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books Prequel -or- Making a Cat Cry: The Adventure


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So has anyone else stumbled across this whilst browsing the internet? It's a webcomic based in the world of Elder Scrolls, written in the style of some damn thing or another called "MS Paint Adventures." Basically, this dude is writing a story, but he also has a thread where his readers can input "commands" (which basically manifest in the comic as voices in whichever character the reader has control over at the moment; usually Katia Managan, the heroine of the story.) Sometimes what people suggest actually happens, although most of the time commands are manipulated so that the worst possible scenario that could come of said command happens. It's a fun read, but it's also rather depressing at times.


I read through all of it over through all of it over the past few days, and really connected with the main character. She's really friggen' cute, but also accident and failure prone, and nearly everyone in the world is either a dick to her, indifferent to her, or very unforgiving of her when she makes a mistake. I mean, I realize she messes up really bad sometimes, but there are also times where she just says the wrong thing on accident and they flip on her. There's also this character named Asotil (A Soldier of the Imperial Legion) and he's pretty much amazing too-every edition he is in is pretty much my favorite edition of the comic, probably. He's also my current avy. He's crazy, but has a good heart, is hilarious, and is also a total bad ass. The first time Katia approaches him, he literally sweeps her off her feet :D I also like the inclusion of Quill Weave, who was one of my favorite background characters in Oblivion (mostly for "Whaddya want you... whadya want you... you... RAT?" Haha.) She's a lot more reserved and seemingly younger in this though. But yeah.


Apparently, a large portion of the main audience of this comic likes it when things go bad for her. They think it's funny or something. Yeah, it's hilarious when the main character is just about to achieve happiness, only to fall flat on her face... Can you feel zeh schadenfreude, much? But really, the author has more control over where this is going than any of them. And I think that with writers, you can often see their personality come out a bit in their writings. The main character, if you're supposed to sympathize with him or her, is probably rather similar to the writer's own personality. The wise or intelligent characters represent the extent of said writer's wisdom or intelligence. And the overall tone/what the moral of the story is/whatever... well, if it's as cynical and dark as this comic often is, I wonder if the author has a rather dark and cynical take on our world. I wonder if he has been in spots like Katia, where his faith in humanity has been challenged by people being terrible, or what have you. Personally, I grew up with a very loving family and also a very loving group of friends who a great support to me through the good times and bad. Now I'm far away from them and sometimes I think I'm crazy for leaving them... but I wonder about people who have lived life without any kind of support from loved ones, and I wonder how I would've turned out without that support. I think I've turned out reasonably well as it is, but what if...


(I don't know if this is considered "advertisement" or not. I haven't linked to the site or anything. I suppose if it is a warnable offense, I will be warned, but I guess I will take that chance. Also, I'm not sure what topic prefix this should be under, being a webcomic.... We'll say "books.")

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Wouldn't Prequel count as a Webisode CYOA/comic instead of a book?


Anyways,I'm glade to see I'm not the only Prequel fan here.I freakin' love Kaita,she's so adorable.I almost feel bad whenever bad things happen to her. :c

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