Sonic:  <noticing how hot it is, and getting nervous> You...  don't say...


Amy:  Don't worry.  We brought plenty of water, and I can always cast Blizzard if I need to.


Chezni:  Well...   Actually, yeah.  That's a good point...


Sonic:  So, Chezni.  What did you have Tails do with your Matrix?  You know, besides tune it to the Chaos energy?


Chezni:  Oh, I had him fix something that's been damaged for awhile.


Knuckles:  What was damaged?


Chezni:  Well, if the time comes, you'll see.  Hopefully we won't need it, but it's there now just in case.


<The group continues on, and it isn't long before they see what looks like a massive palace made of sandstone.  Time has clearly taken its toll on the structure, as one of its two towers has completely collapsed, and the palisades look extremely worn, or outright falling apart in places.  The front gate looks to have either been forced, or damaged over time due to the weather.  Chezni looks at his Matrix.>


Chezni:  Welp, according to the radar, this is the place.


Knuckles:  I suggest we be careful.  If she got herself stuck in here, then the place is probably booby-trapped.


<The group cautiously enters, heading through the opening in the massive gate.  A large open hall is seen with two opened doors at the far end of it.  Pillars line the sides of the room, though some of them are dilapidated and no longer connected to the ceiling.>


Amy:  If I didn't know any better...


Chezni:  This place looks like it could be going any time?


Amy:  Yeah.  We'd better hurry.


Knuckles:  We shouldn't rush.  If we set off a trap, it could be enough to bring the entire building down on us.


<Chezni looks at his Matrix.  He then looks at the walls.  Tiny wires can be seen, all cut.>


Chezni:  <pointing at the opened double door at the far end of the hall> The Emeralds should be through those doors straight ahead.  I think as long as we don't make any side trips, we should be able to avoid setting off most of the traps here.  Let's just do what we need to do and get out.


<The group walks through the double doors.  They reach a rectangular room.  In the middle of the room is an open pit.  Past that, is a pedestal with three Emeralds on it, one red, one blue and the other green.>


Sonic:  This is almost too easy...


Chezni:  Ten to one that pedestal is a trap.


Knuckles:  Yeah, that thing is almost advertising itself as being a trap.


Chezni:  I'm going to go examine it.  You all wait here.


<Chezni skirts along the wall around the pit, and makes his way to the pedestal.  He looks at it carefully, but he doesn't touch it.  The three Chaos Emeralds are resting on what appears to be a round pressure plate.>


Chezni:  Hmm...  I wish we'd brought the other Emeralds with us for a weight comparison...  The second we move these, we're going to set off this trap...


????:  <a somewhat deep and somewhat playful sounding voice> If you're done admiring that pedestal, maybe you could get me out of here?!


<Chezni turns around, and he and the others look down into the pit.  A cage can be seen suspended by a chain over spikes, and inside is a female anthropomorphic bat around Sonic's height.  Her head has white fur on it, her eyes are turquoise and her skin appears to be a tan color with an orange tint to it.  She has large pointy bat ears, a small black nose, and a short pointy tail.  Her wings are a shade of dark purple.  She is wearing light blue eye shadow and pink lipstick.  She wears a black skin-tight sleeveless unitard, with a pink heart-shaped chest plate that has a white outline on it.  In addition, she wears long white gloves and high-heeled boots, both with pink cuffs.  The boots have gray soles with pink hearts on the toes.>


Knuckles:  How in the world did you let yourself get trapped in there, Rouge?!


Rouge:  Can we NOT go into that right now?!  I've been stuck in here for almost a whole day!


Chezni:  Uh, I can try to get you out!


Rouge:  'Try' isn't a word that instills me with confidence!


<Chezni looks around.>


Chezni:  Let's see...


<Chezni notices the chain.>


Chezni:  Sonic!  Can you get up to that chain?!


Sonic:  Yeah, why?


Chezni:  You're the fastest one in the group!  And Knuckles is the strongest!  You get that chain to him, and he can grab it and pull Rouge up!


<Sonic jumps and goes into a spin dash, easily snapping the chain.  He grabs the chain and quickly dives toward Knuckles, handing the chain off to him.  Knuckles starts pulling the chain and the cage up.  Soon, the cage emerges from the pit.  Once it is on solid ground...>


Sonic:  Alright.  Stand back, Rouge.


Rouge:  <backing away slightly> I hope this is enough.  This cage doesn't exactly give me alot of space.


Sonic:  It should be fine.


Rouge:  'Should' is another word I don't like to hear...


<Sonic goes into another spin dash, easily snapping the side of the cage off.  Rouge emerges from the remains of the cage.>


Rouge:  Ok...  I guess that could've been worse...


Chezni:  Sonic!  I need you over on this side!


Sonic:  Hold that thought, Rouge.


<Sonic jumps over the pit and lands next to Chezni.>


Chezni:  Ok...  from what I can tell, I'm pretty confident that the minute we move these Emeralds, this whole place is going to collapse.


Sonic:  Well, that's not good.


Chezni:  No, it isn't.  So the only way I can think of to do this is for you, the fastest one here, to grab the Emeralds and run out of the place as fast as you can.  We're going to have to leave before you do this.  Otherwise we'll get caught in it.  Do you think you can do what I'm suggesting?


Sonic:  Who do you think you're talking to?  I can outrun an explosion in my sleep!


Chezni:  Well, the question was more of a formality.  But you've gotta be going the second you grab the Emeralds.


Sonic:  Got it.


Chezni:  We'll contact you once we get clear.


<Chezni skirts around the pit once more, back to where the others are.>


Chezni:  Ok everyone.  We need to get going!


Amy:  Be careful, Sonic!


Sonic:  I'll see you all soon!


Chezni:  Don't try to be a hero!  If you drop an Emerald, you keep going!  Got it?!


Sonic:  Hey!  It's me we're talking about!


Amy:  That's why we're telling you that!


<Chezni, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge all head out of the dilapidated palace.  After they are out, Chezni presses a button on his Matrix.>


Chezni:  Sonic, do you read me?


Sonic's Voice:  Loud and clear.


Chezni:  We're all out.  Do what you need to do!


<It isn't long before the entire palace shudders.  Soon, the entire structure COLLAPSES in on itself, falling into the ground and leaving a massive hole where it once stood!  The group looks around, but it seems that Sonic is nowhere to be found.>


Amy:  No...  SONIC!!!


<Amy frantically looks around, searching the massive pit, to no avail.>


Chezni:  No...


Rouge:  You stupid Hedgehog...


Sonic:  <from behind everyone> Why're you all acting like somebody just died?


<The group turns to see Sonic, with all three Chaos Emeralds.  Amy runs up to him and hugs him, making him drop the Emeralds.>


Amy:  <almost in tears> You idiot!  Don't ever do that again!


Sonic:  Amy...  You know I'd never go out like that...


<Chezni just stands there smiling, Knuckles is scratching the back of his head, and Rouge is crossing her arms and smirking.>


Rouge:  <whispering> You really are an idiot, Sonic...


Chezni:  <to Rouge> By the way, I'm Chezni.  Chezni Vanguard.


Rouge:  The name's Rouge. 


Sonic:  We should get back.


Chezni:  Yeah.






<Back at the workshop, Tails is seen exiting his bedroom, only to see Shadow sitting there.  The Hedgehog gives a slight wave to Tails and holds up the sky blue Emerald.>


Tails:  You got it!


Shadow:  That's right.  It was almost too easy...  The others should be back any minute.


<Tails sits down on a separate bench.>


Tails:  Sooooo...  Don't...  take this the wrong way...  But...  You've been acting...  strange...


<Shadow gives a slight smile>


Shadow:  Really?


Tails:  Yeah...  You were always antisocial and kind of...  broody?  And somewhat...  harsh?


Shadow:  Well...  Let's just say I met someone, and ever since then, I decided to not worry about certain things from my past as much...


Tails:  <looking down slightly> I see...  I wish I could do that...


Shadow:  You're still young.  When you get older, you'll realize that sometimes things are more complicated than what we can see with our own two eyes.  There's nothing wrong with remembering the past.  And there's nothing wrong with taking time to get past everything.


<Tails is twiddling his thumbs.>


Shadow:  I have a pretty good idea of what you're thinking about.  For what it's worth, I'm sorry for what I did...


Tails:  The thing is...  I really don't blame you...


<Shadow sits in silence.>


Tails:  You were just doing what you thought was right...  I can't really hate you for it...  Plus, you did try to save her in the end...


Shadow:  I just wish I could've done more...


Tails:  You did more than anyone else could've done...  You and Sonic are the reason the sapling is here at all...


<Tails looks toward his room.>


Tails:  When you think about it...  the sapling is...  practically the only evidence that she existed...


Shadow:  ...  Does he still blame himself?


Tails:  ...  Yeah...  Of course he won't admit it to me...


<Shadow lets out a chuckle.>


Shadow:  I guess we're all just one big happy messed up family...


<Tails notices on the radar that the three Emeralds are almost at the workshop.>


Tails:  Oh.  They're back.


<Sonic enters, followed by Chezni, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge.  Rouge immediately notices Shadow.>


Rouge:  Shadow!


Shadow:  It's been awhile, Rouge.


Rouge:  So Eggman was right...


Chezni:  So what you were telling us on the way back...  You really didn't know these were Chaos Emeralds?


Rouge:  That's right.  I didn't realize they'd gotten scattered again, and since they had no power, I figured they were just ordinary gems.  I used them as a weight to try and counterbalance that pedestal to acquire a very nice ruby.  I guess they were heavier than the ruby, because they triggered the trap you saw me in.  A cage sprung up and trapped me over that spike pit.  For awhile there, I thought it would be my last outing.


Shadow:  <with a chuckle> Still as foolish as ever, I see...


Rouge:  <noticing Shadow's change in demeanor> Um, Shadow?  Are you alright?


Shadow:  Yeah, why?


Rouge:  I'm not sure.  You just don't seem like your usual self.


Chezni:  I can't comment.  I wasn't here before a few weeks ago.


Eden:  Something else has been bothering me.


Chezni:  What?


<Rouge is now closely examining Eden.>


Rouge:  Chezni, your jewelry is talking.


Chezni:  Oh.  I forgot to tell you...


Eden:  One of many times he's forgotten something...


Chezni:  I'm sorry, Eden!  It's just that...  alot's been...  happening.


Eden:  Anyway, my name is Eden.


Rouge:  It's nice to meet you.


Eden:  About what I was saying...  I am surprised that we haven't been attacked by Asmodia.


Rouge:  Asmodia?


Tails:  Remember the Metarex?


Rouge:  Yeah.


Tails:  This guy's worse.


Sonic:  Yeah.  It's why Chezni here gave us these crystals and powers.


Rouge:  So you have new powers now too?


Sonic:  That's right.


Chezni:  Still, I understand Eden's concern...  Asmodia isn't usually this quiet...  He must be planning something big.


<Suddenly an alert goes off on Chezni's Matrix.  He looks down at it, and notices an A-Class signature.  The sobered look of dread washes over his face again.>


Chezni:  Sonic...


Sonic:  Yeah.  I know...


Tails:  This time, I'm going.


Chezni:  Yeah...  It should be fine...  Your fast healing should've already taken care of the injuries...


Sonic:  Fast healing?


Chezni:  Another side effect of having a Nova Crystal or of an S-Class being near one is that you gain a sort of healing factor.  We call it fast healing.


Sonic:  So you heal from injuries really quickly?


Chezni:  Yep.


Sonic:  ANY injury?


Chezni:  Anything within reason.  You still need to defend yourself.  But it can heal broken bones and damaged limbs, as long as it isn't a full amputation.


<Tails removes his bandages.  Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Tails and Rouge all leave, with Sonic being somewhat reluctant.  The door closes behind Sonic.>


Shadow:  <getting up> We should go too...


Chezni:  <also getting up> Shadow...  When you were in that other universe...  did...  something happen to change your attitude?  Everyone seems to be confused about something with you.


Shadow:  I guess I might as well tell you...  But you can't tell Tails.  Do you understand?  The kid's been through enough.  He doesn't need to know this.


Chezni:  Ok...


Shadow:  He's probably told you about Cosmo, right?


Chezni:  Yeah...  We've had our share of discussions about her.


Shadow:  What would you say if I told you she wasn't dead?


Chezni:  ...  I actually figured that was the case...


Shadow:  Well, the one you call Asmodia showed up to look for something, alright.  Only the something was a 'someone'.  I saw her...


Chezni:  She was in the other universe?


Shadow:  That's right.  She was barely alive.  She told me to run.  It's as if she knew what was about to happen.  She also said to tell the others not to lose hope.


Chezni:  What happened?


Shadow:  Asmodia captured her.  I was able to watch him without being seen.  He used some kind of gem to restore her.  He attached it to her chest, where her original core used to be.  But it...  transformed her.  She became...  loyal to him.  He called her his 'Dark Void'...


Eden:  I see...


Shadow:  I don't know why he seemed so fixated on her...


Eden:  Perhaps because she has an S-Class signature.


Shadow:  That would make the most sense.  You said S-Class signatures are inordinately powerful.  If she had that kind of energy, it might explain why Asmodia sought her out.


Chezni:  ...  This...  might be nothing, but...  what kind of gem was it that he used?


Shadow:  It was red, but it turned black when it transformed her.  I think he called it a prism?


<Chezni's eyes widen.>


Chezni:  He didn't say Ruby Prism, did he?!


Shadow:  That's what it was called... 


<Chezni suddenly grabs Shadow and hugs him.  Shadow has a shocked and goofy expression on his face as he squirms.  Finally, he pries himself loose from Chezni.  Chezni has a smile as if he just won the lottery.>


Shadow:  What the hell are you DOING?!


Chezni:  I love you, man...  <patting Shadow on the head> I just fell in love with you...


Shadow:  ...  <noticing Chezni's renewed resolve> You meant that...  platonically, right?


Chezni:  What?  YES!  Of course I did!  Sheesh...  It's a figure of speech!


Shadow:  Then what's going on?!


Chezni:  I know how to save Cosmo!


<Chezni runs out of the building.>


Shadow:  Wait, save Cosmo?!  What are you talking about?!


<Shadow runs out after Chezni.  Soon, Chezni catches up to the others on the outskirts of the city.>


Chezni:  Everyone!  I need to say something!


<Sonic and the others turn to see Chezni.  Shadow quickly catches up as well.>


Chezni:  Dark Void is in the city.  During the next battle, I'm going to try and talk to her.  I need you to listen very carefully.  No matter what happens, it is very important that you do NOT interfere!


Sonic:  Wait, WHAT?!


Chezni:  You need to trust me on this.


Amy:  But why?


Tails:  Yeah, why only you?


Chezni:  I can't tell you yet.  If I'm right, you'll understand.


Knuckles:  How will we understand?


Chezni:  Believe me, you'll know it...


<Sonic notices that Chezni's expression has an air of confidence.>


Eden:  It would be in everyone's best interest to listen.


Sonic:  Alright...  If you think it's necessary...


Amy:  Wait, WHAT?  Just like THAT?!


Sonic:  He knows what he's doing.


Amy:  Ok...  I just hope YOU know what he's doing...


Sonic:  So do I...


Tails:  What's going on?


<Chezni maintains the confident smile.  Suddenly, an EXPLOSION is seen in the city, as everyone turns toward it.>


Chezni:  We'd better move!


<Chezni runs toward the city, followed by the rest of the group.  On that note, the episode ends.>

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Ok folks.  Episode 9.  Where stuff happens.



<Dark Void is seen in the city with seven Metal Sonics.  However, these look different from the previous ones.  These ones are taller and have more flexible fingers, as well as a more sinister look in their eyes and a more ellipsoid torso.>


Dark Void:  They should be getting here soon...


<Chezni, Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Rouge all arrive, as if on cue.  Rouge crosses her arms.>


Rouge:  Alright.  Like we agreed, I'll leave this to you.


Chezni:  I'll hang back here for now.


Eden:  Use due caution!  Those Metal Sonics appear to be more powerful than the ones we fought before!


Sonic:  Alright everyone.  Ready?


Tails:  I'm ready to go!


Knuckles:  Ready here!


Amy:  Let's get to work!


<Shadow simply nods.  The five of them step forward.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow:  <together>


Leyline  Access!!!


<In a flash, the five of them are transformed.  Rouge looks on in amazement.>


Rouge:  Nice.


Chezni:  Now I just have to wait for the right time...



Episode 09:  The White Crystal - Part 3



<The group charges toward the Metal Sonics.  Tails forms his Dream Busters, while Amy forms her Diamond Dust hammer, and Shadow forms his Zodiac Spear.  Five of the Metal Sonics start to spread out.  Sonic and the others do the same.>


Dark Void:  That's right...  Just divide them...


<Sonic goes into a spin dash and zooms toward the closest Metal Sonic.  It dodges out of the way effortlessly, and goes right into a spin dash of its own.  In a flash, it strikes Sonic with sparks flying, sending him back several feet.>


Sonic:  What the...


<Tails fires his Dream Busters at another Metal Sonic.  The robot starts moving so quickly that it starts leaving afterimages.>


Tails:  This is crazy!  I can't get a lock on them!


<Knuckles charges forward at another Metal Sonic with a punch.  The robot sidesteps and grabs the Echidna by the arm and throws him into a wall.  He gets back to his feet.>


Knuckles:  These guys aren't like the last ones!  Be careful!


<Amy brings down her hammer in front of the feet of another Metal Sonic.  But the robot dodges, as the Blizzard shoots out from the point of impact, covering the building in front of Amy in frost.>


Amy:  They're so fast...


Shadow:  Alright.  Haste Mode!!!


<Shadow accelerates toward one of the Metal Sonics that is also running.  He quickly catches up and prepares to thrust his spear forward.  Suddenly, the robot's eyes light up, and it accelerates, becoming a blur.  It circles around Shadow and kicks him, causing him to do a flip and land on the ground, skidding to a stop.>


Dark Void:  That one!


<Shadow struggles to get to his feet, as the Metal Sonic stands over him.  The robot places its foot on Shadow's chest.  Sonic and the others run to where Shadow is, but are cut off by all six of the other Metal Sonics.>


Dark Void:  You will make an excellent Asmodian.  And your crystal will be ours!


<Shadow grabs the Metal Sonic's foot, but can't get enough leverage to pry it off his chest.  Chezni steps forward and holds his right arm out.  Eden levitates from his hand.>


Chezni:  You ready, Eden?


Eden:  Oh, this is so exciting...


Chezni:  <turning toward Rouge> You might want to back up a little for this.


Rouge:  Oh.


<Rouge takes several steps back.  Dark Void notices Chezni's pose and stares at him with a smug look.>


Dark Void:  A hundred and seventy years.  Don't you think you're a little old to be playing hero?


<Chezni simply gives a smile.>


Chezni:  Compared to others that came before me, I'm not that old!  But you know the best thing about being a Nova Warrior?


Dark Void:  Enlighten me.


Chezni:  We get stronger with age!


<Chezni quickly turns his right arm, so the back of his hand is facing upward.>




Nova Matrix!!!


<In a flash, Chezni's Nova Matrix appears on his arm.  The familiar panel opens on it.>




Crystal Set!!!


<Eden flies into the opening above Chezni's hand.  As always, the panel closes.  Chezni holds out his hand with the open palm facing ahead of him.  He grabs his right arm with his left hand.  A tremor can be felt in the area.>




Leyline Access!!!


<A massive vortex of energy EXPLODES around Chezni like a tornado!  The Metal Sonic that was on Shadow is blown off by the shockwave!  The others immediately stop fighting and turn to see Chezni.  Shadow is also able to get to his feet, and turns to see him.  They all have a look of awe on their faces.>


Rouge:  What in the world...


<Inside the vortex of energy, a glyph is seen appearing in front of Chezni's hand.  A white dragon emerges from the glyph and flies out, turning into the familiar energy.  The energy enters a channel and is sent around and back toward Chezni.  As it hits Chezni, the energy covers his arms, legs and chest.  Soon, the energy takes the shape of armor, and with a flash and a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, the armor takes physical shape, and Chezni is now wearing what appears to be white armor with silver linings!  His forehead has an emblem on it with a crest of the white dragon in the center of it!  With an EXPLOSION, the vortex dissipates, leaving Chezni in his transformed state!>




The Guiding Force of Starlance and the Lord of Change!  Nova Warrior Eden!!!


<Everyone is utterly stunned at Chezni's transformed state.>


Sonic:  That's...


Tails:  I didn't know they could be this powerful...


Eden:  Shall we?


Chezni:  Oh yeah.  Just like old times!


<Two of the Metal Sonics immediately dash toward Chezni.  He holds his hands out in front of him.>


Chezni:  You know, there is such a thing as 'way too fast'.


<Chezni's hands start glowing.>


Chezni:  SLOW!!!


<A pulse of energy is emitted from Chezni's hands, instantaneously striking the Metal Sonics.  They immediately slow down to a normal running speed.>


Dark Void:  What?!


Chezni:  Don't go anywhere, Dark Void!  I want to have a word with you!


<Chezni runs toward the Metal Sonics and jumps, doing a flying kick into one, and punching the other one, causing sparks to fly out!  He runs past the two and aims his hands at the other four.>


Chezni:  SLOW!!!


<The other Metal Sonics are struck, causing their circuitry to also slow down considerably.  Chezni looks at the others.>


Sonic:  That's our cue!


Tails:  Right!


Amy:  Let's get on this!


Knuckles:  Time to go to work!


Shadow:  Finally, it's time for some payback.


<Chezni runs toward Dark Void, who readies her staff.  He starts throwing punches and kicks, as she is able to block them, despite the size difference.  Sonic goes into a spin dash.  His quills start glowing blue, as he shoots toward the nearest Metal Sonic, shredding it with ease!  Knuckles' fists start glowing red.  He opens his right palm and points it at another Metal Sonic.>


Knuckles:  FIRE!!!


<An intense flame shoots out of his palm and strikes the Metal Sonic, incinerating it on impact!  Amy starts swinging her hammer overhead.  The air around her turns cold.  She spins and brings her hammer down in the direction of two more Metal Sonics.>




Diamond Dust!!!


<As the hammer hits the ground, a cone of icy stalagmites is thrust upward, entangling the two robots.  Amy brings her hammer down again, SHATTERING the ice and shredding through the Metal Sonics!  Tails readies his Dream Busters.  Energy starts to build in the twin blasters.  Soon it turns into a single ball of energy in front of Tails.>




Dream Blast!!!


<The ball of energy flies toward one of the Metal Sonics, hitting it and vaporizing the top half!  The lower half takes a couple steps, before falling to the ground.  Shadow lunges toward the remaining two Metal Sonics.  He impales both of them on his lance and SLAMS them into the ground, scattering pieces everywhere!>


Shadow:  And that's that.


<Chezni holds his hands out and focuses.>




Falcon Blades!!!


<Two swords form, one in each hand.  He brings one down on Dark Void.  She barely blocks it with her staff.  As she brings the staff around, pink energy starts swirling in it.  However, before she can do anything, Chezni brings down his other sword in a blur, flinging the staff out of her hands.  She looks around and runs toward the Rainbow Unicorn.>


Chezni:  Get back here!!!


<Chezni gives chase.  The others follow at a distance.  Dark Void enters the building, followed by Chezni.  Big the Cat is behind the desk, looking completely confused.  Chezni looks over as he is running after Dark Void.>


Chezni:  Hey, Big!


Big the Cat:  Hi, Chezni!


<Dark Void heads into a room in the back.  It appears to be some kind of dining room.  She looks around for an exit, but there is no other way out of the room.  As Dark Void heads back to the door she entered from, Chezni is there.  She backs away.>


Chezni:  I think that's quite enough, young lady.


<Dark Void closes her eyes.>


Dark Void:  Fine...  Go ahead and kill me.  But know this!  Lord Asmodia will avenge me!


Chezni:  I didn't come here to kill you.


<Chezni reaches into a pocket under his armor and pulls out an emerald green crystal.  He holds it near Dark Void.  It gives off a subtle glow as the Asmodian General opens her eyes.>


Chezni:  I knew it...  It IS you...


Dark Void:  What is the meaning of this?!


Chezni:  You're the fifth S-Class signature!  You're the one this crystal was meant for!


Dark Void:  <smirking, looking down at Chezni's Matrix> Is that a fact?


Chezni:  That means you have to be...


<With a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOW' sound, intense burst of violet energy suddenly strikes Chezni, forcing the crystal from his grasp and propelling him through the back wall of the Rainbow Unicorn and into the street!  He skids to a stop, leaving a trail of displaced pavement.  Sonic and the others see him and rush over to him.>


Sonic:  CHEZNI!!!


<The group makes their way to Chezni, who isn't moving.  Meanwhile, Dark Void picks up the crystal.  It gives off the subtle glow once again.>


Dark Void:  I regret that I've lost my staff, Lord Asmodia.


<Asmodia is seen entering the room from the door that Chezni was just in.>


Asmodia:  That is unfortunate.  But at least you are unharmed.


Dark Void:  <smiling> It wasn't a total loss...  I managed to acquire this.


<Dark Void shows the crystal to Asmodia, whose face immediately lights up.>


Asmodia:  Is that what I think it is?


Dark Void:  I believe so.  Soon we'll be able to close the book on the Nova Warriors for good.  All we need to do is unlock the secrets of this... 


<Dark Void's cold expression suddenly changes to a more gentle one.>


Dark Void:  This...  strange crystal...


Asmodia:  Once Vanguard's little gang is out of the way, we can convert that infernal sapling to an Asmodian.  Then nothing will stand against me ever again.


<Asmodia points his finger at an intact wall.  A violet portal opens.  He walks through it.  Dark Void slowly walks toward the portal and also enters it.  Afterward, the portal closes.>






<It is the next morning at Tails' workshop.  The sky is overcast.  Thunder can be heard in the distance.  Chezni is seen in a bed in Tails' room.  He still hasn't woken up.  Tails is seen watering the sapling.  There is an artificial light shining on the plant above the table.>


Tails:  <to the sapling, visibly worried> Looks like a storm's getting ready to start...  Yeah...  You hate them too, huh?


<Tails puts the watering can down and walks to the door.  Lightning can be heard as a brief image of a massive laser blast being fired is seen.  He holds his left arm and is shaking slightly.>


Tails:  Keep it together...


<Tails exits the room and sits down with everyone else.  Shadow has Dark Void's staff with him.  The Chaos Emeralds are on a table in the middle of the room.>


Shadow:  From what I can tell...


<Shadow holds the staff near the Emeralds.  They give off a slight glow.>


Shadow:  This weapon is the reason the Chaos Emeralds were drained.


Knuckles:  That means they got to Angel Island right when Dark Void first arrived here.


Sonic:  But that would mean the island's still here, on this planet!


Knuckles:  Exactly.  They must be doing something to mask it from me.


Amy:  You think their base might be there?


Rouge:  If they came from space, I doubt they'd put their main base down anywhere.  If anything, it's probably an outpost.


Shadow:  That makes sense.  They'd be stupid to have all their eggs in one basket.


<The door to Tails' bedroom opens.  Chezni stumbles out.  Sonic jumps to his feet.>


Sonic:  Chezni!


Amy:  Chezni, you shouldn't move around yet!


Chezni:  No...  I need to tell you something...


Knuckles:  You can tell us later.  Go get some rest.


Chezni:  No...  I don't know how much time there is...  You need to know this...  Dark Void has the green Nova Crystal...


Shadow:  She WHAT?!


Sonic:  Wait.  You mean you GAVE a crystal to her?!


Chezni:  Well, it's...  more like I dropped it when Asmodia blasted me and they... kinda just took it...


<Chezni falls back against the door.>


Chezni:  The Matrix...  can track them...  Keep track of the crystal, and when they go to Angel Island, we can use that...  to locate it...


Sonic:  Ok.  You need to go rest NOW.


<Sonic grabs Chezni's arm and drags him back into Tails' room.  The door closes.>


Tails:  So if we use the radar, we can track where the crystal is, and find the island!


Shadow:  Ok, but how will we know if they're on the island, and not out in space?


Sonic:  And wasn't it supposed to be on another planet somewhere?


Knuckles:  Like I said, I've got a hunch it didn't leave the world, but that they used some kind of power to mask it from me.  So we should wait until they get over the water.  Angel Island is always somewhere above the ocean. 


<The scene transitions to Asmodia's fortress.  Crusala is studying the crystal, which is on a table.  He places his hand over it.  A green surge of energy is shot at his hand, causing him to pull back and wince.>


Crusala:  Aaaaagh!!!


<Asmodia and Dark Void walk over to where Crusala is.>


Asmodia:  How is it?


Crusala:  I can tell you based on my examinations that these crystals did not originate in Starlance.  In fact, they're likely not even from this universe.


Asmodia:  You are our best authority on the arcane.  Are you saying it's beyond even your abilities?


Crusala:  I don't know...  There seems to be some kind of power that I can't control.  I won't know anything until I can research this...


Asmodia:  I see...  I suppose it can't be helped...


Dark Void:  There is no need to rush.  Once we gain access to the Leyline Web, we can finally gain the means of removing the Nova Warriors from the equation.


Asmodia:  And then, we can finally acquire that plant, and put all this behind us.


<Asmodia reaches to touch the crystal.  The green energy hits his hand as well.  He doesn't flinch.>


Asmodia:  There is certainly a great deal of power in this crystal.  Make no mistake about that.  But without bonding to a warrior, that power is like nothing at all...


<Asmodia turns toward Crusala.>


Asmodia:  Let's take our leave. 


Crusala:  Where are we going?


Asmodia:  I wish to pay a visit to the Master Emerald.


Dark Void:  Shall we bring the crystal?


Asmodia:  Yes.  But be careful.  I do not want it to harm you.


Crusala:  Do you think the Master Emerald may be able to harness the powers of this crystal?


Asmodia:  I doubt it.  But I wish to speak with the person inside of the Master Emerald.  <a chuckle> It will be our final conversation...


<Asmodia and Crusala leave through the double door in the pillar.  Dark Void takes the crystal in her hand and turns.>


Dark Void:  Why only me though?  Why am I the only one that can hold this crystal?


<The crystal gives off a subtle glow again.>


Dark Void:  Is this crystal...  really meant for me?


<Dark Void Starts heading toward the door.>


????:  <a gentle sounding female voice> My child...


Dark Void:  What the...


<Dark Void looks around, but nobody is there.>


Dark Void:  I must be hearing things.  Asmodia is right.  Once we convert that sapling, everything will be as it should be...


<Dark Void leaves through the double doors.  The scene transitions back to the workshop.  The sky has gotten darker.  The thunder sounds like it's closer now.  Inside, Tails is next to Sonic now, looking visibly nervous, as Rouge is looking out the window.  Shadow and Sonic are sitting facing one another and Knuckles and Amy are also on opposite ends.>


Rouge:  This is gonna be a nasty storm.  I hope you all don't have to leave in THIS.


Sonic:  Wait, you're not coming?


Rouge:  Nah.  I'd prefer to liberate things that are more...  'acquirable'.  The Master Emerald isn't exactly something I could sell on the market.


Knuckles:  You really haven't changed that much, have you?


Rouge:  <getting up> Aside from worrying about all of you all the time, not really.


<Rouge heads to the front door.>


Tails:  W-Why don't you stay until the storm is over, at least?


Rouge:  Thanks hon, but I think I'm gonna get a room at the Chaotix building.  Tell that idiot in bed not to have any more casual conversations with Asmodia's goons?


Sonic:  Ok.


Rouge:  Besides, SOMEONE has to keep an eye on the big round guy, in case he decides to start acting up again.  We can't expect you guys to be everywhere ALL the time.


Sonic:  Yeah.  Thanks Rouge.


Rouge:  Any time.  See you all later.


<Rouge leaves, the door closing behind her.  The others turn toward one another.  Thunder can be heard outside.>


Tails:  I uh...  I'm gonna go check on Chezni...


<Tails runs to his room, leaving the others.  More thunder can be heard outside.>


Amy:  He's still scared of lightning?


Sonic:  Yep.  Doesn't like to show it though.


Knuckles:  I never asked.  What's the deal with it?


Sonic:  It's not something we talk about much, but he did tell me.  It happened before I met him.


Amy:  Back when he was bullied?


Sonic:  Yeah.  The thing is...  His parents...  were killed in a storm...


Knuckles:  You've...  gotta be kidding me...


<The others sit there in stunned silence.  Shadow is just closing his eyes.>


Sonic:  He was five.  One day, lightning hit their house.  It caught fire and his parents gave their lives to save him.


Knuckles:  Man...  I had no idea...


Sonic:  He lived in an orphanage for about a year and a half, until we met.  I saw him fixing my plane, and the rest is history.  You know, I was the first real friend he ever had.  All by himself for a year and a half being bullied after losing his parents like that, with nobody to turn to...


Amy:  <looking down slightly> That poor little fox...


Sonic:  Anyway, ever since that happened, he just can't deal with lightning...  We've tried, but it's just something he can't handle.  So I made him a promise that I'd never let anything bad happen to him...  <looking down slightly> Great job I've been doing keeping THAT promise...


Amy:  Sonic...


Shadow:  Likely, this fear is due to the trauma of losing his parents...  It won't be easy for him to overcome it.  I still think of the day Maria died.  Like Tails, I was helpless to do anything about it.


<Shadow looks at Sonic and the others.>


Shadow:  It's...  not something that can be rushed...


Sonic:  Still...  I can't stand seeing him like that...  especially after everything else he's been through...


Shadow:  I have a feeling though, that if the right situation presents itself, he could overcome it.  Just be patient.


<Tails is seen quivering under a blanket in his bed, while looking at the sapling.  The scene transitions to the next day over the ocean.  It is still overcast.  Several silver and black ships appear beneath the clouds and descend over the water.  An image of an island briefly appears and then disappears along with the ships.  The scene transitions back to the workshop.  Chezni is seen exiting Tails' room.  Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are sitting around.  Tails still looks visibly nervous, though not quite as bad as the previous day.>


Sonic:  Are you ok?


Chezni:  Yeah, I'm fine now.  But...


Tails:  Yeah...  we saw it too...


Chezni:  Northeast, over the ocean.


Eden:  That has to be where it is.


Tails:  Then...  we can use the X Tornado and...


Chezni:  And my ship.


Sonic:  You mean you're gonna come too?


Chezni:  That's right.  I'm doing better now.  Plus, it'll take a couple hours to get there.  So I can throw on autopilot and rest on the way.


Tails:  <shaking slightly> Yeah... 


<Chezni walks to where Tails is.  He leans down and puts his hand on Tails' shoulder.>


Chezni:  Sorry.  I woke up last night and saw you.  You really don't like storms, do you?


Tails:  No...


Chezni:  I've been there...  You know what I used to do when I was your age?


Tails:  What?


Chezni:  I used to think about what lightning is.


Tails:  An electrical discharge caused by imbalances between two points, either in the clouds or between the clouds and the ground?


Chezni:  You got it.  Any time you're scared, just think about that.


<Tails smiles and nods.>


Chezni:  That's more like it.


<Chezni gets up and looks around.  Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are all looking at him.>


Chezni:  I don't need to tell everybody what the stakes are here.  The enemy is on Angel Island, most likely going after the Master Emerald.  From what I've heard, that artifact has the power of infinite possibility.  In other words, in the right hands it can do wondrous things, but in the wrong hands it can cause cataclysms.


Eden:  Several ships were detected heading to where we believe the island is.


Chezni:  Asmodia's forces number on average about 300 troops to a ship.  He's not just taking them there to have a picnic.  He's probably planning to start an all-out invasion soon, and he's likely using the island as a staging ground.


Sonic:  So this is the real deal then...


Chezni:  That's right...  This will likely be the toughest battle we've fought yet.  But we have to win.  We're all that stands between them and this planet.


Tails:  We'll need to have the Emeralds aboard the X Tornado.  They're definitely reacting to the crystals.  The closer they are, the better.


Shadow:  How long will it take for them to recharge?


Tails:  I don't know...  But we need to take them with us.  I'm hoping that once we get closer to the Master Emerald, they'll charge faster.


<Chezni heads toward the door.>


Chezni:  I'll be at my ship.  Let me know when everyone's ready.


<Chezni walks outside.  Sonic follows him.  Soon, the two are alone.>


Chezni:  I gave her that crystal for another reason.


Sonic:  What reason?


Eden:  She was healed using a Ruby Prism.  Those stones have a unique affinity with Nova Crystals.


Chezni:  If she's near that crystal long enough, we should start seeing some positive results. 


Sonic:  I really hope this works...  Tails has been through so much...  And he's never once complained about ANY of it...  I just...  There has to be SOME kind of light at the end of this tunnel...


Chezni:  Oh, it'll work...  I just hope it happens soon.  This might be the best chance we ever have to get her back.


<Sonic heads back inside.>


Chezni:  Still...  Why would Asmodia use something so rare on a minion?  That's not like him...


<Chezni heads to his ship.  He renders it visible again, and jumps into the cockpit.>


Chezni:  Ok, everyone...  Let's get this done...


Sonic's Voice:  <from Chezni's Matrix> We're all set.


Chezni:  Alright.  We'll meet at the surface of Angel Island.  We should land some distance away from the Master Emerald, to avoid being shot down.


Tails's Voice:  Got it.


<Chezni presses a few buttons.  The ship lifts off the ground and starts flying toward the workshop.  Soon, the X Tornado is also seen hovering above the workshop.  The two vehicles begin flying over the ocean, to the northeast.  A storm can be seen in the distance.>


Chezni:  <narrowing his eyes> There's a storm, alright...  This is gonna be one hell of a storm...


<The two vehicles continue their flight.  A flock of blue, red and yellow flickies can be seen flying frantically away from the storm.>


Eden:  I don't understand.  Why are you so obsessed with rescuing her?  It's almost as if you're possessed...


Chezni:  I don't know...  I just...  feel like this is something that has to be done...  Like it's really important...  The truth is, I've never had this feeling before...  I really think...  something truly amazing is going to happen on that island...


<The two vehicles fly toward the distant storm, as the scene fades out and the episode ends.>

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Here it is.  Episode 10.  We're now officially in the double-digits.  A quick heads-up for anyone following this story.  I plan to do two episodes next week, because the following week, it won't be possible for me to update this.  So you'll get two episodes in a row next week, which will also incidentally finish the Countdown arc.  In other words, after the brief hiatus, we'll be getting into the crossover proper.



<The episode begins with a shot of a floating island covered in forests, with a tall mountain in the center.  On the side is a lake with water going off the edge of the island.  And in front of the mountain is what appears to be the ruins of an altar.  On a large pedestal at the top of a long set of stairs lies a massive emerald.  A narrative starts with the same voice as the opening...>


Angel Island...  home to this world's Planet Egg and also to the Master Emerald...  the source of infinite possibility.  It is said that in ancient times, wars were fought over the Emerald's extraordinary power.  But the guardians, the Echidna, would never allow it to be misused. 


One fateful day, a civil war erupted on the island.  In one disastrous moment, the tribe was all but exterminated.  One priestess named Tikal made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the island and the Master Emerald would be protected for all time.


Now, forces are gathering for a battle that will decide the fate of the island, and of the world.  However, none could imagine how this one battle would set in motion events with far reaching effects that would impact not only this universe, but also many others...  This is where it all truly begins...


<The scene transitions forward in time to show a storm happening over the island.  In the distance, Chezni's ship and the X Tornado are seen flying straight toward the island.  Chezni is leaning back in the cockpit and resting while his ship is on autopilot.  Tails is seen in the X Tornado with Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow.  The young fox is trembling at the controls.>


Sonic:  You ok there, buddy?


Tails:  I...  I'm fine...


<Tails looks at a few gauges and makes some adjustments.>


Tails:  ...  Imbalances between two points...  Imbalances between two points...


<The two vehicles are seen disappearing into the massive storm.>



Episode 10:  The Prophecy - Part 1



<The X Tornado and Chezni's ship start flying through the storm clouds.  A massive bolt of lightning suddenly comes down with a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound right between the two vehicles, barely missing them!  Tails is startled almost out of his seat.  He tightens his grip on the controls and closes one eye.>


Tails:  <his voice shaking> ...  Imbalances between two points...  Imbalances between two points...


Amy:  Are you sure you're ok, Tails?


Tails:  <not even noticing Amy> ...  Imbalances between two points...  Imbalances between two points...


Chezni's Voice:  We should be getting there soon.


Tails:  Y-yeah...  L-let me know when y-you see it...


Sonic:  Chezni, we might need to take a breather after we land.


Chezni:  ...  Ok, but we shouldn't take too long...


Knuckles:  There's a lake on the outskirts of the island.  The small field next to it might be a good landing point.


Chezni:  Got it!


<Soon, the floating island comes into view.>


Sonic:  There it is!


<The two vehicles fly toward the island.  Another massive bolt of lightning shoots down behind them with a 'KA-KRAAAAAAACK!' sound!  Tails is shaking at the controls.>


Tails:  <almost crying> ...  Imbalances between two points...  Imbalances between two points...


<The two vehicles reach the eye of the storm, and much calmer skies, as Angel Island is now fully visible.  Chezni looks on in amazement.>


Sonic:  Aaaaaaand if you direct your attention to the right everyone, you'll see Angel Island, in all its floating island glory.


Chezni:  <looking over the island> There's a sight if there ever was one...


<The two flying vehicles circle the island, as Chezni continues looking over the island.  They soon see the lake.>


Chezni:  That must be it.


<The X Tornado and Chezni's ship head toward the side of the island with the body of water.  Soon, the two vehicles reach the lake.  They descend to the field right next to it.  Once they're on the ground, Chezni exits his ship.  Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow exit the X-Tornado.  Tails collapses to the ground and starts coughing.>


Sonic:  You ok there?


Tails:  Y-yeah...  <cough> I just need...  a couple minutes...


Amy:  You were pretty cool there, Tails.


<Tails gives a weak thumbs up, while Chezni looks around.  Things seem relatively quiet by the lake, thunderstorm notwithstanding.>


Chezni:  There aren't any hostiles here.  We should be safe to rest for a short while.


Knuckles:  The altar is about two miles to the east.  I imagine that's where we'll find Asmodia and his forces.


<Chezni and the others sit down.  Tails finally is able to sit up.>


Tails:  You said Asmodia is really powerful?


Chezni:  Yeah.  No group of Nova Warriors has ever been able to so much as hurt him.  The most we've been able to do is drive him away, and in one case seal him away for a short while.  Every time's been a stroke of luck.


Shadow:  This has been bothering me for awhile.  But how did this all start with Asmodia?


Chezni:  Well, it was centuries before I was born.  One day, a massive wormhole opened up in space.  People took to calling it the Grand Rift.  It allows virtual instantaneous travel to far off places, and also to other universes.  The being inside of it is known as Avatar.  He is a straight shooter, but he's also a kind and wise guardian.  He's the one that gave Starlance the Nova Crystals.


Sonic:  Then what happened?


Chezni:  Well, one day Asmodia flew to Starlance through the Rift.  Avatar couldn't stop him, because he isn't permitted to physically interfere in the affairs of mortals.  Planet Terra was the first to be attacked...


Eden:  Asmodia ravaged the planet, sinking every continent and leaving only one large island about the size of your mainland intact.


Chezni:  That island is where Tia's from...


Amy:  Your girlfriend?


Chezni:  Well uh...  Yeah...


Tails:  What's she like?


Chezni:  Well, she's kind, gentle...  She loves cute things...  And she does this thing with her tail where it twitches when she gets excited about something.


Amy:  You said tail...  She isn't human?


Chezni:  Oh, I didn't tell you?  People from Terra are demihumans...  She has cat traits.


<Sonic immediately imagines Big the Cat in a dress.>


Sonic: <shivering> Ugh...


Amy:  Is she a...


Chezni:  Nova Warrior?  Yeah, she's one of us too...  immortality and all.


<Chezni looks off into the distance.>


Chezni:  It's been about a year since I've been back.  I wonder how they're all doing...


Amy:  Maybe you could bring her the next time you come to this world.


Chezni:  Yeah, I think I will.


<Chezni looks around.>


Chezni:  <with a chuckle> Just to forewarn you though, there's a certain fox here who shall remain nameless that she would likely think is one of the cutest things she's ever seen.


<Tails looks confused as the others laugh.  Chezni gets up.>


Chezni:  I'll be back in a sec.  I just want to take a look at that lake.


<Chezni walks toward the lake, with Eden in tow.  Once they are out of range of the others...>


Chezni:  Maybe that's why...  The way she was described...  Maybe she reminds me of Tia...


Eden:  Both of their worlds were ravaged...  And both made sacrifices...


Chezni:  The only difference is that one needs to be rescued.


Eden:  Were it not for where you were born, Tia might've been in this situation.


Chezni:  Yeah... 


<Chezni looks toward the mountain.  A structure can barely be seen in the distance next to it.>


Chezni:  I know you're there, Cosmo...  and I know I've never met you before...  But I swear, you won't be Asmodia's servant any longer...  After what I allowed, this is the least I can do...


<Chezni turns and walks back toward the others.  Once he's back with everyone...>


Chezni:  I think it's time.


Sonic:  Yeah, let's do this...


Amy:  I'm ready.


Shadow:  <smiling> Hmm...


Tails:  Let's head to the altar.


Knuckles:  It's time to retake Angel Island.


<The group lines up and takes a few steps forward.>


Sonic:  Everyone ready?


<Everyone nods.  Each of them holds out their right arm.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and Chezni:  <together>


Nova Matrix!!!


<In a flash, each of them has their Matrix on their arm.  The panels open on each of them.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and Chezni:  <together>


Crystal Set!!!


<Each Nova Crystal enters their respective Matrix.  The panels all close.>


Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Shadow and Chezni:  <together>


Leyline Access!!!


<With an EXPLOSION of energy, the group is transformed!  Chezni takes a step forward.>


Chezni:  Ok.  It's time to take the fight to them!


<The group starts to make its way toward the altar.  A scene transitions to the top of a massive flight of stairs.  At the top is the Master Emerald, on the familiar pedestal.  Asmodia is standing in front of it.  Dark Void and Crusala are behind him.>


Asmodia:  You can be as silent as you wish...  But know this.  The prophecy will never come to pass.


????:  <a female voice, gentle yet foreboding> It isn't within your power to alter the SUN Prophecy.  She will return.  And the final prophecy will come to pass...  It will herald your end...  and the liberation of the other...


<Asmodia is suddenly filled with anger.  His eyes glow red.>


Asmodia:  SHUT UP!  I don't want to hear that name!  <calming down slightly> My dear Tikal, what makes you think the prophecy will come to pass?  After all, I took the necessary measures to ensure it wouldn't.  And to ensure my Dark Void stays by my side...


Tikal:  You cannot force her to stay with you.  She isn't yours to do with as you please.


Asmodia:  Yet here she is.  <smirking> Admit it.  I have won.


Tikal:  Then why are you filled with fear when I mention your True Name?


Asmodia:  ENOUGH!!!


<Asmodia fires a massive blast of energy right at the Master Emerald.  With a mighty EXPLOSION, the Emerald is annihilated, sending countless tiny shards flying everywhere and bouncing off the ground!  He looks around.>


Asmodia:  How?!  I must've disintegrated over half that Emerald!  How is this accursed island still in the air?!


Tikal:  Even if you shatter the Emerald, the infinite possibility cannot be broken.  Leave now, and never return.


<Asmodia screams in anger and turns, walking down the stairs.  He takes a deep breath.>


Asmodia:  I don't know why I'm even concerned...  I'm far stronger than all of them put together.  <looking back at the shattered Emerald> And now shorn of the Master Emerald's power, the Chaos Emeralds...  will never shine again. 


<Asmodia reaches the base of the stairs, along with Crusala and Dark Void.>


Asmodia:  Let us go.  Tomorrow, we will launch our attack.  The dawning of the new day will herald the final end of this world!


Tikal:  Dark Void...  Believe in the crystal...  Don't let this cruel fate control you...


Dark Void:  <clutching the green crystal>  ...  We should leave this accursed place.  THEY will probably be here soon.


<As Asmodia, Crusala and Dark Void leave, the green Nova Crystal starts giving off a subtle glow once again.  The scene transitions to a forest.  Sonic, Chezni, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow are making their way through the dense foliage.>


Chezni:  Probably a stupid question, but there isn't a path through this place, is there?


Knuckles:  Nope.  The point is to make it difficult to traverse, in order to keep intruders out.


Sonic:  This walking is killing my feet.  I need to go for a run.


Amy:  <swatting some tiny branches away> My hair is going to get ruined...


Shadow:  <eye twitching> Stop complaining.  You're driving me crazy.


<Tails can see the overcast sky even from within the forest.>


Tails:  Uh...  How far is it from here?


Knuckles:  We've got a good mile of this yet.


Sonic, Tails, Chezni, and Amy:  <together> Ughhhhhhh...


Shadow:  Hey, at least we're not stranded on another planet...


Chezni:  This time...


Eden:  You have nobody to blame but yourself, Chezni.


Chezni:  Well, ok.  But I mean, when you get shot down by a giant green dragon on one planet, or get hit by a magic rainbow on another, you really can't do anything about it.


Sonic:  What ARE those planets like?  You know, the ones you go to?


Chezni:  Well, most of the time there isn't much on them.  Just regular people living normal lives.  But, every once in awhile, you'll find something really interesting. 


Eden:  One of them is a world where talking bears have strange powers.


Chezni:  I remember that one.


Eden:  Then there was the world where the small white rabbit girl with the pink hood had that magical tact.


Chezni:  Yeah...  Yeah, that's a thing.


<The others are giving weird looks to Chezni now.>


Chezni:  What?  ...  Yes!  Some of them became Nova Warriors!  That's what happens when you go to different worlds.  You never know what you're going to find.  Sometimes you find cute animals that shoot lightning, and sometimes you find talking animals wearing different colored shirts with words appearing on them.  Sometimes you find Batman and Superman and learn alot from them.  And sometimes people in those worlds have S-Class signatures.


<The group reaches a bald spot in the forest.  They all make their way out of the foliage.>


Chezni:  I think we can take a break here.


Sonic:  Are you sure we should be taking all these breaks?  Asmodia's probably way ahead of us.


Chezni:  This might be the last opportunity we get before the fighting starts.  We should use this time to rest. 


Amy:  Actually, sitting down doesn't sound so bad.


<The group takes a seat.  Sonic props himself against a tree.  Chezni heads over to him, while the others sit further away.>


Chezni:  I saw how he was with storms.


Sonic:  Yeah...


Chezni:  Has he always been by himself?


Sonic:  Since he was about 5.  His house was hit by lightning.  His parents died saving him.  Then he was taken to an orphanage.  He met me for the first time while he was living there.


Chezni:  I see...  So that's why...


Sonic:  I didn't find out about this part until after Tails went to live by Central City.  But...  The orphanage he lived in...  The people that ran it weren't very nice.  They forced the kids to steal from others in order to make a profit.  Then if one of the kids got caught, they'd just throw them under the bus...  act like they didn't know anything.  Tails was the only one that refused to do it.  He'd build things for the owners and claim he stole them, so they wouldn't get angry...  But one day, the other kids found out, and that's...


Chezni:  That's the real reason they started bullying him...  It wasn't about his tails or his intellect...


Sonic:  It was because he didn't want to do things their way.  He stuck to his guns, even though it meant being hurt.


<Sonic looks over at the others.>


Sonic:  That's just the way he's always been...  He's the kindest person I've ever known.  And cruel things just keep happening to him...  I don't know what fate's problem is with him...


<Chezni sits in silence.>


Sonic:  Anyway, I got to shutting that place down pretty quick once I found out what was happening.  The Mayor agreed to take care of the kids, and I decided to look after Tails...  And after that, I swore to him that I'd never let anything bad happen to him...  But...  I ended up breaking that promise...


Chezni:  Sonic...


Sonic:  At the end of the Metarex War, after Cosmo sacrificed herself, he came to me...  He said some things that he later said he didn't mean...  Said it was just the heat of the moment...  Thing is, whether he meant it or not doesn't matter...  He was right about what he said...  I should've been there for him...  He believed in me, and I let him down...  That's probably why I'm so hell bent on helping you rescue her...


Chezni:  You know, you remind me of myself in alot of ways...


Sonic:  Huh?


Chezni:  Because that's a thought that's been going through my mind for a long time.  When Asmodia escaped from Starlance, we chased him across different universes.  He destroyed numerous worlds, killed countless people.  And I always see the destruction and think about how things would be if I'd been able to take him down.


Sonic:  Oh...


<Sonic looks down slightly and starts chuckling.  Chezni also starts laughing.>


Chezni:  You know, Sonic.  I think I got the wrong impression of you when I first met you.


Sonic:  How so?


Chezni:  I always thought you were just a fast Hedgehog that was always 'so cool' about everything.


Sonic:  What do you mean?  I AM so cool.


Chezni:  Yeah, but you can be really kind too.


Sonic:  Oh...  I guess...


Chezni:  It's not always the easiest thing to do, but we can't worry about the past all the time.  We can't change it any more than we could change the weather.  You need wings and a stamp on your butt for that.  But what we CAN do something about though, is the future.  We can affect what's in front of us.


Sonic:  Yeah.  It's time to take destiny into our own hands.


<Chezni and Sonic get up and join the others.  Sonic sits next to Tails, and Chezni sits across from the two.>


Chezni:  Sooooo....  Knuckles, you guard this place?


Knuckles:  That's right.  I even have a house on the eastern side of the island.


Chezni:  You and Rouge...  Are you dating?


Knuckles:  Wha...  NOOOOO!


<Sonic and Amy both chuckle.>


Chezni:  I was just wondering because you seemed to be a little worried about her before.


Knuckles:  We're just friends...  well...  more like acquaintances.


<Tails looks up at the sky.>


Sonic:  You worried about the weather?


Tails:  This is fine.  It only REALLY bothers me if the lightning's close.


Chezni:  Well, let's just hope it stays clear of this island until we're done.


<Shadow gets up.>


Shadow:  I think maybe we should get moving.


Sonic:  <also getting up> Yeah.  Let's get through the rest of this forest.


<The rest of the group gets up and continues toward the altar.>






<Asmodia, Dark Void and Crusala are in an open field in front of the altar.  Asmodia is waiting, as if he knows what is getting ready to happen.>


Asmodia:  I was beginning to think you'd never appear.


<Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow and Chezni are seen walking forward side by side in a line.  The forest is some distance behind them.>


Dark Void:  <smirking> We were about to leave.  We DO have other obligations.


Chezni:  So, it's just you three, huh?


Asmodia:  That's right.  And we're more than enough here to defeat the likes of six Nova Warriors.


<Crusala steps forward.>


Crusala:  Don't waste your time, Lord Asmodia.  I'll deal with these.


Asmodia:  Very well then.  Make it...  entertaining.


<Asmodia levitates off the ground.  He lands back at the top of the altar.  Dark Void follows him up the same altar.  Knuckles looks up and notices the Master Emerald isn't there.>


Knuckles:  Wait...  What did you do to the Master Emerald?!


Asmodia:  Oh, I didn't tell you...  <with a smug grin> I destroyed it!


<Knuckles' fists light up in a blazing fire as he screams and charges toward Crusala.  The others also charge forward.>


Crusala:  <whispering> So predictable...


<Crusala snaps his fingers.  Suddenly, the area around the Nova Warriors distorts, and several hundred Metal Sonics appear.  They all fix their glowing red eyes on the group.>


Chezni:  We're surrounded!


Asmodia:  Did you think we would just play your little game?!  Metal Sonics!  The time has come!  Annihilate them!!!


Sonic:  We've been had!


<Crusala backs away and heads up the stairs, as the Metal Sonics converge on everyone.  Chezni forms his Falcon Blades while Tails forms his Dream Busters.  Amy forms her Diamond Dust hammer and Shadow forms his Zodiac Spear.>


Chezni:  I can't slow them all down!


Tails:  Then maybe we can pick them off a few at a time!


<Tails takes to the air.  Sonic goes into a spin dash.  He lights up with blue electricity and shoots forward, tearing into two of the robots!  The rest of the Metal Sonics start picking up speed and dashing toward the group.  Chezni holds up his open hand and forms a ball of light.>


Chezni:  Tails!  Use this!




<Chezni throws the ball of light at Tails.  It hits his Dream Busters, causing them to light up.  Tails then aims down at a group of Metal Sonics.  His weapons begin charging a ball of energy between them.>




Dream Blast!!!


<Tails fires the energy ball at the Metal Sonics.  It hits the center of the group and with an EXPLOSION, vaporizes several of them!  An aura of frost gathers around Amy's Diamond Dust hammer.  She brings it down, causing a cone of ice shards to jut out of the ground, trapping about a dozen Metal Sonics.  She brings the hammer down again, SHREDDING through the robots, ice shards and pieces of metal flying everywhere!>


Amy:  This is almost too easy!


<Sonic skids to a stop next to Amy.>


Sonic:  Yeah, it's like there's too many of them to pick up enough speed!


<Metal Sonics are seen some distance away flying through the air as Knuckles punches his way through the horde!  Crusala simply smirks and starts clapping.  The Metal Sonics stop in their tracks.  They then back off.>


Crusala:  I think we've had enough of a warm-up.  Time for the REAL show to begin.


<Crusala jumps from the top of the altar.  He lands in front of the group with one hand on the ground in front of his feet.  He slowly rises to his feet.  He draws his sword.  Electricity is seen surging through the blade.>


Crusala:  <looking up at Tails> I wonder if that fox has the same FEAR!


<Crusala holds his sword up.  Without warning a massive bolt of lightning comes down behind the group with a 'KA-KRAAAAAACK!' sound, blasting several trees from their spots!  Tails lands in front of the general, on his back.  He shakes as he slowly crawls backward, away.  Crusala walks forward toward the two-tailed fox.  He smirks.>


Crusala:  So you're the one, huh?  You're the one that this is all ABOUT!!!


<Crusala puts his foot on Tails' chest.>


Sonic:  No!  Tails!


<Sonic dashes toward Tails.  Crusala sees this and aims his sword, shooting a bolt of lightning at Sonic, and knocking the Hedgehog off his feet!>


Tails:  W-why...  Why are you all...  doing this?!


Crusala:  We're simply here to eliminate the remnants of the past.


<Sonic gets up again, and dashes toward Crusala once again.>


Crusala:  Doesn't that stupid rodent ever LEARN?!


<Crusala fires another bolt of lightning, this time hitting Sonic, propelling him toward the edge of the forest.  The Hedgehog slams into two trees, snapping them with the force from the impact.  He tries to get back to his feet, but is unable to.>


Amy:  SONIC!!!


Sonic:  No...  Forget me...  Help Tails... 


Amy:  But...


Sonic:  Just...  Do it!


Chezni:  That's enough...


<Chezni runs toward Crusala.>


Chezni:  <holding his hand out>




<A magical barrier surrounds Chezni.  Crusala simply smirks.>


Crusala:  I see.  So you aren't completely stupid.  But how's this?!


<Crusala thrusts his sword into the ground.  The entire island starts shaking.  The shaking is so intense that it knocks Chezni, Amy and Knuckles off their feet.  Dark Void and Asmodia seem to have no difficulty standing.>


Crusala:  This is almost too easy.


<Crusala turns toward Asmodia.>


Crusala:  These are supposed to be Nova Warriors?!  The most fearsome heroes in the universe?!


Asmodia:  <chuckling> I have to admit, I wasn't expecting them to be THIS easy to deal with!


<Crusala shoots a wave of lightning at Chezni, Knuckles and Amy.  With a shower of sparks and an EXPLOSION, the three are flung off their feet!  They are knocked back and land in front of where Sonic is.  Crusala then looks down at Tails.>


Crusala:  Now, where was I?


Tails:  Why...  What do you want with us?!


Asmodia:  It's nothing personal!  Well, actually it is!  But either way, you and your friends can't be suffered to live any longer!


Crusala:  There you have it.


<Crusala stomps on Tails' chest, causing sparks to fly out.  He then kicks the fox in the side, flinging him into the air and causing him to yell in pain.  Tails lands a few feet away.  The Asmodian General slowly walks to where Tails ended up.  The young fox tries to get up, and then Crusala grabs him by the left arm.  He lifts Tails up.>


Crusala:  I don't know what I hate more, this planet or the freaks living on it!  Once we deal with you, that sapling in your workshop is next!


<Tails' eyes widen.>


Tails:  What...


Crusala:  Didn't Asmodia tell you?!  THAT'S what we came here for!  When we leave here, we'll be taking it!


<Suddenly, energy surges through Tails' armor.>


Tails:  <closing his eyes and screaming> NOOOOOOOOOO!!!


<With a sudden burst of light and a loud 'KA-THOOOOOOOOM!', a shockwave forces Tails from Crusala's grasp, flinging the Asmodian General back and knocking him off his feet!  Tails is floating in front of Crusala as energy surges through his armor.>


Tails:  Cosmo trusted me with her seed...  That sapling is the hope of her entire race...  And you...  AREN'T GOING NEAR IT!!!


<Crusala gets up and grabs his sword.>


Crusala:  So be it...  Let this place be your grave!!!


<Tails has a look of rage on his face.  Chezni and the others look on at what's happening.  Sonic sits up and sees Tails.>


Sonic:  Tails?


<Energy surges through Crusala's entire body as he grips the sword with both hands.>


Tails:  I don't care what happens...  But I'm going to stop you!


<The bodies of the two warriors pulsate with energy as they stare one another down.  On that note, the scene fades out and the episode ends.>

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Aaaaaaand here we are with Episode 11.  Also, Freud must've been having some fun with me while I was typing this episode.  I kept misspelling words and getting other...  interesting words...  I'll leave that to your imagination.  So like I said, two in a row this week.  Next week, I won't be here.  But the week after we'll start the actual crossover part.  So this is the first one for this week.  The second will be posted soon enough.



<Asmodia is seen at the top of the altar, with Dark Void some distance behind him.  Dark Void is watching things unfold, but an air of worry is seen in her eyes.>


Dark Void:  Soon...  Soon we will be in control...


<The Asmodian General looks at Tails.  He is floating in front of Crusala as energy surges through him.>


Dark Void:  That young fox is fighting so fiercely...  Soon we will finish him off, take the sapling, and wipe out all life on this planet...


<Tails charges toward Crusala and slams his fist into the Asmodian General's chest!  Crusala is flung back a few feet.  The general aims his sword at Tails and shoots a bolt of lightning at the fox.  With a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, it strikes right next to him.  Tails is suddenly startled.  Crusala wastes no time, and fires an electric blast right at the fox, hitting him in the chest and sending sparks flying.  Tails is still airborne though, and doesn't seem all that bothered by the scorch mark on his armor.>


Crusala:  Why you little freak...


<Crusala flies toward Tails.  The young fox flies above Crusala, doing a midair summersault and slamming his two tails down on the Asmodian General, flinging him to the ground!  He lands with an impact that kicks up debris and dust all around him!  He flies back up toward Tails and slashes with his sword.  The fox nimbly dodges out of the way and forms his Dream Busters again.  He aims at the Asmodian General.>




Dream Busters!!!


<The two blasts hit Crusala at point-blank, knocking him back and causing him to spin in midair.  He regains his composure.  Sonic gets to his feet and makes his way over to where everyone else is.>


Shadow:  You're seeing this, right?


Sonic:  I see it...  but I don't believe it...


Chezni:  ...  <coming to a realization> Tails is distracting Crusala!  We need to get to the top of that altar!


<The others nod in agreement and start running toward the altar.>


Episode 11:  The Prophecy - Part 2



<The group gets to the base of the stairs.  Knuckles suddenly stops in his tracks, as he sees shards of the Master Emerald strewn about.  The others stop too.>


Knuckles:  <falling to his knees> The Master Emerald...


Sonic:  It can be repaired though, right?


Knuckles:  <tears are seen in his eyes> No...  It can't...  Too much of it has been disintegrated...  I...  I failed to protect it...


Chezni:  But how is the island still floating?


Knuckles:  After...  the Metarex War...  once the Master Emerald was restored to the altar, half of its energy was sent to this world's Planet Egg as a precaution...  That's what keeps the island from falling...


Tikal:  <an unseen voice> That is correct.


<Suddenly, time stops around everyone.  Tails and Crusala are frozen in place, and Asmodia and Dark Void are frozen as well.>


Knuckles:  Tikal...  Forgive me...


Tikal:  There is nothing to blame you for.  The Master Emerald once housed the being known as Chaos, as well as my spirit.  But after the war with the Metarex, we agreed to split the powers of Chaos between the Master Emerald and the Planet Egg.  Chaos' spirit is now watching over the Planet Egg.


<Knuckles gets to his feet.>


Knuckles:  But...  what about your spirit?  Without the Master Emerald...


Tikal:  I will continue to help guard the island, so long as it exists.  The energy that the Master Emerald once held in it has been dispersed.  But it is not gone.


<Chezni looks around.>


Chezni:  I've never met you before...  I'm sorry...  I'm sorry that I let him do this to your world...  If I could've just stopped him in Starlance...


Tikal:  You mustn't blame yourself.  All things in the universe flow to their own ends for a reason.  You were meant to arrive here...  and you were meant to meet me...


<With a bright flash of light, a female peach-orange colored Echidna is revealed.  Her eyes are a bluish purple, and her muzzle is a peach color with a black nose.  She wears what looks to be a white half top and a tribal skirt that has beige, green and red triangular patterns adorning it.  Her right arm has a golden armlet, while she also wears a necklace of gold and a golden tiara.  Both the necklace and tiara are decorated with triangular patterns and have light blue gems in the center.  Her white gloves have light blue bracelets around her wrists.  She is wearing white strapped sandals and her dreadlocks and left arm have similar looking white bandages on them.>


Sonic:  Tikal...


Tikal:  You have all done so well to make it here.  But now you must shed your reliance on the Master Emerald...  A new power has come into your possession, one that will reshape the destiny of this world, and many more after it...


Chezni:  I...  I'm...


Tikal:  I know who you are, Chezni Vanguard.  I am Tikal, Priestess and daughter to the chief of the Knuckles Clan...


Knuckles:  She was the one that trusted me with guarding the Master Emerald...  But...  what do I do now?


Tikal:  You must follow your own heart.  There is no need to be bound by the past anymore.


Chezni:  But...


Tikal:  Chezni...  Nothing that has happened here was by your hand...  Everything you see, everything that has happened, was meant to happen...


<With a bright flash of light, a shot of space is seen.  Sonic and Shadow are seen, surrounded by a brilliant rainbow colored light, along with numerous other rainbow colored lights that are impossible to make out.  They appear to be standing before two massive shadowy creatures, though no details can be discerned.  The many lights begin glowing brightly.  Soon, the entire area, and all of space is consumed by the light.>


Tikal:  Just as currents flow in the sea, phenomena flow throughout the universe...


<A scream can be heard in the pitch black, as a red aura is seen in the distance.  The aura expands, and stars and planets are seen being seemingly vaporized.  The lights seem to be holding the aura back.>


Tikal:  Chezni...  the beings you see before you are warriors you've met before, in the forms they were meant to take.  The two shadows are servants of one who wishes for existence to stagnate and remain unchanging.  To this end, he is willing to erase all of time itself, that it may be reborn and more easily controlled...


Chezni:  But that's...  That would destroy this universe...  and all other universes...


Sonic:  No.  That can't be the future!


Amy:  But then... 


Knuckles:  There has to be a way to stop it...


Shadow:  What do we do?!


<In a flash, the group is back in front of the altar.  Time is still frozen.>


Tikal:  What you have just witnessed is a future in but one of an infinite number of outcomes.  But that does not mean the future can't be changed.


Shadow:  You're saying we can change the future?


Tikal:  Time flows to a certain end, but like the ebbing and flowing of the ocean, the tiniest ripple can spread out and affect everything.


Sonic:  Wait.  So we're that ripple?


Tikal:  Those chosen by the crystals are the ones that exist outside of the pre-determined flow.  And as a force outside of the flow, can they themselves alter it.


Amy:  But why?  Why us?  What makes US so special?!


Tikal:  Someone dear to all of you sacrificed herself to protect this universe.  Yet in spite of this, she still remains, waiting to be saved.


<Knuckles and Amy's eyes widen in response.  Sonic and Chezni are silent.>


Knuckles:  Wait...  You mean...


Amy:  You can't mean...


Shadow:  So it's true...


Tikal:  ...  I am sorry.  I cannot say more than this for now.  With the destruction of the Master Emerald, I will be unable to leave Angel Island.  But should you succeed here, all will be explained if you go back to the place where dreams and nightmares began...


<Tikal starts to fade out.>


Chezni:  Wait, what place?!


<Tikal disappears completely as time once again resumes.  Tails and Crusala can be seen charging into one another so fast that the naked eye can't keep up.>


Chezni:  <notices Asmodia and Dark Void at the top> We need to hurry!


<The group runs up the stairs, as Asmodia steps back.>


Asmodia:  We meet at last, Sonic.


Sonic:  You know why we're here!  Let her go!


Asmodia:  What's wrong?  Were you dissatisfied with the hand fate dealt all of you?


Sonic:  I am so sick of hearing about fate.


Knuckles:  We make our own destinies.  Nobody else decides them!


Amy:  If that really is Cosmo behind you, you'd better release her!  Otherwise, I'm never gonna stop hitting you with my hammer!


Shadow:  I never got the chance to apologize to her.  But once we return her to normal, I finally can.  Now get out of our way!


Chezni:  We're bringing Cosmo back with us!  And if fate tries to get in our way, then I'll consider it an obstacle that needs to be removed!


Asmodia:  So be it...


<Asmodia's eyes flash for a brief instant.  Suddenly a wave of violet energy erupts in a cone, hitting the entire group and flinging them off the altar.  They all land some distance from the altar.  Asmodia lifts off the ground and descends toward the open field as everyone slowly gets up.>


Asmodia:  I must say, I'm impressed that you managed to give me so much trouble.


<Sonic goes into a spin dash and charges toward Asmodia.  Asmodia holds out one hand and easily stops the spin.  He then grabs Sonic's leg and SLAMS the Hedgehog into the ground!  He hits the ground with enough force to cause a tremor.  Asmodia then tosses Sonic to the side, where he lands with a thud.>


Amy:  SONIC!!!


<Amy runs over to where Sonic is.  Asmodia seizes his opportunity.  He quickly dashes toward Amy and grabs her by the neck, holding her up.  Sonic slowly starts to move.  He opens his eyes and sees Amy in Asmodia's hand.  Sonic struggles to hold out a hand.>


Sonic:  Amy...  No...  Stop...


Asmodia:  What was all that talk about hitting me with your hammer, my dear?


<Knuckles charges forward and punches Asmodia in the side.  Asmodia doesn't flinch, as Knuckles pulls his arm back and grabs his hand in pain.  Shadow lunges at Asmodia with his spear.  Asmodia quickly sidesteps, using his other arm to grab the spear.  He then pulls Shadow toward him and hits the Hedgehog with his open palm, sending him flying into several trees, snapping them like twigs.>


Chezni:  There's no point...


<Chezni sees Amy grabbing Asmodia's hand, desperately trying to escape.>


Chezni:  Stop...


Asmodia:  The blue Hedgehog always DID find you annoying and useless, didn't he?  So how about I do him a favor?!


<Asmodia lifts off the ground.>


Sonic:  No, stop!


Asmodia:  I wonder how he'll like it, when he sees your pretty little head smashed into the ground!  After all, he's seen horrible things happen to other people's loved ones!  So he should be USED TO THIS!!!


<Asmodia prepares to dive.  Suddenly, Tails is seen doing a flying kick into his chest.  Amy is knocked loose from the impact and falls.  Tails catches her and puts her down on the ground.>


Amy:  Tails...


<Tails nods, and then the fox flies back up to where Asmodia is.>


Tails:  You aren't going to hurt anybody else anymore!


<Asmodia looks around.  He notices that Crusala is on the ground, looking injured.>


Asmodia:  Impressive.  But let's see what your limitations really are!


<Asmodia moves toward Tails so quickly that he leaves an afterimage.  He punches the fox in the head, knocking him back.  Sonic finally gets to his feet.  He heads over to where Amy is.>


Sonic:  Are you alright, Amy?


Amy:  I'm fine...  <looking up> But I don't know how long Tails can hold out against him...


<Sonic looks at the fight.>


Sonic:  No...  It's...


<Sonic has a brief flashback to Tails being punched by Shadow.>


Sonic:  It's just like back then...


<Crusala is seen struggling to get to his feet.  Finally he stands up and limps over to the group.  They turn to see him.>


Chezni:  What's wrong?  Didn't get enough yet?!


Crusala:  I'm not fighting you here...  There's no point...  Soon Asmodia will kill that fox...  and then you'll be next.


<Crusala points his sword to the right.  He draws a circle with it.  A pink portal of energy is seen appearing.>


Crusala:  For my part, I know...  I'm no match for you yet.  But the next time we meet, it'll be different...  that is, assuming you live to see the next time...


<Crusala laughs as he heads into the portal, with it closing behind him.>


Chezni:  <looking at the fight> Just be ok, Tails...


<Tails is thrown to the ground.  He quickly gets up and flies back toward Asmodia.  Other than a bruise on his head, the young fox seems to be largely uninjured.>


Asmodia:  Yes...  I see the anger in your eyes...  that unbridled hatred...  It fills me!!!


<Chezni is looking stunned at the fight.>


Chezni:  I had no idea anybody could last that long by themselves against Asmodia...


<Tails quickly flies toward Asmodia, much faster than before.  The demonic creature suddenly has a shocked expression on his face as Tails lands a punch right on his chin, causing him to reel.  Tails then SLAMS his two tails down on the being, flinging him into the ground!  The impact is strong enough to cause a small shockwave.  Asmodia stands up.>


Asmodia:  Not bad.  Keep striking me with your rage...  I can feel it.  It courses through me!


<Asmodia suddenly flies toward Tails at a breakneck speed as thunder can be heard in the distance.  The fox braces himself, ready to dodge.  Suddenly a bolt of lightning shoots down near the two with a 'KA-KRAAAAAAACK!' sound!  The fox is startled to the point where he almost falls out of the sky.  Asmodia wastes no time and quickly spin kicks Tails in the chest, flinging him into the ground.>


Sonic:  No, TAILS!!!


<Tails struggles to get up.  A crack can be seen in his armor, near where his crystal is.  Chezni's eyes widen.>


Chezni:  Tails, no!  You need to stop fighting RIGHT NOW!


<Tails trembles as he clutches his chest.>


Tails:  <looking over to Sonic, who is heading toward him> Stay back!


<Asmodia lands in front of Tails.  He cracks a smile.>


Asmodia:  Well, this was entertaining.  But it looks like your power has finally been expended.


Chezni:  That's enough, Asmodia!  If it's a Nova Warrior you want, I'll go with you!  I'll do whatever you say!!!


Asmodia:  Oh please, Vanguard.  Do you think me so naive that I would stop at just ONE crystal?  I plan to take all of yours...  starting with HIM!


<Asmodia lifts Tails up.  The fox is helpless to do anything.>


Sonic:  Let him go!


Amy:  TAILS!!!


Asmodia:  Did Vanguard ever tell you what happens if you tear a Nova Crystal out of a Nova Warrior's armor?!


Chezni:  Stop!  For the love of...  he's just a kid!!!


Asmodia:  They'll die, and they won't ever return to the world of the living!


<At the top of the altar, Dark Void is watching the events unfold.  Her eyes widen with worry.>


Dark Void:  No...  This is for the good of our empire...  It has to be done...


<Dark Void turns around and clutches the crystal.>


Dark Void:  But...  Why do I have this feeling?!  Why do I even care what happens to that fox?!  WHY?!


????:  My child...


<Dark Void looks around.>


????:  My child!


<The crystal gives off a green glow.  Dark Void looks down at it.>


Dark Void:  Th-this is...






<The green crystal is glowing more intensely than before.>


????:  You do not remember me, but I remember you.  My name is Earthia.  You are my daughter.


<Dark Void is stunned by what she hears.>


Dark Void:  You're...  my mother?


Earthia:  <only the voice is heard> I have no right to ask for your forgiveness...  Many terrible things have happened because of me...  And through my carelessness, a terrible burden was placed on you...  one that should never be placed on someone so young. 


<Dark Void stands there in silence.>


Earthia:  In spite of that, you bravely took a stand and saved this universe...  and in doing so, you sacrificed more than anyone should have to.  I have been tasked with watching all of this unfold...  perhaps for this moment...


<Dark Void's eyes widen.>


Earthia:  The crystal you hold has granted me a precious gift, that I may speak to you now through it...  I do not know how long it will last, but I know I must not waste it.  The time has now come for you to free yourself from the bonds of this cruel fate.  You no longer need to be shackled by the regrets of the past.


<The storm above the island becomes more intense as lightning can be seen crashing down all around.>


Earthia:  Follow your heart, and it will guide you on the right path...


<The crystal's glow intensifies.>


Earthia:  And let this crystal, this bond, be the strength to seek your own destiny...  the strength to protect others...  and the strength to overcome evil.  Look upon the one within Asmodia's grasp.


Dark Void:  <a confused look> The fox child?  Why...  is he so familiar?


Earthia:  That child is known as Tails.  He is a courageous hero and friend to all he meets.  His heart is filled with kindness and his courage is unmatched by anything in this universe.  But to you, he means much more.


<Dark Void looks at Tails.  The young fox is still in the grasp of Asmodia.  Asmodia tightens his grip on Tails.>


Asmodia:  A little more, and his armor will completely give way.  Then the crystal will be mine!


<Chezni throws one of his blades at Asmodia, only for the demonic creature to easily block it with his free hand.  Tails forms his Dream Busters.  He drops one of them, but manages to maintain his grip on the other one.  Dark Void is watching, her expression now more horrified.>


Earthia:  After you saved this universe, you were separated from everyone you cared about, stolen by Asmodia and stripped of your memories...


<Dark Void puts her free hand over her mouth.>


Earthia:  The ones you see before you were all dear friends...  But...  there was one among them you loved dearly...


<Tears can be seen in Dark Void's eyes as she continues to watch.>


Earthia:  That fox you see loves you dearly, and you love him.  And right now, he needs you... 


<Earthia's voice starts to fade.>


Earthia:  Believe in the bonds of love and friendship...  Believe in the power of Harmony...  Believe in the crystal...  Cosmo...


<The voice disappears completely.>


Dark Void:  Cosmo?


<Dark Void looks down at the crystal, which maintains its glow.>


Dark Void:  My name...  is Cosmo...


<Dark Void looks back at the fight.  Tails suddenly points the remaining Dream Buster at Asmodia and fires, hitting the being point-blank in the chest with a BURST of energy! Asmodia tightens his grip.>


Asmodia:  Why you miserable little RODENT!!!


<More cracks appear in Tails' armor, as Asmodia slams the fox into the ground with an impact that causes a tremor!  Tails is left there, his eyes closed and not moving.  Dark Void closes her eyes and grips the crystal tightly.>


Dark Void:  NO!!!  TAILS!!!


<Suddenly, the entire alter is engulfed in a rainbow colored energy, as a shockwave shoots out, knocking Asmodia to the ground.  Everyone turns to see the intense light emitting from the top of the altar.>


Chezni:  The Rainbow Effect...


Eden:  Chezni, that's...


Chezni:  I know...  I saw it too...


Eden:  An N-Class...


<A glowing rainbow silhouette is seen walking down the stairs.  As she continues down, flowers are seen blooming right on the altar.  Once she gets to the bottom of the stairs, the light finally dissipates.  As it does, Amy is seen putting her hands over her mouth, looking as if her eyes are about to tear up.  Sonic has a similar look.  Shadow and Knuckles are in complete awe.>


Chezni:  Is that...


<The light fully subsides, revealing a young girl with pale peach colored skin and light blue eyes.  Her short hair is bright green and she has two pink flower buds, one on either side of her head seemingly held together with a gold hair tie on each one.  She wears what appears to be a green coat with a gold trim at the bottom, and also gold cuffs.  Underneath the coat is a white petal-like skirt with green tips.  In addition, she is also wearing white tights with green flats for shoes.  The black inverted triangular gem in her chest is now red.  She walks forward.>


Sonic:  Cosmo...  Is this real?


<Cosmo stops and sees Tails lying in front of Asmodia.  She glares at Asmodia and continues to step forward.  Asmodia starts to back away.>


Cosmo:  I know who you are.  You've caused endless pain and suffering to countless worlds.  You kill without a thought, and you even tried to keep us apart.


Asmodia:  You...  This is impossible!!!


Cosmo:  But what you've failed to understand, is that the bonds we share transcend this universe.  They can't be broken by petty desires.  And they can't be disrupted by fate's whims.  You've failed in a way that's brought the prophecy to fruition.


Sonic:  She doesn't mean...


Cosmo:  Asmodia.  Tails once protected me.  Now...  I'm going to protect him!!!


<Cosmo holds her right arm out.  The crystal levitates from her hand.>


Sonic:  No way...


Amy:  She's...


Shadow:  A Nova Warrior?!


Chezni:  An N-Class Nova Warrior...


Eden:  We're witnessing history in the making...




Nova Matrix!!!


<In a bright flash, a green Nova Matrix appears on Cosmo's right arm.  A panel opens above her hand.>




Crystal Set!!!


<The crystal flies into the panel, which closes around it.  Cosmo then holds her hand forward with the palm open.>




Leyline Access!!!


<A glyph appears in front of Cosmo's hand.  Suddenly, a small green fox with a red gem in its forehead is seen jumping out of the glyph.  It climbs onto Cosmo's shoulder, then jumps off and changes into green energy.  The energy then travels through the familiar channel, and back around to Cosmo.  As it hits her, her arms, legs and chest are engulfed in the green glow.  Tails is seen slowly opening his eyes as this is happening.  The green energy takes the shape of armor and with flash and a loud 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!' sound, green armor is now covering Cosmo's arms, legs and chest, while the green crystal is set in the middle of the chest piece.  Tails struggles to get up.  A golden emblem is seen on her forehead, with a small decoration of the green fox set in the center of it.>




The Guardian of the Universe and Protector of All Things!  Nova Warrior Carbuncle!!!


<Everyone is staring in awe at Cosmo's new transformed state.  The Seedrian approaches Tails, as Asmodia continues to back away.  Tails shakes as he gets to his feet.  He takes a step forward, but stumbles.  Cosmo catches him, and the two are holding hands as Tails manages to stand up.  He looks straight at Cosmo.>


Tails:  I...  I'm...  I'm not dreaming...  am I?


<Cosmo smiles and shakes her head as Tails smiles back, the two fixed on each other's gaze.  A bolt of lightning strikes right behind the two.  Tails doesn't even notice it.>


Asmodia:  No...  I'LL NEVER ACCEPT THIS!!!


<Asmodia motions, and suddenly the Metal Sonics charge forward.>


Tails:  Let's take care of this.


Cosmo:  Right.


<Tails and Cosmo turn and charge toward the Metal Sonics.  Chezni and the others look at one another.>


Chezni:  Let's get to work!


Sonic, Amy, Knuckles and Shadow:  Right!


<The group charges toward the Metal Sonics.  Tails forms his Dream Busters again.  Chezni is seen forming his second Falcon Blade.  Chezni, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow charge into the mob of Metal Sonics as sparks fly from the blows.  Tails starts picking off individual Metal Sonics, as Cosmo is seen holding her arms out.>




Ruby Sickles!!!


<In a flash, two long sickles with ruby blades appear in Cosmo's hands.  She charges toward a group of Metal Sonics and starts swinging her weapons at them.  Sparks can be seen flying as she gets into the middle of the group.  She then holds the handles of the sickles and presses buttons on each handle, launching the blades, each attached to a cable.  She swings the blades around, SHREDDING through several Metal Sonics!  Cosmo spins as she does this, and soon, a few dozen Metal Sonics are seen all around her, collapsing and EXPLODING into pieces!>


Asmodia:  This isn't happening!


<Tails descends near where Cosmo is.  Suddenly, Asmodia lunges for the fox.  Cosmo quickly jumps in the way.  Asmodia grins.>


Asmodia:  You fool!


<Asmodia fires a blast of violet energy from his hand at Cosmo.  The attack hits its mark, propelling her through the air at a breakneck speed.  She is seen falling at the edge of the island.>


Asmodia:  I can always convert you again!!!


Tails:  NO!  COSMO!!!


<Tails takes off after Cosmo.  He starts flying as fast as he can.  Suddenly he disappears in a burst of light!>


Chezni:  <looking up at where Tails is> Eden...


Eden:  I know...


Chezni:  It's Breaker...


<Chezni suddenly notices how quiet everyone is being.  He turns and sees them looking in awe at what they're seeing.  The entire area becomes brighter as they continue to look on.  They don't need Chezni to tell them what they're seeing.  This is something they've seen many times before with Sonic and Shadow.  Cosmo is being held by Tails, who is surrounded by a golden aura.  The white parts of his fur now have a golden color to them and his armor and yellow fur are shining.>


Sonic:  I thought you couldn't touch...


Knuckles:  Apparently there are many things we know nothing about...


<Cosmo turns to see Tails.  The two look at one another.>


Tails:  I'm never losing you again...


<Cosmo suddenly turns and kisses Tails.  The two slowly descend in the golden aura to the top of the altar.  Once on solid ground, Tails lets go.>


Tails:  I have to do something.  But I'll be right back!


Cosmo:  I'll wait right here!


<Tails shoots up into the sky as Cosmo watches.>


Cosmo:  Tails...  You've gotten so strong... 


<Tails flies directly above the field where the Metal Sonics are.  He holds his hands out.>


Tails:  Cosmo...  You've protected this universe, and you've protected us many times...  That's why I can believe in you...  and why I can believe in myself...  Now let me protect you...


<A massive glyph appears behind Tails, as light gathers all around him.>




Guardians of Starlance!  Hear Me and Release the Seal! 


<The light grows more intense.>






<An enormous blast of light shoots forth from the glyph down toward the field.  Chezni and the others close their eyes.  With a mighty 'KA-THOOOOOOOOM!', the Metal Sonic army is completely annihilated in a blinding flash!  Chezni opens his eyes, as do the rest of the group.  They are unharmed.  Asmodia is seen flying above the battlefield.  Tails lands at the top of the altar.>


Eden:  Unbelievable...


Chezni:  It's more powerful than I could have imagined...


Eden:  If this is ever combined with...


Chezni:  Yeah...  If those two forces ever come together, they might be able to...


<Tails and Cosmo both make their way down the stairs, with Tails still being surrounded by the aura.>


Sonic:  How did you...  I mean, the Chaos Emeralds...


Tails:  I think...  the Master Emerald's power was transferred to the Nova Crystals...


Knuckles:  I've never seen anyone maintain this form for this long...  Are you ok?


Tails:  Yeah...  It's weird, but it doesn't hurt or anything.  It feels warm...


Shadow:  It somehow seems different from when we use the Emeralds...


Sonic:  How are you able to touch Cosmo in that form?


Tails:  It's hard to explain.  It's like I just wished for her to be safe, and it was ok.


Knuckles:  These powers still hold many mysteries.  It's possible that we know less than one percent of what there is to learn about them.


Cosmo:  <noticing Chezni> Oh...  I think there's someone I've never met here.  My name is Cosmo.


Chezni:  Yeah...  My name's Chezni.  Chezni Vanguard.


<The two look at one another.  Chezni starts laughing.  Cosmo does the same.  Suddenly, the ground starts to shake.  The group turns to see Asmodia approaching them.>


Asmodia:  How dare you steal my Dark Void away from me...


Sonic:  She was never yours, pal!


Chezni:  Why don't you just take the hint and go back to your base in the stars?!  It's over!


<Asmodia grins.>


Asmodia:  Oh, that...  is where you are very wrong...  She is MINE!!!


<Asmodia holds his arms out.  The shaking becomes more intense, as Asmodia is now surrounded by a pink aura.  Suddenly, intense energy is surging around him as stones are lifting off the ground!  The aura intensifies, as one of the bolts of energy is seen striking the mountain behind the altar.  With a 'KRA-KOOOOOOOOM!', the impact splits the mountain down the middle!  The storm intensifies further, as shockwaves of energy are seen at Asmodia's feet.>


Asmodia:  Did you think that you were somehow SPECIAL?!  No!  You're just another arrogant Nova Warrior!!!


<The scene zooms out, showing the massive surge of energy.  Back at Central City, Cream is seen looking toward the direction of Angel Island.  She can see a pink light growing more intense.  Vector is with her.  The ground is shaking.  Cheese is hugging Cream tightly with his eyes closed.>


Cream:  Mr. Vector... I'm scared...


Cheese:  Chao, Chao...


Vector:  Yeah...  <looking at the energy> Me too...


<One last shot of the island is shown, as the scene fades and the episode ends.>

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