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^Little corner of Lleys^


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about me and little corner:

hello, I'm Lleys ,welcome to my little corner
I'm from china, and my English is very bad, so I need translate, hope you don't mind^^

Must read before buying:

I am not drawing drafts for you 25 hours a day.
The production time of each draft is scheduled within a week of your list. If you need to be faster, please purchase the "urgent" window
I will use the picture I drew as an example, if you don't want your character to appear in the window, just let me know^^
If the window does not have what you want, you can private message me

I can draw:

everything, If you said
like human, pony, furry, monster, clothes
Design your character with just three words
horror things
short animation blink animation

I can't draw:

All about my Hero Academia
[sorry, please just don't...I don't like it...]

Other collections:
Let me eat you oc !... plz?

Currently available windows:

fullbody 30$


qq body 15$


fullbody, qq and avatar 40$


original small creature designs 20$


urgent commission

Just for the $3 I painted in a day

If you have any questions, you can ask me^^

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