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general questions "Our Picks" on homepage


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What are these "Our Picks" on the homepage?


They appear above all the forums so I guess they must be very important somehow. But I only get this error when I click them except for the "???" one?


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Yeah, sorry for that mess.

Staff is currently trying out features (like clubs), that recently became available to us. Some of the picks came from these tested features, which is why no one could see what's behind these.

You're right that these made that feature misleading, especially to newcomers, so I cleaned up the inaccessible-to-users picks.


Hmm, I'm afraid one cannot dismiss them. From what I see, this was designed to build up a some sort of gallery of promoted content, so basically new ones should push the older ones out.

These picks appeared there recently as well actually, so it all is still being tested for the most part, therefore, all feedback is valuable.

It will be good to know if users find it irking. :P


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