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Mandatory introduction post.


I'm the Earl of the Puddins an stuff. EoP if ur lazy.


Some things about me:

I like chocolate milk.

I LIKE chocolate milk.

I haze ADD/ADHD.

I liek ponies.

Pinky Pie is best pony.

Fluttershy is best pony too.

I am a Ninja.

RP is fun.




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Ah, so you are a RP nut as well, huh?


Talk to me if you want to get one set up.


Chou for now!


Don't listen to him, he doesn't set them up. :(



Welcome to equestria please leave your pants at the door.


Swift, learn the rules. He's supposed to leave his socks too, now we have a bunch of sock wearing people wandering around. Nice going bro. Nice going. >:c




Aside from being snarky, welcome to the forums. Did you bring your mandatory essay on why Trixie is essentially the best pony, and how her talents are above others?

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