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Do you need a break answering questions, making them, or dealing with something? 

You can come back to this post and make a pony break, you can talk in the replies if you want to have a little chat with someone. i know you do that in the lounge already but a dust off for things i guess. ;)


Heres how to do the pony break! (You can call it anything you want).:yay:>_>^_^:pinkie::mlp_icwudt::D

1-Stop thinking, or try to clear your thoughts like rainbow dash clearing skys.

2-Play your comfort game, or do something that comforts you (if you are busy/cant do it at the moment, think about it and how it works, what comforts you about it, and how you discovered it) You can cheer up like pinkie!

3-Stop talking about anything, or talk to someone who can handle it (Another alternative is writing down thoughts on paper, bad ones, then draw over them, if you dont like drawing or something similar to that, put your interests over it, like literature over it, positive vibes make it go away).

3(if last one doesnt work)-Scribble untill you feel like somethings off your chest, aswell as have funny thoughts instead.

4- try to elaborate yourself and scream at the wall, (what i mean is that when you get the weight back, just force it out).

5- Think of a language you can express yourself in and talk in it when you talk to yourself, as a way of explanation to yourself.

6-Draw who you feel like and what you want to be.

7-Use your own coping methods if my ideas dont help.

8-Confront someone about something they were clearly wrong about.

9-Try to take your goal and put them in a more suitable position (If your stressed about something you need to do, like preparing for school, etc)


And well, thats it, i might make a part 2 to this but this is it for now!

Just a reminder, you dont have to listen to all the step or any of them, im not forcing you to, im trying to give you this at a time you would need it, scroll past it, its fine. 

This was made to make you feel better, and to help me aswell, you can go and take a food from the tray if you want!





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