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The Random Word Game


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Use the words from the poster above you,and write anything using those words.The words can retain to a certain topic(like,let's say....memes) (and you also can post what subject your words are related to,or you can give a hint if you decide to!)



Poster 1: Epic,Awesumsauce,20% Cooler


Poster 2: I think this thread is epic and awesumsauce. Also,RD is 20% cooler than the other 5 ponies.



Now,let's start!





Write a short story,lymeric,song,poem,whatever way of writing you want!


(PS: The words get posted first and the next poster uses them in a writing style in the next post. Also,you can make up words,but not to complicated ones! Provide a definition if you want.


Well darn,it seems this game is on the verge of tears!


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Celestia: Oh Luna, I'm tired, how about you raise the sun today?

Luna: Oh no, I'm going to fall for your trolololo-ing today.

Celestia: I'll raise the moon for you tonight then. Please?

Luna: Fine. *touches sun* OW! That hurt!

Celestia: Whoops forgot to give you my oven hoof mitts. Problem?



next: quintessential, penultimate, proletariat

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Twilight raised an eyebrow.

"pinkie, what are you talking about?"

Pinkie sighed.

"all I said was that the quinessential point of the penultimate scene of the last episode was rushed! Those proletariats over at the studio have been slacking off!"

Twilight kept her befuddled expression.

"pinkie, are you ok? You don't seem to be acting like yourself."

"Well, HappyMaskPony is a pretty terrible writer..."

Random words: macaroni, showering, flaming.

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Twilight: quickly! The only way to defuse the bomb is by putting in the 3 randomly generated words of the day! Derpy, what are they?!?

Derpy: macaroni, showering and flaming!

Twi: are those the words, or are you just being yourself?

Derpy: Muffins!

Twi: f*ck...


Words: cannabalistic, hyperbole, testicular

Have fun!!!

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Why must I be so cannibalistic?

Through hyperbole I make this lim'rick

And so I write to you

With a testicular-like "to"

3: The bearer of this great stick!


...And I don't even write poetry!


Random Words: Seismic, Octagon, Value

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  • 2 months later...

Pinkie Pie: I'm gonna use the internet!

Jack Black: Octagon!

Pinkie Pie: Uh.........

Applejack: You know, you should value your time and not waste it on the internet.

Pinkie Pie: Boring!

*starts playing Pokemon*

Machop used Seismic toss!

It's super effective!wish, poof, wand

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  • 4 years later...

Applejack: Fluttershy, can you lend me a hoof with these here apples? Big Mac's sick today, and it's applebuck season!

Fluttershy: Ooh, I heard that there are some absolutely ADORABLE little insects that live in apple trees! I can't wait to flutter up there and make some new friends.

(Flys up to treetop)

Bug: BAA!

Fluttershy: *gasps* yay.  :kindness:


Random Words: Glitter, Captured, Doubtful

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