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Who do you think is the MOST underrated character in MLP G4?


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Hi Hi!!!

Just curious>3

I think that Amethyst Star is the most underrated, but what do ya'll think?

Can't wait to here your thoughts! I'ma go to sleep now so byeeee


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I would probably suggest tempest Shadow as a candidate for underrated character. She got a lot of space in the movie, but without reading the book about her or following the IDW comics, you don't know much about her.

She has a nice story in the book that describes her path to becoming a villain. Even after the movie there is a story and about her becoming a kind helpful faithful friend again in the IDW comics.

She could have been given more space, she has a strong personality that could have been developed more by the creators.

Other than that, I love her character and how life can make us do the most brutal unexpected things. She personifies many of humanity's great problems.

I adore her and her story, simply put.

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The fandom used to love background ponies a lot, but the later ones never really got that much attention, including my favorite Strawberry Scoop. A cute pony with a nice color scheme... and ice cream! :pinkie: I wish there was more art of her, and at least one speaking role in the series would have been great.


As for characters with more focus, the Student 6 don't seem to be that popular. But I've always liked their friendship (controversially even more than that of the Mane 6). Ocellus and Smolder are my favorites in the group, though I like them all.

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Fleur de Lys. 
She seems to be influent enough to be invited to big events, and apparently she's not just Fancy pants side chick. She's beautiful, love fashion, so I guess she's a model or something? An episode about her would have been dope ...

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