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Which of the princesses in MLP would you date?


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DATE ALL THE PRINCESSES Except Luna. Definitley worst princess.


I think you meant to say Luna= Best princess LOL laugh.png 


But in all honesty i would date either princess cadence or Princess Luna but since cadence is married i would go with Princess Luna I would love to comfort her because i'm sure that she has some lonely and sad feelings since she was trapped on the moon for 100 years as well as the fact she is princess of thee night when very few ponies are actually awake. 

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It is too soon to say what "princess Twilight" will be like as with such a profound change there will be some changes to her character but if those changes are positive than you are damn right I will date her. She is intelligent which is one of my biggest turn ons, is fairly humble most of the time and seems like she would be an interesting pony to talk to. Because it is again too soon to tell I will have to go with Luna who is best princess she has that interesting combination of powerful yet vulnerable at the same time and seems very wise yet very approachable.

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None of them.  I don't really have any interest in romance with ponies.  If I were a pony myself that somehow were special enough to have such a privilege, I would go with Princess Luna.

Princess Luna is best princess.


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