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Elisa, her debut!


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So yeah, the past few weeks I have been preparing to draw a pony, making each part separately first. Today I tried to draw her whole. I suceeded... somewhat. :blink:


Either way, here she is:

Posted Image


I already saw a few errors in her design.


Her hind legs are too far to the bottom and her left hind has a weird posture. ( They are so hard to draw! )


Her snout which I made too rounded, it should be a bit sharper!


I also think her body is a bit too large ( In both ways ) for the head size.




Do you see anything else to improve? Or just your opinion on it. ^^ Would be awesome! Thanks.

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Great job! She looks nice already but if you want to make her look more show accurate, I woud say make her legs curve a little more, especially the hind leg, and make them wider at the bottom. I think she would look nice colored too. Also, all those things you said. Is she supposed to have a cutie mark or is she still a blank flank?

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She will have a Cutie Mark once I find her purpose!


And now that you mention it, the hinds indeed need more work! I will try to focus on those next... ( The hardest part imo )







[uPDATE 26/01]





Another pic of her!


Posted Image


I once again gave her stick forehooves... and her body is a bit too long ^^


What do you think?

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